Trailing Graphical Effects When Running (Idea)

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I'm crossposting this from the forums since more people come to the community site.

Since I got a Wii for Christmas, I am finally able to play Okami. Of course, I love this game. One of my favorite aspects of the game is when you run for long periods of time, flowers, grass, and sometimes lilypads sprout in your footsteps.

Here is a video that shows this in action.

I was running around in the Forest this evening, and I thought about how it would be neat if our deer could have the same effect on their environment. Possible copyright issues aside, having the deer trail effects such as flowers, grass, lily pads, and even sparkles behind them while running for a period of time might be pretty. Someone mentioned sparkles coming off the deer's hooves in a Christmas thread a couple of years ago.

Maybe this effect could be granted to someone by other players as pelts, masks, and antlers are:

1)A player eats a special fruit or berry, casts a spell on another player.

2) The player receiving the spell would sparkle for a moment to indicate that the spell has taken effect.

3) The trail of flowers/grass/mushrooms/sparkles/whatever would only show up when the player runs.

4a) The trail will remain with the player until he/she sneezes it off or falls in the pond. Or:

4b) The trail fades after a period of time.

Like the other enchantments, the spell would be random, so players would not know whether or not they received the ability to leave behind flowers, grass, mushrooms, sparkles, or some other effect. Players could also have a chance to trail different kinds of flowers, such as poppies, purple flowers, small dandelions, or new flowers that are introduced into the game.

I had this idea in my head and just wanted to get it out there.

Great idea

Great idea Eye
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I love this idea so much. I

I love this idea so much.

I haven't seen Avatar yet but my mom told me their footsteps glow as they walk.
I think that would be interesting as well. (:
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I love the idea C: It'd be

I love the idea C: It'd be fun to try to create swirls and designs and stuff by running in certain shapes and paths.