Concerning the Harvest Moon Party (Sorry)

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Well, it looks like the Gods couldn't make it. Auriea told me that they would be there, but if Fatale was giving them problems, they would have to stay off and fix the bugs.

I posted this information in the invitations and the diary entry with the poster, but I think I still accidentally mislead a bunch of people by not being clear enough.

I'm sorry, everyone. Sad

...:c ------------- |x-


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:C That's a shame. Oh well,

:C That's a shame. Oh well, they're busy people.
But I had fun at the Ruins anyway =)

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aw thats too bad :C better

aw thats too bad :C better luck next time i suppose...

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Pfffft, no worries. Gods or

Pfffft, no worries. Gods or not, I had tons of fun during the short time I was there. I got to see two deer I recognized (Tiamat and Alice), along with more famous members (Poltergeist, Flyra and Vipin, I think). So to me, just being there with all those deer was incredibly fun.

I even managed to witness a deer with a completely different set from mine, with the same picto. o_0

So no worries, Redkora. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for organizing it. <3

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Nono Red, it's quite

Nono Red, it's quite alright. C:

Even though the gods let us down again >>;, it was wonderful to dance with so many fellow members. My deer and I had a good time, thank you for arranging this event. Smiling

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Aww it's alright <3 It's

Aww it's alright <3 It's shame but I suppose it's nice to see everyone happy together...
From tommorow with the rut it will be a "I MUST KILL ALL DEER IN MY SIGHT NOAWWW" phase.
- which it shouldn't be like but I bet there'll be atleest one deer who does 8DD


...along with more famous

...along with more famous members (Poltergeist, Flyra and Vipin, I think)

haha Vipin? xD awwh I feel loved <3 thank you so much! anyways yes it was tons of fun, even without the Gods. xD I absolutely loved that gigantic dance line and seeing so many deer/people I knew. thanks for the fun time everyone!
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I had so much fun too. So

I had so much fun too. So many deer eeee XDD Even though I only danced, because, if I'd leave my spot I'd be in slow motion. XD! Twas good to see so many faces. People shouldn't be dissapointed because of god-lackment. We don't need gods to have fun tsheh D< But truth be told, it would've been cool. (AND MORE LAGGY. AAH)

Also, Polt's famous? <.<;.... I'm flattered. And scared. XD!! I hadn't expected her to be recognised by you actually, Hetrin! I saw you having fun in that rock, but I was so laggy I thought I'd better meet up another time, when I could bow. D8'..

--Stays a lonely Seele

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Eh, it's cool. My connection

Eh, it's cool. My connection was so spazzy anyway, it wasn't like I was gonna catch any. it woulda' been nice to have fun at the party, but I'll take what I can get.

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Aww that's okay, you event

Aww that's okay, you event was a smash without em Laughing out loud

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That's too bad. Aleit

That's too bad. Aleit would've like to get himself some of those spiffy candles on his noggin. Hohum.
Either way, I had fun dancing with you all! Even if the gods never show up, I'm glad I got to meet so many deer.

Hopefully I'll be around for the next abio...

@SarieBearie: So it was

@SarieBearie: So it was Vipin after all? Awesome, that's about the first time I've seen him in the forest. XD

@Seele: Lol, yes. I often hear and see stuff about Polt here on the community site, so yeah, in my book, she's famous. XD Also, Polt's picto is forever imprinted in my mind as a man running, so yeah, it's quite easy for me to recognise her, along with her set. Hopefully we can meet up when you're having less lag. <:


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Well, I'm glad those who

Well, I'm glad those who could get on had a good time. Smiling

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ahahaha....if this doesnt

ahahaha....if this doesnt prove that the gods are losing interest in this place I dont know what does.
I dont see what's wrong or how hard is it to spend hours break in the forest? But no it's too much of a hassle for them apparently.

DraakxMitra C:
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Well, they said they would

Well, they said they would come as long as Fatale wasn't giving them any trouble. I guess it is.

Bugs in software are a you-know-what.

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