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1 Year Anniversary

Taking a Break


All actions are In Character but if something bothers you,
feel free to contact me here or at
Interactions are greatly welcomed~

Does anyone...

... Know the CSS for removing the sidebar <- completely?
And the CSS for getting rid of the links and stuff at the very top of the page?

Help much appreciated! Smiling

Festivities (Christmas Siggies! Anjali Done!)

As a way of practise and also to give something to the community for the coming festive season, I am offering to draw some siggies. They will be Christmas themed, so bells, stars, tinsel and such.
Please start requesting now, to give me time to draw them!

A link to your character's biography and/or a referance picture would be great!
Please also remember that as well as gifts for everyone, this is practise for me so I complicated designs might not come out as good as simple ones.

  • Slots: Currently Unlimited - go ahead and request!
  • Ickydog's Roe; Click!
  • FaunGrae's Iphea (requested by Ickydog); Click!
  • Butterbrot's Bu (requested by FaunGrae); Click!
  • Alinaquil's Luis; Click!
  • Mr.

The Nest [Deer Directory and Updates!]


Not around TEF too much anymore, though it'll always stay close to me. If I am in-forest I'll play on the account "bluejay71" because it's not attached to any characters.

Things Going On

My RP Blog

OOC Deer

Played under the pictogram name "bluejay71"

Inactive Deer
Not sure what I'm going to do with these guys, currently keeping them for sentementality.


Deleting Characters [Done]

I have so many other, better ideas for characters but I feel as though I have too many.

I am undecided for the most part but I do know a few things.

  • Christoffer is staying
  • Cordis is going
  • Erza and Zera are staying
  • Awilda and Kamikaze are... still undecided.

Anyone got any advice on those two?

I've decided - Kamikaze and Awilda are staying Smiling

Mini-Spell? [On hold]

A fawn with this picto will be sitting in a mushroom circle between the ruins and the oak.

Can someone mini-fawn it, please?

CSS Testing

This is a CSS Tesing Site.

Please wear a hard-hat and watch your step!

Reminders for Me!


#squeeze h2{letter-spacing:0px;color:#000000;font:14px times new roman;text-align:center;}

.content .clear-block{display:none}

Spell Saver?

So now I have the skull mask, I'd really like to hang onto it and think that downloading the Spell Saver would be a good idea.

Can anyone give me the link to it, please? And, um, tell me how it works? :'D
If there's a tutorial or something already out there, a link to it would be much appreciated!

Thanks everyone~
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