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More Writing :)

Here is some more of my writing, I've thought more about this one than the last one so hopefully it's better. This one is about Erza's first experience in The Forest. As I said before, please tell me what you think and I'm open to constructive critisism!


I've just been in the forest but didn't log in and instead was just a default deer with no picto. I approached some other deer who did have pictos but they just scatttered. I'm not blaming anyone or anything like that, but it sorta made me feel sad. It's kinda like discrimination against those who aren't within the deer community... *makes thoughtful face*


I'm thinking about getting a second deer. Any pointers?


My deer has become a stag!

My Deer's Story

I want to be an author, so I need people to like how I write. Here is a bit about my deer's story. Please tell me what you think - I'm open to critisism!

I'm a Newbie (Snicker)

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forest but I've already found out it's a really great place to be!
I'm still a fawn which sucks but, hey - patience is a virtue!

I really hope the forest will carry on being peacefully lively (oxymoron - much?) because i love it the way it is. I love everyone - both deer and human alike - you're all just amazing!

I guess all I really want to say is that everything is awesome. Let's keep it that way!
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