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A Stranger to a Dead World

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A Different Point of View (Rock Hound Story)

So, this one's a little different - I felt like writing something from an orange Rock Hound's POV. It's just some thoughts really, no real story.

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Tough Luck, Rock Hound

((A little fawn against a Rock Hound!?))

Rock Hound Writings

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Zera is a character and her actions and feelings Do Not represent those of her player

Weak and Alone

So I'm writing more now that Erza has "grown." Because he's a stag I've decided to bring another deer into The Forest and this tells how (I haven't actually "made" her yet) As always, please tell me what you think!


Erza is a character and his actions and feelings Do Not represent those of his player

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A question for the Pokemon fans!

I recently got both Pokemon Black and White (which I know has been out in other places or a while) and, after thinking about it, who else thinks there will be another installment in the series called (for example) Pokemon Grey Version - I mean, it happened with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and many other ones! Just a thought Smiling


In css, how do I change the links and stuff to the left - ie, colour, centered, etc? I've been searching but so far nothing. Thanks in advance Smiling
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