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Current Alias Unknown
For now, known as "Abomination"
Age Unknown
Species Unknown

Zombie Pelt | Skull Mask | Kirin antlers
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.Two sides...
Sadistic ~ Will say and do things to get a reaction, it doesn't matter if it's good or bad.
Vengeful ~ If an action against him is taken, expect to be hurt in the worst kind of way.
Self-Absorbed ~ Is only interested in himself, May appear to be helping others, but never is
Logical ~ Thinks things through amd considers every scenario before acting
Aloof ~ Will almost always appear calm and collected no matter what is going on inside
Betrayal ~ He is likely to do this if a better offer comes along
Uncaring ~ Will never give away his life - It would take a big change for this to happen

... Of the same coin.
Prefers to settle disputes without violence - but knows it cannot always be so ~ Pacifist
Will trust those close to him as if he believes none will ever betray him ~ Trustful
When angry or in any state of high emotion will make snap decisions ~ Rash
Will look out for those relevant to him to him ~ Caring
Hates it when others are with his "belongings" ~ Possessive

Around 24 on This Chart (without his tail). His fur is a dark grey and is rough, apart from chest and tail which are uncharicteristiacally fluffy. His eyes are a bright blood red, the same as his mane. His mane runs from the top of his head to between his shoulders. Two "bangs" hang over one side of his face.

His back feet are hooves as is the front right foot, but the front left foot has two small claws and one large one - much like a raptor. He has a very long tail (practically as long as his body) with a diamond shaped bone structure on the end. It is often used in fights like a whip. His antlers curl tightly around the sides of his head and protect his 'ears' which are just holes on either side of his head.

Current Scheme Unknown

"Don't be fooled... There definately is one..."

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Hmmmm...i like! And lovely

Hmmmm...i like! And lovely picture at the top too~


Deer by trigger_mortis,Editing by me.

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