1 Year Anniversary

... And 1 day actually!

I think it's my time to return now. After that break, I'm starting afresh, out with the old characters and in with the new (An idea that's been forming since my haitus) and one OOC, because sometimes characters are just too much! Totally stealing that phrase from KnightLace XD <3

Anyway, hello everyone!
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Happy one year, blue!

Happy one year, blue! <33
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Happy first Tef year

Happy first Tef year Smiling
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Happy one year, you thief!

Happy one year, you thief! -Glomp-
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Vala, Hooran and Flyleaf -

Vala, Hooran and Flyleaf - Thank you, guys! <3

Oh hai there, Gen! Thanks to you too~