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Ok I am really

Ok yes....for a while I keep fhitting this problem and sorry if I sound like a noob
I'm just really bad at coding in general so that's why I've been using the old music players.
Yeah...I really feel that old because of that.

How do you make those play buttons with youtube videos? I had found tips on how to do it from Yahoo Answers but I keep getting the "fullscreen button" instead of "play."

What am I doing wrong? Help please?

I got it figured out. Thank you C:


Art by Sessy<3

Word Association [Community Game]

Lets play Word Association. Just say the name of a person, place or thing and I'll give you my honest opinion of it. You all can put in your honest opinions on it as well c:

Secret Santa Lists

Thank you Triggs for the lists and coding

TEST 9no tracks please0

I'm sorry...about the christmas cards

I'm sorry looks like I will be unable to print out my own christmas cards this year. I would have to spend $30 just to print 25 blank cards and I don't know how to use InDesign plus cannot find a greeting card template for free. I'll have to resort in using some generic moose cards I've reused for the last three years :c

I tried to be more creative but I just don't have that money I can easily give out for some paper, not when I have gifts to send out especially to friends that live overseas.

I'm really sorry...

Quick...please help me come up with an idea for a design or illustration for a Christmas card.
This year I've been wanting to make my own for good practice and to take a break from the cards I used for the last few Christmases.
I'm just asking for something simple like something related to deer or winter. I'm planning on just making it an ink pen drawing so it will not be something too elaborate.

Please, link me to some inspirations to help get my creative juices flowing. It can be a photograph, stock, or some art. Heck even a description will help Laughing out loud

Thank you in advance.

Ok I just made my illustration for the cards Laughing out loud


Dear Secret Santa...

Well it is coming to that time of the year again.

The time when I make a Secret Santa list. Even though I am hosting the event, I am gonna participate myself.
Now...for my type of gift, I really have no preference, since I love getting both mail and art. Maybe you, my Secret Santa, can do both. I just have to figure out a way to have my address shared without me knowing who my Secret Santa shall be.

Ok...ohwards to the TEF goodies.

I'd adore any art of my characters, I'm not picky on who is shall be. Just choose which one(s) float your boat. Feel free to draw them all in a group potrait or little separate drawings if you like Eye You can find all of them here

I also enjoy small collectables like crystals, gemstones or really interesting rocks. Sea glass is also very much enjoyed and I am also partial to bones such as skulls or animal teeth. Little knick knacks are also considerable.

Artwork and photography by local artists in your idea-I often collect these and hang them in my dorm. Yep, notecards of local artwork will be enjoyed as well c:

Knittings...I adore these. Scarfs, gloves, hats. Anything handknitted. Or even yarn skeins will do since I also knit. I tend to enjoy black, shades of gray, reds, purples, or rainbows as my colors. Please make sure it's 100% acyrlic since I'm somewhat sensitive to wool D:

Art stuffs such as micropens and drawing pencils

Anything Pokemon-I really enjoy anything from the Cyndaquil, Volcarona, and Houndour familes as well as legendaries such as Lugia and Ho-oh, Suicune, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.

And I think that's just about it.
Sorry if it's too long. It's all choices, really. Getting only one or two is good enough for me and I love art.

Anyways, Happy Early Christmas.

[CLOSED]Secret Santa 2011[CLOSED]

Yeah I was wondering if we're gonna even have a Secret Santa this year. I've hadn't seen BubblyWums around here at all since my return and I remember she was setting it up like last October.

So...I was thinking that maybe I or one of us to start the event for this year or shall we wait and see if Jen will come around to start it?

Actually I made uo my mind that this year I shall start on Secret Santa 2011. Just allow me a little time to organize the rules and guidelines. Also can someone be kind to link me to the old Secret Santa 2010 blog so I can go by it?

Hey all! As you know, I had brought up the idea of having a Secret Santa for this season and with the one who used to host the event being away, I had taken up responsibility to host it.

Please sumbit your infomation to

What is Secret Santa?
"Secret Santa is a holiday tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift. It offers a way for many people to give and receive a gift at low cost to those involved."

How do I participate?
Sign ups are currently avaliable from November, 12th to December 1st. After the sign ups, you will all have about a month until December 31st to send your gifts to your designated person.

In order to sign up to be part of Secret Santa, simply leave a comment below with the following form filled out:

Name: The name you want to be called/your nickname.
Email: Your main email address to be contacted by.
Accepting mailed gifts: Yes/No, and by mailed I mean snail mail

If you are accepting mailed gifts, please email your address to before 12/1. PLEASE include your TEF username or I won't know who you are!

On top of signing up, it is encourage that you create a wish list.
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