The Black Butterfly Doe

Far lovelier than a dream could be,

Name: Waarhijd - The Black Butterfly Doe
Meaning: {dutch} truth, honesty
Gender: female

Scent: sweet orange, cedarwood
Birthday: September 11
Species: white tailed deer
Age: baptized in eternity and eternal youth

“The garden is very still,
it is dazed with moonlight,
contented with perfume,
dreaming the opium dreams of its folded poppies.”

fur as soft as the last tender rose painted in the morning dew, with timid eyes hiding it's flare from the world, covering
it in eyelashes as dark as oil. Slenderly - yet shyly making her way through the endless paths which have been carved
into the solid ground. understand her, her mind, she'll love you dearly, my friend.

long black eyelashes
red eyes, as dark as blood
four orange drops under her eyes
slender, thin legs which make her a fast runner
four orange drop-ish markings at her shoulders/back
real deer mask, monarch butterfly pelt (and sometimes antlers)
was an albino by youth, though it was as if the forest changed her

  • Facts - Information

    - Loves physical contact
    - Easily shy of big crowds and strangers
    - Gets easily scared by frogs, silly little things
    - Takes great care for her friends, family and the forest
    - Afraid of wolves, (due to her past.) But strangely she likes foxes, because one of her best friends once was a fox
    - Fond of poppies


  • Relations

    Sho, Mellamie, Amika - biological children, her all
    Kauna, Starling - dear sisters
    Yori - dear brother, misses
    Ramoki - nephew
    Taliene - adoptive mother, misses
    Virgil - uncle figure
    Gehirn - former (adoptive) father, was raised by the stag, greatly respects
    CayLynn - soulmate
    Marcus - strange feelings towards
    Skelarrow - former mate, respects, dear friend
    Vasla - negative

CSS coding by Starling -> Edited by me.
♥ top art by Quamar
♥ middle photo by Ravyn
♥ bottom art by Shimmy

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The doe nodded. "Waarhijd,

The doe nodded. "Waarhijd, why are you so cold with me ? Why do you ignore me ?" She asked.

/Sorry, I'm too lazy to write with Nat's color - when she speaks - right now. /


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ALL YOURS. *cries* The doe

ALL YOURS. *cries*

The doe sighed, thinking. "Hmm.. I-, I just dont seem to like you that much." She murmured quietly. "I do not ingore you, Nat. I talk to you, is this ingoring?"

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Nat' growled. I didn't ask

Nat' growled. I didn't ask you if you liked me. I don't like you either. You... You always receive me like if I was a bullshit. And yes, you ignored me, earlier, when I greeted you, when you were with Rhad, when you observed Greitai.

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Waarhijd frowned at the doe's

Waarhijd frowned at the doe's words and stepped a step closer to Nat Nat. "Oh do I? Bullshit? And who sais that? And no, Nat, no. I did not ingore you. I saw you bowing." She gave her another nod. "I just didn't wanted to bow back then." She frowned a bit more. "I was only watching Rhad who'd make your lovely friend pay for her actions. She wants me to respect her. I would never respect someone who rips my flesh off my bones, if you just remember that." She spoke, cold.

"Enough!'' A hard and cold

"Enough!'' A hard and cold voice rumbled over the Birch. The Irish stags steps were heavy and fast. He had been watching the two does from a distance ang got annoyed by their fighting."Stop with this nonsense. Nat-Nat, sorry that I didn't bow back. I was daydreaming about something, I guess.'' He walked over to Waarhijd and pushed her a bit back. "Now now, don't fight. You're not beautiful when you frown.'' he whispered gently in her ear, smirking.

Her ears flickered to Rhad's

Her ears flickered to Rhad's direction and looked at him when he ran over to her and Nat. She watched his movements. Her ear twitched backwards and she chuckled gently, yet shyly at his last sentence. "Mmh.." She murmured and glanced at Nat Nat, only frowning slightly.

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Nat-Nat frowned. If you want

Nat-Nat frowned. If you want to live sociably, dear Miss Waarhijd, so you have to respect the deer around you, and even more when they respect you before. she said. I always respected you. Always said "Hello, Miss". Always bowed. And you, you always received me coldly. Why ? Because Greitai is my best friend. And because my brother is a wolf. So yes. Hurt Rhad mentally, too, because Beren is his best friend. Oh wait, no, you won't. You won't, because you wanted a reason to kick me out from your life. Much of people told me you were soft. Nice. Comprehensive. Very friendly and respecting eachother. But I see you're not. It was a fake. You'll certainly say I'm wrong. But you'll see. You'll think about it. And you'll understand : you're not what you seem to be, Miss.
She ended her sentence, before hearing Rhad, surprised. Her ears layed down on her neck. She was mefiant. We don't fight, Rhad. We're only speaking. Because I don't like being disrespected, when I respect everyone in the forest. And particulary the sister of my mother. She had a new growl, feeling more vexed again. Now... What happened exactly with Greitai ? She asked, wanting to know their versions on the facts, as she had hear Greitai's story earlier.

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Her eyes widened at Nat's

Her eyes widened at Nat's rude words and her ears turned backwards. Those words had hit her badly. Her jaw dropped slightly and she kept standing there, staring at the doe. But her frown got heavier. "You cannot like everyone, can you? I will never like someone who'd eat me. Isn't that quite normal?" She shook her head, lost in words. She growled. "Oh and Greitai? She started to chase me, drove me in a corner and did something, You. Cannot. Image. That she'd ever do. She tracked me down and gave me a huge bitewound. Really, nice friends you have. 'Wonder what your mother would say of this."

He sighed. Women. They were

He sighed. Women. They were so stubborn sometimes."Hm, ofcourse. But you don't have to be that rude. Makes you look like an angry teenager.'' he spoke with a harsh tone. He frowned and looked at the doe in front of him. He didn't really knew her that well, but he knew it was Beren's adoptive sister. Speaking of Beren, he had to talk with that Wolf. He heard some unpleasant things. He listened to Waarhijd, whom told her side of the story. "Tell your reptile that she has to stay away from Waarhijd. Or else she will meet my teeth.'' he growled.
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Nat-Nat frowned. My 'reptile'

Nat-Nat frowned. My 'reptile' certainly had a reason for that. Maybe Waarhijd disrespected her ? Because it's what Greitai told me. And I believe her, totally. Because she never lied to me, and because Waarhijd did the same with me. Oh and, Waarhijd... Because I'm stopping respecting you with "Miss" now... Ehm... My mother let me live my life, okay ? And Greitai is nice with the people who's nice with her.

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Waarhijd shook her head. "If

Waarhijd shook her head. "If she's nice to the people that are nice to her, then explain me why she started to hunt me while I did nothing against her mh." She turned her back at Nat Nat and started to walk away.

'A reason? Phah! I bet her

'A reason? Phah! I bet her stomach was rumbling.'' He stomped his hoof against the ground. He frowned and shook his head. " I tried to trust Greitai, but now she has lost it.
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Nat-Nat frowned, didn't

Nat-Nat frowned, didn't believing that Greitai could attack anyone without reason. Anyway, Waarhijd... It isn't because I have friends that you dislike... That you need to reject me. I'm sure it was just a /pretext?/, am I wrong ? she asked.

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Hello Please don't mind my

Please don't mind my fail anatomy skills. T_T

Laiia; She sighed. "No, Nat.

She sighed. "No, Nat. It wasn't a pretext." She said, her voice seemed softer now and she didn't look angry anymore. "Guess we made a wrong start mh?"

Ffff *stares at* She is so beautifuul @__@ ♥ I adore her eyelashes and-..Just everything D: Anatomy isn't fail~! I also love how the poppies somewhat fit with her eyess. <3 Ahh this was a lovely suprise to see when I woke up. D: ♥ She's so beautifullll dfghjk 8D Thankyou so muchh! ♥ *squeezes her* And her tail ish so cuuute. :3 <3 I love this. <3

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Ohgod that tail.. Just don't

Ohgod that tail.. Just don't look at it. >.>
I'm happy you like it. -nodnod- ♥ I really enjoyed drawing her. c:

Nooo her tail is adorable LOL

Nooo her tail is adorable LOL <3
Yes I love it. ♥ And I'm glad you did. C:

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The Ghost slightly calmed

The Ghost slightly calmed down. I didn't create the bad start. I'm always very polite and respectful towards you. She said. Sutbborn girl is stubborn.

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The doe sighed, glancing at

The doe sighed, glancing at Nat Nat. "Towards me, yeah sure you are. But when you talk with others about me, like Greitai,.. I wouldn't think so." She frowned slightly.

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Nat-Nat frowned once more. I

Nat-Nat frowned once more. I don't speak with others about you... ?

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Ooooo! I love her thick

Ooooo! I love her thick eyelashes. *.*

Art by Doe

Laiia; The doe sighed, tired

The doe sighed, tired of the fight. "Oh nevermind-..You'll know what I mean later I guess." She glanced away. "Now don't you need to go care for Greitai?" She asked, her neck hurting, still. "Mh." She glanced back at the Ghostly doe.

Awww thanks (: <3

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Nat' looked at the doe. Yes.

Nat' looked at the doe. Yes. I did, and I'll do it again. Always. she said, cold. Then, she walked away, as Waarhijd's speaking was certainly more like : "You should go away now" to Nat's ears.

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Waarhijd gave her a slow nod

Waarhijd gave her a slow nod and walked away herself.

Ooooh what a suprise~!

Ooooh what a suprise~! ♥ I love her pose and you clean lines. She looks so pretty. <3 Thankyou so much! It's so sweet that you did this for meee. ♥ ;A; I love your art. <3

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Happy early birthday... XDD

Happy early birthday... XDD

Sorry... I think I broke the comment LOL ;-;

Omggg ;__; Jess. She is so

Omggg ;__; Jess. She is so beautiful. *SQUEEZES HER TAIL* FFF SO CUTE <3 IT'S SO FLUFFEH D: She is perfect. <3 Thankyou soo much for that early birthday present. 8D Ohh I love it so much. <33 The shading, pose, tail fff, Everything is amazing. I love your art so much. <3 Thankyou, again and again. ;__; <3 /stares

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Thankyou so much! Means a

Thankyou so much! Means a lot. ♥ C:

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I moved accounts (: I'm sorry

I moved accounts (:
I'm sorry Aux is hardly ever around anymore.

Awweh it's fine. We miss to

Awweh it's fine. We miss to see him around though. ^^

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Ohmyyy~ It's stunning ! I

Ohmyyy~ It's stunning !
I love this top-drawing. It's amazing. I love the colours and the contrast and Waarhijd is so cute, feminine & elegant ;; The background is very beautiful too. You improved really much girl. Do more, please. ♥

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Oh thankyou so much

Oh thankyou so much <3 (: It means a lot, really. ♥

This layout

But the reason I came back here is to say I wish I had a character that could really interact with her.
I miss her alot.

Baww thanks? &hearts; And

Baww thanks? ♥
And awww me too. Feel free to join me with anywho of your characters, they're all welcome. :'D
Though I'm not online often, Cuz I can barely play TEF for 5 minutes or my laptop gets hot and overheats.. Gahh. :/

Awh, I will definitely try to

Awh, I will definitely try to get one of my characters over there if I ever see her. ♥
Fff, that's no fun. ;w; I'm sorry for that, but I'll just keep my eyes extra peeled~
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Very happy you're back..

Very happy you're back..

Dinamo; Thanks

Thanks <3 Remember you're always welcome. 8D

Awh really? Thankyou.. ♥

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Thank you for all the fun

Thank you for all the fun today. :3
Have an Waarhijd snippet. ^_^

FFFF God that is so gorgeous.

God that is so gorgeous. I've always frecking adored your art and seeing Waar in your style made me go all ASHDHJKFS <3333 I adore so much how you color aaaahhhh ;n; She's so beautifuuul..<333 + You're very welcome. ♥ Waarhijd loved playing with Rumen. 8D Thankyou so much for the lovely gift, too. <3

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You're very welcome. :3 And

You're very welcome. :3 And thank you for the compliment regarding my art. <3

late edit: O ... sorry for it's messiness. X)


OHMYGOOOOD ;__; THATS JUST SO FRIGGIN' AMAZING ASHFDJSK /drools* Omg. I don't know what to say on this it's just so awesome LOL ;; ♥ I totally adore Waarhijd's pose, She looks so sexy here, I mean.. LOOK AT IT <3 :c And omg I don't mind the messiness at all, I don't even think it's messy 8D I love this so much..It's just perfect. But Rhad is so gorgeous aswell..ashjdks *drools further* LOL Omg thankyou soooo much for this.. ;; <3333 I adore your art, it's so perfect. <3 Thankyouu.. ;U; ♥

^ That. Nuff said. ;_; My

^ That. Nuff said. ;_; My god. Thank you so much. I'm going to look for my jaw now. Kthnxbye. ;u;
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You're both welcome. Rhad and

You're both welcome. Rhad and Waarhijd are a great couple and Rumen's always happy when seeing them together in the forest. :3

Track. &hearts; pretty doe.

Track. ♥ pretty doe. ♥
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So I was drawing random stuff

So I was drawing random stuff and then this came out. 8I

I secretly can't get over how pretty Waar is. -licks face-

Nghngh it toke me like.. two

Nghngh it toke me like.. two full days to think what I would reply on this LOL aaaaah she is so so so beautiful in your style ;; <33 aaaah I adore this, thankyou soo muchhhh Q___Q <33 /drools and fffff do you really think that LOL, pfff ;; <3 thankyouu <3

and thankyou Deareth <3

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can you come online on msn?

can you come online on msn? c:

Meergh sorry I didn't see

Meergh sorry I didn't see that earlier,
I think I wasn't around the laptop too when you sent that.
I'll be here tomorrow though, sorry ,__,