The Black Butterfly Doe

Far lovelier than a dream could be,

Name: Waarhijd - The Black Butterfly Doe
Meaning: {dutch} truth, honesty
Gender: female

Scent: sweet orange, cedarwood
Birthday: September 11
Species: white tailed deer
Age: baptized in eternity and eternal youth

“The garden is very still,
it is dazed with moonlight,
contented with perfume,
dreaming the opium dreams of its folded poppies.”

fur as soft as the last tender rose painted in the morning dew, with timid eyes hiding it's flare from the world, covering
it in eyelashes as dark as oil. Slenderly - yet shyly making her way through the endless paths which have been carved
into the solid ground. understand her, her mind, she'll love you dearly, my friend.

long black eyelashes
red eyes, as dark as blood
four orange drops under her eyes
slender, thin legs which make her a fast runner
four orange drop-ish markings at her shoulders/back
real deer mask, monarch butterfly pelt (and sometimes antlers)
was an albino by youth, though it was as if the forest changed her

  • Facts - Information

    - Loves physical contact
    - Easily shy of big crowds and strangers
    - Gets easily scared by frogs, silly little things
    - Takes great care for her friends, family and the forest
    - Afraid of wolves, (due to her past.) But strangely she likes foxes, because one of her best friends once was a fox
    - Fond of poppies


  • Relations

    Sho, Mellamie, Amika - biological children, her all
    Kauna, Starling - dear sisters
    Yori - dear brother, misses
    Ramoki - nephew
    Taliene - adoptive mother, misses
    Virgil - uncle figure
    Gehirn - former (adoptive) father, was raised by the stag, greatly respects
    CayLynn - soulmate
    Marcus - strange feelings towards
    Skelarrow - former mate, respects, dear friend
    Vasla - negative

CSS coding by Starling -> Edited by me.
♥ top art by Quamar
♥ middle photo by Ravyn
♥ bottom art by Shimmy

Awww thankyou!

Awww thankyou! <333

Page 8 WOOHOO~

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Page 8 is mine btw. |D
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D: Evangeline isn't a

D: Evangeline isn't a character anymore! I had to get rid of her :c

Schutzy; No. Evangeline; FF

Schutzy; No.

Evangeline; FF ;_; Okay..

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Hey (: I saw Waar with Aux

Hey (: I saw Waar with Aux and Starling just as I left for dinner. Made me happy to see her even though she wasn't there when I got back.

Hope you are well.


Hello. <33 Yes I know you were brb, Starling told me. <33

I'm good thanks, what about you? It was really nice seeing you again! ♥

I'm good

I'm good <: very busy though. <3

Aww heehee.

Aww heehee. <3

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Congratulations to Waar-waar!

Congratulations to Waar-waar! I would like my deer Aulinah to meet her, too! ♥
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Congrats to Waar and

Congrats to Waar and Skellarow. ♥
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"Congratulations, Waarhijd!"

"Congratulations, Waarhijd!"
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"Congratulations with the

"Congratulations with the little one."
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Hey , how was the birth ? Not

Hey , how was the birth ? Not too much pain ?
Is it a boy or a girl ?? I am curious Smiling
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Bouncing Fly by Mary13

"I may not know you very

"I may not know you very well, but I am happy your child and you had a safe birthing process. I send my congrats to your mate too.

I can tell a lot are eager to get near your precious daughter!"

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Mellamie is beautiful.

Mellamie is beautiful. Congratulations. :3
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"You have my congratulatons

"You have my congratulatons on your fawn and family. Well done Waar! ♥"

ItsEvangeline: Aww Eeev! 8D

ItsEvangeline: Aww Eeev! 8D Thank you /SO/ much! ♥♥♥ And I'm sure they will once~!! <3
Kaoori: Thank you so much, love! ♥
Ocean: "T-Thank you so much, Ama..<3"
SnowSauria: "Thank you very much, my dear."
Flyleaf: Aww it's a girl! 8D No, luckily the pain wasn't too badly! Thanks! <3
Jala: "Aw, Thank you so much for your kind words, Jorogumo, is it? I'm very happy, yes. I see you're pregnant, I wish you all the best luck with your fawn too." <3
Jamaesi: Aww thank you so much! ♥
Vee: "Ah, Uncle..I and Skelarrow thank you so much! ♥ I'm sure you'll meet the fawn soon..<3" c:

Thank you all so much, I and Apparanza really didn't expect so much people! ;A; <33 Ur all awesome~!! ♥♥♥

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"Congratulations, darling.

"Congratulations, darling. I'm proud of you. "

"Thank you so much,

"Thank you so much, love..♥"

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"Ah, my dear! How amazing to

"Ah, my dear! How amazing to be the mother of a fawn! I too am with-fawn, only two more days! I hope to see you in the forest sometime, Waarhijd! Oh, what fun we'll have ^^" ~ZiraBay

aaaand track XD


Congratulations. <3

Bayleen; "Oh Hello, A fawn

Bayleen; "Oh Hello, A fawn too? That's awesome! I wish you all the best luck for you and your fawn, miss. I will look out for you too." ^^
3linmaya; Thank you very much. <333





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I guess I'll say as Starling

I guess I'll say as Starling : NOMNOMNOM. C8

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Oh I love the markings at the

Oh I love the markings at the bottom |D

Awww you guys..

Awww you guys..<333

Lucy? Haha, Aux didn't know

Lucy? Haha, Aux didn't know what to make of the antlers grooming. Maybe he was flattered - he does take good care of them xD

Haha, it was fun &hearts;~XD

Haha, it was fun ♥~XD

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/Nom's back~

/Nom's back~

I've only just noticed you

I've only just noticed you there, but I have to go! Sorry >':

It's fine! &hearts;

It's fine! ♥

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Tracking <3

&hearts; Thankyou. c:

♥ Thankyou. c:

Hrn, I thought I was tracking

Hrn, I thought I was tracking this. D:
Well, I am now. 8D ♥

Omg &hearts; 8DD Thankyouuu.

Omg ♥ 8DD Thankyouuu. <33

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This looks stunning. Great

This looks stunning. Great job with the codes, hun <33!

Thank you so much, love

Thank you so much, love ♥♥ means so much to me..<3

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Images <3

Ohmygod...I don't know what

Ohmygod...I don't know what to say, Jess. ;u; They are absolutely gorgeous ♥ I adore them so..;_; I even can't describe it..
Thank you so much <333333 /saves them ALLLLL ♥♥♥

/test, ingoree~

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Sorry if Solaya had to go.

Sorry if Solaya had to go. She also had a good moment with you all &hearts

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It's fine, I loved her

It's fine, I loved her company though I did not move very much. <3

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I hope Waarhijd's and

I hope Waarhijd's and Solaya's relations will be better in the future xD You can come to Sola' if you want, she doesn't mind. But she's apparently too shy for come to Waarhijd, lol !

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Aww she doesn't need to be

Aww she doesn't need to be shy of Waarhijd! xD Waarhijd doesn't bite. I hope too in the future, be working on it~!

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400 ~ Yep (: She'll try also

400 ~
Yep (: She'll try also xD

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