The Black Butterfly Doe

Far lovelier than a dream could be,

Name: Waarhijd - The Black Butterfly Doe
Meaning: {dutch} truth, honesty
Gender: female

Scent: sweet orange, cedarwood
Birthday: September 11
Species: white tailed deer
Age: baptized in eternity and eternal youth

“The garden is very still,
it is dazed with moonlight,
contented with perfume,
dreaming the opium dreams of its folded poppies.”

fur as soft as the last tender rose painted in the morning dew, with timid eyes hiding it's flare from the world, covering
it in eyelashes as dark as oil. Slenderly - yet shyly making her way through the endless paths which have been carved
into the solid ground. understand her, her mind, she'll love you dearly, my friend.

long black eyelashes
red eyes, as dark as blood
four orange drops under her eyes
slender, thin legs which make her a fast runner
four orange drop-ish markings at her shoulders/back
real deer mask, monarch butterfly pelt (and sometimes antlers)
was an albino by youth, though it was as if the forest changed her

  • Facts - Information

    - Loves physical contact
    - Easily shy of big crowds and strangers
    - Gets easily scared by frogs, silly little things
    - Takes great care for her friends, family and the forest
    - Afraid of wolves, (due to her past.) But strangely she likes foxes, because one of her best friends once was a fox
    - Fond of poppies


  • Relations

    Sho, Mellamie, Amika - biological children, her all
    Kauna, Starling - dear sisters
    Yori - dear brother, misses
    Ramoki - nephew
    Taliene - adoptive mother, misses
    Virgil - uncle figure
    Gehirn - former (adoptive) father, was raised by the stag, greatly respects
    CayLynn - soulmate
    Marcus - strange feelings towards
    Skelarrow - former mate, respects, dear friend
    Vasla - negative

CSS coding by Starling -> Edited by me.
♥ top art by Quamar
♥ middle photo by Ravyn
♥ bottom art by Shimmy

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Awww Kaoori!

Awww Kaoori! <33
Waarhijd looks so adorable! I like her so much ;o; <33 The pose is amazingly done, yeah. And her tail is sooo cute ,__, <33 Thankyou so much hunn ♥ Ohh this made my day, Thank you again, you're too sweet. <3 (:

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You can now deleted the

You can now deleted the "Left" after Amika's name, in the relations :3

Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer

FWEE; &hearts; Solaya;

Solaya; Updated it. (:

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tracking this (:

tracking this (:

Thank you. (:

Thank you. (:

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"Happy anniversary!"

"Happy anniversary!"

"Thank you, sweet! I really

"Thank you, sweet! I really appreciated it."

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Waarhijd is gorgeous. Trackig

Waarhijd is gorgeous. Trackig (:

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! <3 (:

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I see you seem confused.

I see you seem confused. xD
But yeah, you know about BlueDeerLegend's war thing? So, Cay just got bitten. xD

Bitten? D: Awh..poor Cay,

Bitten? D:
Awh..poor Cay, Waar's worried about her. ;;

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Haha, thats what I thought.

Haha, thats what I thought. x3
Maybe you could read This.

..Owow. D: That seems bad.

..Owow. D: That seems bad.
Poor Cay, Hope everything will come good with her soon. <3


Track, TRACK OF LOVE WOMAN! <3 -explodes all over this page-


Gnh! &hearts; -cleans hearts

Gnh! ♥ -cleans hearts and puts them in a jar, holds it close- ..<3

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No worries, this was all

No worries, this was all planned. :b
And, well, she'll turn normal when someone kills her as a black deer. xD

I know, lol.

I know, lol. <3
Kill? Well, I guess Waarhijd wouldn't dare to kill her..xD

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Starling would be there,

Starling would be there, kicking their ass if I wasn't on holiday right now.

Aww Starling, Waarhijd misses

Aww Starling, Waarhijd misses her. <3 Haha, I want to see that. xD ♥ I hope you're having fun there.

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We didn't travel far, and

We didn't travel far, and I'll be back by Friday <3

Alright, see you friday

Alright, see you friday again. <3 (:

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~track .... and again thank

.... and again thank you for your drawing of Rumen. ~<3

Thankyou for the track.

Thankyou for the track. c:
And it was a pleassure to draw him~

Have a Waarhijd.

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HELLO. I love the art at the

I love the art at the bottom. c:

And whoa Shimmy! Thats really awesome. I love how realistic it looks. ♥

;_; ..Waah~! Shimmy! She

;_; ..Waah~! Shimmy! She looks so beautiful~! <3 I adore this style so much, she is perfect. <3 I've been staring at this for so long, looking at every detail. She looks so calm and everything fits her so well. <33 Her eyes are gorgeous, She really looks perfect in my eyes. The colours you used are perfect, and it makes the picture look so realistic. And those lovely..<3 This is such a lovely suprise, Thankyou sosososo much, Shimm. ♥ Please, keep up the beautiful work. <33 ;;

You! Hello! 8D I haven't seen you for a while, how have you been? And thankyou! <3
Yeah it is, awesome huh. ;;

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I'm gewd, Thanks. C: You?

I'm gewd, Thanks. C:

I've been good aswell. C:

I've been good aswell. C:

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Oh, by the way... I was

Oh, by the way...
I was wondering, maybe you want to do an art trade? (':

Oh, sure I'd like to do an

Oh, sure I'd like to do an art trade with you. :3 Who can I draw for you~? ♥

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You can choose between Zeezie

You can choose between Zeezie and Cay~ c:
How do you want me to draw Waar? Normal or cartoon/chibi-ish?
I'll see if I can start on it tommorow. c:

Okay~! And maybe

Okay~! And maybe cartoon/chibi-ish? I remember you drew Zeezie in that style and I love it. (:

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Mmm,I think my mini doe met

Mmm,I think my mini doe met your's a short time ago.Waarhjid is a great character <3

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Haha, thanks! I'll try to

Haha, thanks! I'll try to draw her that way, then.
Is transparent background okay for you? :'D

Wingeddeer; Hmm..that's

Hmm..that's possible. C: Thank you very much. <3

8D Okay! I'm excited, I love your chibi's.
I'll do my best on Cay, and sure, transparant is good. (:

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You do? Yay! &hearts; And,

You do? Yay! ♥
And, I'm exited too, your art is so awesome. ;u;
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Sorry about for 2 days ago

Sorry about for 2 days ago when Waarhijd and Corell met, she's weird-acting around Waarhijd and I don't know why..^^ I love the drawing of her at the bottom of the page. <3

Mauvable; LOL Now you are~!

LOL Now you are~! :D

Awwno, you don't need to say sorry. Waarhijd wasn't in the best mood when she met Corell that day. Next time they meet eachother will be much better <3 C:
And thankyou so much! <33

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I'm sorry , just recognize

I'm sorry , just recognize you ....<3<3
And Mellamie is played by Wotsits.....WHAT A SURPRISE.....
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

No need to apologise for

No need to apologise for anything, it's fine. <3 C:
And yes! n_n <3

Your character is

Your character is beautiful...♥. Tracking.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much. <3 (:

Happy birthday Waarhijd!

Happy birthday Waarhijd!
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Happy birthday to the little

Happy birthday to the little sweetheart ♥

And oh, Nopje, do you know I didn't tracked this wonderful bio yet ? ;_; - shot -

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"Happy birthday, Waarhijd!

"Happy birthday, Waarhijd! ♥"

Happy birthday to Waarhijd from all of us! <3 <3 <3

D'aww.. Thankyou guys so

Thankyou guys so much, it made my day. ♥

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Happy belated birthday to

Happy belated birthday to Waar, and happy 500th comment!