The Black Butterfly Doe

Far lovelier than a dream could be,

Name: Waarhijd - The Black Butterfly Doe
Meaning: {dutch} truth, honesty
Gender: female

Scent: sweet orange, cedarwood
Birthday: September 11
Species: white tailed deer
Age: baptized in eternity and eternal youth

“The garden is very still,
it is dazed with moonlight,
contented with perfume,
dreaming the opium dreams of its folded poppies.”

fur as soft as the last tender rose painted in the morning dew, with timid eyes hiding it's flare from the world, covering
it in eyelashes as dark as oil. Slenderly - yet shyly making her way through the endless paths which have been carved
into the solid ground. understand her, her mind, she'll love you dearly, my friend.

long black eyelashes
red eyes, as dark as blood
four orange drops under her eyes
slender, thin legs which make her a fast runner
four orange drop-ish markings at her shoulders/back
real deer mask, monarch butterfly pelt (and sometimes antlers)
was an albino by youth, though it was as if the forest changed her

  • Facts - Information

    - Loves physical contact
    - Easily shy of big crowds and strangers
    - Gets easily scared by frogs, silly little things
    - Takes great care for her friends, family and the forest
    - Afraid of wolves, (due to her past.) But strangely she likes foxes, because one of her best friends once was a fox
    - Fond of poppies


  • Relations

    Sho, Mellamie, Amika - biological children, her all
    Kauna, Starling - dear sisters
    Yori - dear brother, misses
    Ramoki - nephew
    Taliene - adoptive mother, misses
    Virgil - uncle figure
    Gehirn - former (adoptive) father, was raised by the stag, greatly respects
    CayLynn - soulmate
    Marcus - strange feelings towards
    Skelarrow - former mate, respects, dear friend
    Vasla - negative

CSS coding by Starling -> Edited by me.
♥ top art by Quamar
♥ middle photo by Ravyn
♥ bottom art by Shimmy

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mine Happy belated, to


Happy belated, to Waarhijd.

aaall yours.

aaall yours. <3
Haha thankyou two so muuch ♥!

trrracking this. c: Titilayo

trrracking this. c:
Titilayo really enjoys her company.

Baww thankyou.

Baww thankyou. <3
Waarhijd enjoys Titilayo's company aswell. C:

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(No subject)

(No subject)

Fish Food GIF - Fish Food


Waar's bio is getting raped twice ;; .. Bad bad, you guys. Tsk. >: Ily. ♥
Now, clean it. <3

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OMGLOL SKELL That sickly

That sickly enough made me laugh really hard.

>> Noppcakes: Ily too. ♥ and, how am I supposed to clean it? ;D
Pardon, I'm a little hyper.

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Oh hello there! Haven't seen

Oh hello there! Haven't seen you in ages. Rumen's pretty happy to meet you and Rhad again. <3

Zee; Oh you lazy person come

Oh you lazy person come back >:C
Hello. c: And yes thats true! D: Waarhijd was happy to see Rumen back aswell.
She had quit fun hopping around. <3 C:

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The black doe was sitting

The black doe was sitting near the ruins, breathing in fresh forest air. She was new to this place, so she was looking around, checking if she could see something new.

The butterfly doe wandered

The butterfly doe wandered around near the ruins, at those poppies. She layed next to those statues, leaning against the biggest one. Her eyes were half closed, she loved how the sun warmed her back. She saw a dark creature near, not sure of that was a wolf or a deer. She stared at it for a bit, but then turned her head away and looked in front of her. She had a nice view of a part of the forest.

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She could feel someone's eyes

She could feel someone's eyes in her neck, and she glared back. Lucky to have mane in front of her eyes, so the other doe couldn't actually see she was glaring back. Noticing a squirrel running in front of her, she turned away and focused on this squirrel instead; wondering if she should eat it or not.

Waarhijd heard the deer

Waarhijd heard the deer moving behind her and looked back to the deer. Her ears flickered and she watched the deer and the quirrel. She stood up, curiousity taking over her. She wasn't sure what the other doe was doing there, but she kept standing there, watching, quietly. Her tail flickered gently from side to side.

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Zee pounced at the squirrel,

Zee pounced at the squirrel, and stomped it's tail with her hoof. She grinned down at the squirrel, baring her wolf-like teeth at it.

Waarhijd tilted her head. Why

Waarhijd tilted her head. Why would she hurt a squirrel? She walked at her, and suddenly stood behind the deer. "Pardon.." She looked down at the squirrel briefly before looking back at the female. "But, what do you think you are you doing?" She asked, her voice had a kind tone into it, but unsure. She wasn't that fond of small animals like frogs and squirrels, though, she doesn't want to see a squirrel getting eaten when shes near.

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She was about to bend down at

She was about to bend down at the squirrel as the doe approached her and spoke.
"What I think I'm doing?.. I think I'm about to eat this squirrel." she said calmly, and smiled sneakily.

Waarhijd shook her head

Waarhijd shook her head briefly and slow. "Are you sure? How would you find it to get eaten?.." She spoke and sighed. She was about to nugde her shoulder so the squirrel could escape, but she waited. "Mmn.. I dont think it tastes good anyway." She chuckled gently, quietly. "Well, I dont eat flesh so.. I couldn't know, to be honest." She glanced at the squirrel. "Oh.. And maybe, its a mother, or father of babies?" She asked and tilted her head for a brief moment. "But yeah.. Its your meal.." She gave her a nod, hoping she'd let the squirrel go.

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She glanced at the screaming

She glanced at the screaming squirrel. "Hm.. From my experience, squirrels taste nice." she nodded quickly and giggled a little. "Uhh.. Maybe you're right." she shooked and looked at the squirrel. Then straightened up and moved her hoof so the squirrel could run away.

Waarhijd smiled. "Hm.." She

Waarhijd smiled. "Hm.." She watched how the squirrel dissapeard into a tree. "Thats sweet of you, miss. Thankyou." She nodded once again and bowed at her. "My name is Waarhijd. But, you can also call me Waar." She said.

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She shrugged as she saw her

She shrugged as she saw her meal flee into a tree.
"Hm, no problem." She replied and bowed back. "Nice to meet you too, Waar. My name is Zeezie, but you can call me Zee." She spoke.
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If shes shy than i think i no

If shes shy than i think i no who she is! About a few years ago when i first came on the endless forest my sis helped me get on the game and went on the menu as she helped me i hered somthing i could barly see the deer then the deer ran away as fast as she could as my sis got out of the menu i saw some flowers on my head purple ones and i just thought that every deer got them when they first came.But when i found out that not all deer got them i felt special but also wonder how i got them weeks later i thought that it had to be a deer. Smiling

z.m123; The doe nodded. "It's

The doe nodded. "It's nice to meet you, Zeezie." She inhaled the fresh air of the forest and paused for a moment. "If I may ask, How long do you live here already?" She asked and tilted her head a bit. "Because, I dont think I've seen you around before, Zee." She said, thinking. Though, she didn't seemed similair.

Ohh, someone maybe spellspammed flowers on you? n_n Haha yes ofcourse. c:

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awww ^_^ so cute bio,

so cute bio, sometimes I watch u
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Oh wow Nopje! You should

Oh wow Nopje! You should share that picture! <3
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That drawing is so sexy. @_@

That drawing is so sexy. @_@ ♥

Natille; Ohh, thankyou.

Ohh, thankyou. c:

Maybe I will, yeah. C: <3

Ohyou. xD <3 Thanks c:

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"I missed you, too.."

"I missed you, too.."

Why didn't I track this

Why didn't I track this gorgeous bio? ;3;

"How have you been, Darling?

"How have you been, Darling? It had been too long, Mmh." <3

Idunno. D: Thanksyou <3

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"Oh, I've been okay... a

"Oh, I've been okay... a little tired I guess.
How about you?"

"I'm glad you're okay though.

"I'm glad you're okay though. I was worried about you..
But I'm so happy so see you back.
I've been fine, thankyou, maybe a little tired aswell these days.
Haha, who was that jealous stag with you, by the way?
Funny, how he reacted when I nuzzled you~"

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I never tracked this.. Shame

I never tracked this.. Shame on me. >B|
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"Mm? I have no idea who he

"Mm? I have no idea who he was..."

Anti; Pfft. D: But now you

Pfft. D:
But now you do. <3

"Ohh.. By the way, where have you been?
Missed you more than you can image. Mmh.."

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"No where in particular..."

"No where in particular..." She tightly closes her eyes, and smiles.

She groomed her red friends

She groomed her red friends neck. "Ohh? Mh..I'm glad to see you back though. Healthy." She smiles. "The bird should always return to its nest." She whispered softly.

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The doe smiled, nuzzling her

The doe smiled, nuzzling her friend in return. "Yes. Yes it should." Her ears dropped, slightly. "But there is no saying that it will."

The butterfly doe licked her

The butterfly doe licked her red friend's cheek gently. "Ahwell.. Aslong as I know you're healthy I'm happy." She said, meaning it. Waarhijd layed her head on the does back and nipped her fur a bit. "There isn't. But we hope, don't we?" She closed her eyes.

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"I'm glad I have you." She

"I'm glad I have you." She smiled and shuffled around, making herself comfortable. "If I didn't have you, there would be no one to pick me back up, when I'm down." She laid her head on the ground, keeping still to make sure that Waarhijd was comfortable.

She followed, and closed her eyes.

The doe grinned briefly at

The doe grinned briefly at her sweet words, they touched her deeply. "Ohh hun. You'll always have me. Always. I'll be there for you anytime." She groomed her back fur. "You're one of my best friends. You mean everything to me." She enjoyed grooming her red friend. Her tail flickered happily and calm. "I'm glad you have me. And that I have you aswell. I'm proud to know you." She whispered quietly, but she was still able to hear her well.

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"Good morning my dear. It has

"Good morning my dear. It has been a long time since I've scented you around. How are you doing?"

"Good morning Walter. Yes,

"Good morning Walter. Yes, yes it has. Its good to see you again. I've been doing fine. You?"

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"Can't complain for the most

"Can't complain for the most part. Perhaps I should even say I'm wracked with anticipation for the coming weeks. Let all these idiots have their fun!"

"Mh. Oh, How so?" Also, I

"Mh. Oh, How so?"

Also, I love that mask. :'D

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Why thankyou! It is rather

Why thankyou! It is rather fitting for Halloween. x3

"Hm? You haven't heard Illrose is carrying my offspring? She will be expecting it soon.. And then I will have my first true son or daughter to call my own."

It is. c: "..Really? I

It is. c:

"..Really? I haven't heard that at all. Congratulations, Walter. I should congrate Illrose aswell as soon as I can meet her. I'm happy for you that you'll have your true son or daughter. I bet you're happy and excited aswell~"

Waarhijd. My beautiful

Waarhijd. My beautiful Waarhijd. You have no idea how much you mean to me and how much I love you. I would like to thank you, for all the great moments we had, all the wonderful moments I would never forget. Take care of our son, don't let your head down now I'm gone. One day we will be togheter again. Oh, my Waarhijd. I thank The Gods for knowing you. You're such an adorable creature. Never in my life I've known someone so sweet as you. I love you. ♥

Oh Rhad.. Darling. I'll truly

Oh Rhad.. Darling. I'll truly miss you so much. I will take care of our son, and shall protect him with my life. I prayed..Prayed everything will one day come good again. I love you, too, Rhad. I will keep those wonderful moments we had deep in my heart. You always had been there in ups and downs. I shall never forget you. I love you too. ♥

/Random test comment.

/Random test comment.