The Black Butterfly Doe

Far lovelier than a dream could be,

Name: Waarhijd - The Black Butterfly Doe
Meaning: {dutch} truth, honesty
Gender: female

Scent: sweet orange, cedarwood
Birthday: September 11
Species: white tailed deer
Age: baptized in eternity and eternal youth

“The garden is very still,
it is dazed with moonlight,
contented with perfume,
dreaming the opium dreams of its folded poppies.”

fur as soft as the last tender rose painted in the morning dew, with timid eyes hiding it's flare from the world, covering
it in eyelashes as dark as oil. Slenderly - yet shyly making her way through the endless paths which have been carved
into the solid ground. understand her, her mind, she'll love you dearly, my friend.

long black eyelashes
red eyes, as dark as blood
four orange drops under her eyes
slender, thin legs which make her a fast runner
four orange drop-ish markings at her shoulders/back
real deer mask, monarch butterfly pelt (and sometimes antlers)
was an albino by youth, though it was as if the forest changed her

  • Facts - Information

    - Loves physical contact
    - Easily shy of big crowds and strangers
    - Gets easily scared by frogs, silly little things
    - Takes great care for her friends, family and the forest
    - Afraid of wolves, (due to her past.) But strangely she likes foxes, because one of her best friends once was a fox
    - Fond of poppies


  • Relations

    Sho, Mellamie, Amika - biological children, her all
    Kauna, Starling - dear sisters
    Yori - dear brother, misses
    Ramoki - nephew
    Taliene - adoptive mother, misses
    Virgil - uncle figure
    Gehirn - former (adoptive) father, was raised by the stag, greatly respects
    CayLynn - soulmate
    Marcus - strange feelings towards
    Skelarrow - former mate, respects, dear friend
    Vasla - negative

CSS coding by Starling -> Edited by me.
♥ top art by Quamar
♥ middle photo by Ravyn
♥ bottom art by Shimmy

Pfffff. What I did now.

Pfffff. What I did now. xDDD
It has to be:
The doe looked at her son. "I know, It's growing fast and healthy. I feel good, thanks, I feel some movement in my belly here and there sometimes. How do you feel?" She smiled and licked his head.

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LOL, no problem xD

LOL, no problem xD

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Trackaddooo &hearts

Trackaddooo &hearts

Thanksss. C:

Thanksss. C:

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"It was nice to see you for a

"It was nice to see you for a little while today,"

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO

"So that was you? Yes indeed,

"So that was you? Yes indeed, it was nice to see you too. ♥"

"It is good to see you... I'm

"It is good to see you... I'm happy you are well."

"Y-Yes indeed, It's good to

"Y-Yes indeed, It's good to see you too, Aux. I'm verry well and the fawn too. <3 But only my leg is hurting..U-Urghh...Two days ago..
I-It was Tieff-..."

Thats why you've may seen that she limped if you wondered..XD

I didn't know he hurt Waar

I didn't know he hurt Waar too? urh. That sucks. I'm not in forest enough to retaliate... I haven't seen him.
"He hurt you as well..."
Tieff will pay the moment I see him.

Yes he did~ :/

Yes he did~ :/

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Track! &dagger;

Track! †

Thanks for the track!

Thanks for the track! ♥

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tracking~ :3

tracking~ :3

Thank you~ :3&hearts;

Thank you~ :3♥

Wonderful bio ^-^ Tracking

Wonderful bio ^-^
Tracking this now.

Thank you so much. &hearts;

Thank you so much. ♥

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Fffgh I'm sorry I have a very

Fffgh I'm sorry I have a very sad habit of leaving the forest open and go do other things, eventually forgetting about it xD

Haha no it was fine.

Haha no it was fine. <3 Waarhijd really loved your company! (:

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I saw you fight the gray bull

I saw you fight the gray bull yesterday. You should be more careful or your fawn could be harmed.

Does your mate have a skull with blue and white fur, and real deer antlers?

Yes she will. And yes her

Yes she will.

And yes her mate, Skelarrow has that set yess..

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Checking that because i

Checking that because i wanted to know if it was him who fought Tieff after Waarhijd left. Thanks

Yess it was Skelarrow..You're

Yess it was Skelarrow..You're welcome anyways. xD<3

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Happy birthday

Happy birthday <33

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Awww Thank you.

Awww Thank you. <3

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(No subject)

<33 /nom'd.

:D track!

:D track!

Thankyou! 8D

Thankyou! 8D

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"I was just told you were

"I was just told you were pregnant, my apologies if I scared you, but you see... your male friend was so pissed that I couldn't help trying speak to you. -snort- And yeah. Congratz for the kiddo. What ya think it is? Girl or boy?"


"Yes I'm pregnant. And

"Yes I'm pregnant. And becuase he was 'pissed' doesn't mean that you can just go bother someone else to use him. And why would you try speaking to me? ..And thankyou..But I don't know what gender it is yet."

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He was pissed because I was

He was pissed because I was doing so. -shrugs some- But I was pissed too because I knew he had been chasing my beloved for childish reasons. -smile- Well, why wouldn't I try speak to you?"


"He had a reason to chase

"He had a reason to chase him, not so childish reason. But I'm standing at no one's site though. And, I don't know..? .."

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" A reason to chase him?

" A reason to chase him? Hell, I'd love to know what kind of reason. Crybaby might be pretty temptating to chase off and scare, but it's no reason to abuse of his lack of self-esteem. Don't you think? And I contented myself with hopping around does just to be funny, and got reprehended more times than that your male friend. Life is unfair though, I'm used to it, and I accept it! -snort- And yes. I never had taken the time to do so. So I figured why not today? It's never late to get to know other people in forest. -smile- "


"Well first of all, 'my male

"Well first of all, 'my male friend' is my uncle, sir. And Virgil and Crybaby were friends before Cry met Saosin. Then he started to ingore my uncle. So that relationship was kinda Fake for Virgil. And you call that childish? Anyways, ..hopping around does after chasing them away, don't you think that sounds stupid huh? I think being funny better works when people feels safe near someone, and not confused, scared or angry. -sighs- Then it looks like you picked out the wrong time huh. ..and no it's never late.."

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" That is what your uncle

" That is what your uncle told you, isn't it. -laugh- If Crybaby did that, it wasn't even his intention. His main goal in life is to make everyone happy. -rolls eyes- Which is impossible, to my point of view. I don't know if ya know Cry, but he'd never ignore anyone to hurt anyone. He can't be with all he loves at the same time anyway. -then notices:- Plus, I didn't chase you away. I never attacked you or your female friend. -slight frown- "


"I know you can't be with

"I know you can't be with everyone on the same time. -slight frown- ..And yes you didn't attacked me and Noelle. I meant, actually chasing away. I'm still confused 'bout why you did that. Anyways, Crybaby has a good view of life then. But I'm still unsure of you though..Maybe in the future or soon this could come good I hope.."

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" I wasn't chasing away, I

" I wasn't chasing away, I was following. You were running like if I was a wolf. -little laugh- A good view, yes, but really hard to accomplish... I'd say impossible. It doesn't mean I don't want my friends to be happy. -giggle- "


"I would stay away from

"I would stay away from danger, and my uncle told us to run, He thought you was going to threaten us, but you followed, so we kept running until he told us to stop. ..Hmmm. And we'll see if I can trust you soon or not.."

By the way, do you have msn? lol. C:

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" Yes I suppose you trust

" Yes I suppose you trust more your uncle than me. Who am I anyway? A crazy guy who everyone relates to 'bad boy'. If I were you I'd be wary as well. -laugh- Oh well, see ya around then. And good luck for the fawn, cheers! "

Yusssss, sithrim[at] . Tricky isn't it loll xD.
Thanks for the lil' RP (:


"Hmhmmm, thankyou .." Soww,

"Hmhmmm, thankyou .."

Soww, Added you, and you're welcome. (:

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Hey, check this out, dewd, I

Hey, check this out, dewd, I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised >w<

Schutzy: &hearts.

Schutzy: &hearts. c:
Chickenwhite: omfg. <33333333

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"Hey my dear I can't wait for

"Hey my dear I can't wait for your lovely fawn. -nuzzles Waarhijds neck-"

hope you don't mind (:

"I can't wait's

"I can't wait's exciting huh-.." -nuzzles back and smiles-

'ofcourse I don't mind. (:

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"Everything will be fine I

"Everything will be fine I know that. Skelarrow will be there I know it. "-smiles-

"Thank you so much, &hearts;

"Thank you so much, ♥ yess, Skelarrow will be there."

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I love your signature

I love your signature Waarhijd <3