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September 30, 2020

Takin a few for now.

Art Blog


Art Blog

I'm not sure what to do with her yet, but open to plotting/headworld stuff if anyone is interested. :x

I felt like doing some moody art without being too broody. I've been watching a lot of videos of traditional art and it's kinda inspired me to work on other things like backgrounds and playing with lighting and scenery. I'm really bad at envisioning any sort of composition but I'm pretty happy with this despite not really getting into too much detail.

two random puppers

A sorta gift for my roomie of a cat we no longer have, named Lestat. But also an excuse to practice some stuff.

Too bummed out to function but here's a random unicorn and a crab.

I've always been so reluctant to draw my own pets because I end up getting mad that they don't look like themselves and Jaxon is so special to me but I'm pretty satisfied, especially since this was just supposed to be an exercise in doing something different and simplified but I'm me and his pattern is kinda hard to simplify without looking wrong.

I was ganna deck her out in shinies but i dont know how to design jewelry ok

Jepha's Izumi

cause idk how to draw anything else

OkamiLugia's Ryuu~

HBs kisskiss

Lathyrus's Caelestis!

Doin' more greyscale stuff and then i got lazy

Making a new siggy for myself
She stick her leggy out real far, look at her tiny feets
as seductive as a cactus


I drew a bee today

10/26 - A rolliepollie Grim

10/25 - Jet boi go boing

And a blobby Jerah whose design is probably forever going to be undecided.

A blobby Jet

It may be tempting to pet the tums but donut do it.

Semi teenish Mhar and Jerah

More fiddling

Fiddling around with the brushes in SAI, Roo, Rom and Stria! Puuurple

Just trying to bolster some muse for the old lady.

When ya motivated to do a more accurate but also lazily composed hooman ref for the Roo.

Some Rota d00dles, mostly just trying to get some fluidity going, my art feels very static to me most of the time cause I'm afraid of change. Also I'm very envious of people who can convey emotions on their characters so trying a little bit of that too.

There, it is officially not just Romroo stuff...have a Wollunka! Got a background in the works but WE'll SEE, gettin back to actually...drawing hair...everywhere...help.

When you were supposed to doodle something derpy and simple but it was too cute and then it turns into a whole project. Will I finish it, stay tuned... now with color....THERES SOME ISSUEs drilling my ocd but we'll see how long i leave it before fixing it...

IDK what I'm doing...

Rom and Roo sketch that got to be the victim of me experimenting and just having fun, which came out rather nice! Never messed with the cellshading much before.

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First stalk.

First stalk.


Sig: Aihnna

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that bee's still my favourite

that bee's still my favourite drawing ever
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Sigi by Wake

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Discord: Tzvii#9954 // Signature by Wake.
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sits I feel ya on the lack


I feel ya on the lack of motivation for RP. Executive dysfunction just makes it feel so exhausting to type out more than a couple words for it. And yet I make more characters for some dumb reason lol.
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by sleepything
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your art ♥

your art ♥
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Oh yes ....awesome Art here

Oh yes ....awesome Art here !!
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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(No subject)

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mnn i've always adored your

mnn i've always adored your style

my esll, or pan's roanen?
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I recommend this beautiful

I recommend this beautiful child

Discord: theGoatinator #2610

I have two babs with kind of

I have two babs with kind of funky designs here and here if you want to try something different.

Feel free to take a whack at this absolute angel, this night-time nugget, an absolutely bazonkers hottie, or one of these literal mermaids.
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M This big tall boy maybe?


This big tall boy maybe?
WonderfullySarcastic's picture

sits the heck down

sits the heck down
Lathyrus's picture

selfishly putting this boy,

selfishly putting this boy, this other boy and him
also lu, lev, and jasper
tossercook's picture

Could I throw my Heilong at

Could I throw my Heilong at you? he is here http://endlessforest.org/community/node/111501

Also Dazzleflah's Clarion? he is here http://endlessforest.org/community/dance-night-away-clarion

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline

Maybe Snorri, Rina, Huginn,

Maybe Snorri, Rina, Huginn, Jodis or Jin? c:

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Suggesting my ooc! here is

Suggesting my ooc!
here is her reference Click!
Pixel picto by Draak

Witcher's picture

Maybe my Jasper? edit:

Maybe my Jasper?

edit: Thanks Lathyrus for suggesting him omg! I'd like to suggest Cae and Juno instead <3
by saturnia

been meaning to track this

been meaning to track this for awhile now Eye
feel free to check my character bios if you're interested
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Maybe my Reeva?

Maybe my Reeva?
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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HE LOOKS PERFECT i love it somuch
Thank you sO MUCH ;; ♥!
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t! &hearts; Cae looks

t! ♥
Cae looks absolutely gorgeous in your style

By Draak ♥
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Holy crap wake those wake

Holy crap wake those wake those are amazing

absolutely enthralled with

absolutely enthralled with your work
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I can only guess that Ryuu is

I can only guess that Ryuu is my character with the most interesting design to play with. Also will toss Riza and Arien at ya.

Love seeing you experiment o:
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he's gorgeous Wake thank you so much ;;
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Lathyrus - I'm glad you like

Lathyrus - I'm glad you like it, he has such a pretty design, cant resist the pink.
Okami - DONT HAVE A HEART ATTACK PLZ but I'm glad you like!

god I feel like a kid in a

god I feel like a kid in a toy store just before Christmas looking at your art............. I wanna grab all of it with my pudgy, gross little mitts

I'm not?? tracking

I'm not?? tracking this??

fixing that now
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Throw all the jewelry on her

Throw all the jewelry on her and see what shakes off. Like glitter. Glitter-bomb your babe!
OkamiLugia's picture

wowee the realism here is

wowee the realism here is fantastic. pretty pupper owo

(No subject)

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oh my god wake that fur

oh my god wake that fur detail is to die for ♥

by sleepything
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HOLY FREAK all your art is to

HOLY FREAK all your art is to die for but omg that shepherd i am in love
belated track as well <33
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smol bump

smol bump
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could you hold simple boi for

could you hold simple boi for me until friday possibly? If not, i understand!
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Yes, I can!

Yes, I can!
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smol bump

smol bump

i present a him :eyes: also

i present a him :eyes:

also a belated happy birthday to you

Sig: Aihnna

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Late happy birthday wishes

Late happy birthday wishes for you Wake!

Gonna put my girl here, Noëlle
This lovely lady Koshka, X
Pixel picto by Draak

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Happy late birthday!! I'll

Happy late birthday!!

I'll throw this girl your way in case she catches your interest
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Happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday! <3
Take this devil or this angel :')

Belated happy birthday! Maybe

Belated happy birthday!
Maybe this boy? c:

this boy? And belated happy

this boy?

And belated happy birthday! ♥

My Lacie or Nycta? Hope

My Lacie or Nycta?

Hope your birthday was a good one. Happy belated birthday.