Crowns and birds, swords and kings; Levant

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(I thought I'd posted the past two updates but they've just been chilling in my files. what a moroN)

Yesterday approached the dwindling remains of fight club which he had been watching from a distance. In the same spirit ‘playfought’ with Noe though it mainly consisted of the two of them being afraid to hit each other and running around like maniacs.
Settled back down with Noe, Sin & Eli before leaving soon after Elijah had wandered off. Not keen on being a third wheel. The poor boy is phobic of public affection :flushed:.


Returned to the forest in the midst of its spring festival. From there encountered faces both new and old. In the days following the event joined a group consisting of Jude and Sindile however although he recognised some from around the forest he wasn’t as acquainted with them (Alpha, Devereux and Noelani). Added into their conversation what he could about himself at Sin’s prompting.

The next day spoke with Noelani again, going a little more into detail on himself, albeit somewhat falsely. Painted himself as coming from a family of politicians and currently studying in that field, nothing too unbelievable but far enough from the truth to be safe. Both glad and uneasy to hear Noe respond that she could already tell from the ‘air’ he possesses. Didn’t receive anymore explanation but listened instead to the female speak of her dream of becoming a dancer. Encouraged her tentatively, wondering if he even had a right to sympathise.


After bidding goodbye to a place he thought he’d long since seen the last of returned to his birthplace, no longer as a prince but this time an emperor.
With things not exactly peaceful in the time since his family’s fall from power and a lack of acknowledgement of any of the new ruling parties authority decided to return; his right to the throne unquestionable and the guilt upon his shoulders immeasurable.

Made the long journey south with Elgin after much deliberation with her. Although warning against the plan at first managed to convince the Alabastrine that he was unwavering. In return received the promise that Elgin would follow him wherever.

Returned to a confused state of things which his sudden reappearance only seemed to worsen tenfold. Glad that his body never met the same fate as his the rather public ceremony his parents went through after death, a fact that allowed him to pander to the rumours he had not died in the attack but escaped. Doesn’t quite think the people are ready for entertaining the idea of magick just quite yet.

Settling into the role with as much grace as he can manage, finding certain parts easier to fall back into than others. Glad for the laborious teachings his parents forced upon him as a child and now with Elgin’s constant reassurance and guidance finds himself growing more capable by the day.

However receives constant reminders of the corruption and brutality inflicted by his parents, at times broken when he sees the lack of trust in people’s eyes or the poorer corners of the golden empire that before he easily turned a blind eye on. Doing all in his power to fix said things, at times to the point of exhaustion. Often the subject of Elgin's concern and suggestions of taking a break even for a little while and as such does plan to make arrangements so he can visit the forest, if even just to lessen his Mother's worry.

Admittedly having fun breaking royal protocol wherever he can and watching the dignitaries swoon from shock when he shakes hands with the common folk without gloves or invites the entire empire over for tea in the gardens. Pleased to hear Elgin report back that court seems to think he’s went quite mad.


Glad for summer and the freedom it brings back home. Making the most of it before the cold, dark days of winter creep in once more.
Visited the forest where Nawfar and Sindile were found. Lowkey trying to keep them on the straight and narrow as the subjects of dangerous adventures and general mischief-making were brought up. Also glad to see Nawfar's father had returned; happy for the girl but somewhat worried by her father's condition.
Questioned by Sindile about his wings and whether or not he could fly. Happy to say he indeed could although hadn't had much of an oppurtunity to practice in recent times. Brought the two over to the playground's rocks where he could launch himself off of the cliffs and glide a few loops around the area.
Upon his return back to the rocks noticed that the three of them seemed to have caught the attention of another child (Allie). Noted that something seemed unnatural about the newcomer and their wounds but although curious didn't want to question it for fear of offending.
The others grew interested in the cave below the rocks but even with persuasion from Naw and Sin refused to go in; the fear of being trapped in a small space too overwhelming. Bolted in the direction of the pond,embarassed to cry and seem seem so weak in front of the other children. His mood was lowered even more when he felt Sin was teasing him over it. Again bolted, determined not to lose anymore dignity or skew the other's opinions of him, this time deep into the birch.
Found by the others who had been joined by Jude. Recieved what he felt was consolement from Sindile when the wolf laid his head over him and for a while was content to sit in quiet company. Had a happy fun time with his friends and they lived happily ever!! The end!!

...Jk this is the part where Lev suffers more.
Rose from sitting to find Sin standing off against an eeriely familiar face. Listened in fear as the two exchanged blatant threats. Paced and screamed for Sin to come back until Nemphlèx's attention turned towards him.
Fled when Sindile shouted for him to do so. Upon reaching the edge of the birch, sick with fear, collapsed. Contemplated the thought that because of him the other children were at risk, ashamed to abandon them all to face the creature alone. Rushed back to the birch and although shaky stood firm with the other children.
Listened to Nemphlèx cruelly joke about how Levant had come to his senses and returned. Hurt by it to say the least. Watched on as Sindile continued to stand off and Allie growled at the stranger.
After what seemed like an enternity the pale creature slinked off. Overccome with guilt at the thought that again others had to suffer because of him, doesn't feel he's changed much at all. Came to the conclusion he shouldn't tell Elgin about the return of the creature that attacked him; lest his mother keep him from the forest forever.


Meeting lots of new faces and quietly gaining confidence though still noticeably skittish at times. One such new face in the form of the firebrand Nawfar. Somewhat intimidated by her bossy nature but appreciative of nonetheless, thinks she needs to work on that ‘fighting things is a solution to my problems attitude’ though. Shown a jasmine garden that belonged to the girl’s father, the scent something he had not experienced in a long while. Brought bittersweet nostalgia forth but comforted by it. Left a feather as a memento in the garden, perhaps a thank-you of sorts.
Also came into the company of Leovys and Hatto; fascinated by the former’s appearance and enjoys the latter's playfulness – even if their massive amount of energy is somewhat terrifying at times.
Drawn to a female - Ayaki - after hearing the whispers of her spirits. Admitted that she reminded him of his homeland’s deities after asking if she were a god. Continued to speak with her, finding solace in her and Jude’s company for a while.
Lastly met a tiny child (Heather) in the presence of a group; some familiar, some not. Noted her nervousness and invited her to come sit closer. Sang for her to ease the tension, something he hadn’t done in a while but was glad he’d got the opportunity to do so again, and settled for watching over her when she fell asleep.



Recovering in his homeland under the care of Elgin who has been treating his wounds and making sure they didn't become infected. Walks with a slight limp in his right leg and still experiences some shooting pains in the same area but otherwise is physically fine, wounds scarred over.

While at first mentally shaken by the attack, regressing into a traumatized state, has bounced back with a desire to overcome the effects recent and previous trauma has had upon him. Frequently travelling outside of his house and into town with Elgin to help her with errands, confidence improving slowly but certainly.

For the first time is beginning to smile without any hint of sadness hidden behind the action.

Wishes to return to the forest despite Elgin's surprise and denial at this request. Convinced her to spend some time in the forest in order to see what the place is really like. Had his mother agree to this and confirmed she would allow him back if the place made a positive impression upon her. Gave her the names and descriptions of those that have been kind to him so she can keep an eye out for them.


Spent some time by the pond remembering Sindile and Valentin’s desire to collect a water lily, hoping perhaps to retrieve one for them.
Acknowledged the sudden presence of a stranger (Nemphlèx) very close by, panicked slightly and sort of sheepishly apologized to them with a bow before returning to his own endeavours. Out of the corner of his eye kept watch on them, something feeling massively off with the buck and their mannerisms.
Lunged at and grabbed a hold of, confirming his right to be uneasy. Kicked, writhed and battered the crystalline being in a frenzy before stumbling off, too set on his desire to escape to register any pain. Assaulted various times with the removal of feathers and a bite to the shoulder before squirming under the old oak, ignoring the feeling of claustrophobia the place gives him for the sake of safety.
The attacker approached again and attempted to drag him out of his nook. Again writhed and kicked until he had the chance to backtrack out of the oak and escape. Ran and only stopped when he had collapsed in exhaustion and shock, deep into the birch. Began to slightly register the pain, a mangled back leg being the main source of concern. Numbly dragged himself back to his homeworld for fear the creature would seek him out again.


His wings are now large enough to allow flight although due to underuse and lack of familiarity with them his muscles remain weak and the child can only glide down unsteadily from higher elevations. Determined to try and improve upon this so dedicates what time he spends in the forest to practicing, whether in play or even when resting may be seen flapping his wings... And occasionally his form of practice includes launching himself from the playground rocks like the little kamikaze he is.


Approached by a doe who had wingS. Immediately felt a sense of security and comfort in this, the touch and sight of feathers bringing back memories of family. Invited her to play because he was just so excited to meet another winged creature close-up. After resting followed her over to a friend of hers (Torfastr) who was sitting within a group, proceeded to basically wrap himself around Limaria’s legs any time she moved because hi scary strangers. Torfastr got into a spar with one of the group (Hraustr) and the boy became slightly uncomfortable with this, didn’t realise it was merely a friendly fight so moved off with Limaria. Got wrapped up in Lim’s wing-blankets and was just generally just content to act like the little child he is. Also asked her about flying because he’s impatient to learn although was too tired to practice right now and drifted off to sleep beside the Tulip.

Woke up later when Panoptes approached. Both glad to see them again and relived to keep them company after they previously admitted to feeling scared when alone. Nope no friend of mine's gonna be lonely on my watch.


help him, there are too many peoplE around
Said hello to Jude and also met a pupper (Sindile) and stared at their family.
Used the play session with Sindile to show off his cooL flight skills


Met an intriguing masked child (Panoptes) and introduced himself to them.
Joined by Jude soon after, content to be around others his own age


Amused himself by hiding in the grasses of the birch for a while before peeking out at a group who had appeared nearby and got spooked when they approached him. Was aware they meant no harm but simply couldn’t shake the irrational anxiety and parked himself down nearby, feeling bad when he had to turn down the group’s offers to come sit next to them. Silently happy when a doe from the group came to sit with him (Jonquil) and sneakily gave her an appreciative hug after she fell asleep.
Once he had settled was content to play around with some of the group before he got tired from all the excitement and wandered off to rest.




Goes by Levant

Crowned in leaves



Young adult. 18-19.

#6, Average height and elegant build.

Appears as a dama gazelle with cervine, avian and Jacob's sheep influences.

Orca M. | Valentines A. | Golden Butterfly P.

Scent of clove oil, faintly of lavender and jasmine.

Ovo-lacto vegetarian.




And like the Dawn you'll break the Dark

aaa tracking this precious

aaa tracking this precious<3
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I really like that drawing

I really like that drawing you have up there. Very cute, innocent creature with soulful eyes. Reminds me of a dog, a good thing. : )
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such a pretty design &hearts;

such a pretty design ♥

hope sayu can meet this cutie

hope sayu can meet this cutie someday!
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Thank you so much you guys!

Thank you so much you guys! ♥ ♥

By Draak
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wanted to say how much I

wanted to say how much I loved his colors~ and floofy tail lol
def tracking c:

and yeeessss more deer with all-gold eyes, it's just so striking and also fun to color =D

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al sO gorgeous i love

al sO gorgeous i love

made by foxofthestars!
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sobS ty you three!

sobS ty you three! ;;

@Phantom ye gold eyes are definitely a favourite of mine! Although I generally just love colouring eyes in general uwu

By Draak

Tracking this cutie. Calida

Tracking this cutie. Calida seems to have gotten fond of him. <3
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I adore his design. What a

I adore his design. What a cutie ♥
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

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Oh yes , so Beautiful !!

Oh yes , so Beautiful !!
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So nice to meet him

So nice to meet him <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Thank you so much all of you!

Thank you so much all of you! ♥

By Draak
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hi :B

hi :B
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Yo B)

Yo B)

By Draak
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@Singingbird aa thank you!

@Singingbird aa thank you! <3

By Draak
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beautiful character and

beautiful character and concept. track.
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@ravynn: Thank you!

@ravynn: Thank you! ♥

@HoneyBean: Take all the time you need with it, there's no pressure at all! And thank you too! ♥
I'll probably throw my part at you later today, I've just got a few little things to finish up with it.

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Omg so that was Lev and not

Omg so that was Lev and not Artemis that my Jo met today. And I wondered why is she a fawn and acting so strange lol.. once again I didn't pay attention that you have changed their pictograms xD
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Ahaha omigosh! Artemis just

Ahaha omigosh! Artemis just wanted to run around in disguise today shhh but yep that was Lev that Jo met! I changed their pictograms around pretty recently so it's undertstandble haha.
Lev appreciates her coming to sit with him for a little while, he gets a little claustrophobic around bigger groups so having someone to sit with on the outside was a nice feeling for him ♥

By Draak
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Don't worry, the secret is

Don't worry, the secret is safe with us :") and I'm glad we made Lev feel a little less anxious. I'll have in mind that he's a bit shy the next time they meet <3
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&hearts;~Tracking~&hearts; B


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by Sokoora <3 | skymails888 | Anaïs#6888
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Oh my gosh. He is gorgeous.

Oh my gosh. He is gorgeous. Tracking this~

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@Kamaya, Nawfar, aaa gosh,,,

@Kamaya, Nawfar, aaa gosh,,, thanks both of you! <33

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i have arrived...

i have arrived...
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get out... Thank you !

get out...

Thank you !

By Draak
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^thank you!! &hearts;&hearts;

^thank you!! ♥♥

By Draak
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Tracking! Thanks for being

Thanks for being the first deer to play with Sunna <3
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@Pelicann; aaa thank you! And

@Pelicann; aaa thank you! And not a problem at all! Lev very much appreciated the small bit of play ♥

By Draak
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his feathers are nice, hatto

his feathers are nice, hatto will try to steal a few.
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@Whiskeybeast; Levant's

Levant's keeping his eyes on you Hatto
She's the third character to try and steal a few of his feathers, this poor boy's going to be bald before long haha

By Draak
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Track !

Track !

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thought I retracked this

thought I retracked this already
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^ Thank you both of you!! c:

^ Thank you both of you!! c:

By Draak
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Track~ I adore this

I adore this character. Such a lovely wings <3
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What a beauty..

What a beauty..
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Rion, Basen; aww gosh thanks

Rion, Basen; aww gosh thanks very much!! It's always super lovely to hear people like his design ♥

By Draak
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ohhh my ?

ohhh my ♥
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Beautiful ;;

Beautiful ;;
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Thank you both!! ;; &hearts;

Thank you both!! ;; ♥

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Saturnia; &hearts;&hearts;!!

Saturnia; ♥♥!!

By Draak

smh i thought i tracked him a

smh i thought i tracked him a while ago because i've always been a fan of his design ;;

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