As a shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn.

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PhysicalFine. | MentalTroubled, erratic. Visible. | FeelingTired but attempting to keep a brave face. | Note.

Currently -
Keeping herself distanced from the forest for a multitude of reasons. Quietly watching on as new families form and feels herself overcome with a sense of jealousy. Doesn’t desire children nor a partner but catches herself envying the sense of belonging that comes with.

Finds herself left behind as friends move on but all the same making no attempts to bridge the gap.

In the meantime finds herself caught up in the web of politics back home. Reluctant but feels duty-bound to help right the wrongs her parents have left in their wake.

Sat with a heavily pregnant Alchemilla at the shapeshifter’s own den before a commotion began nearby. Escorted the dove back to their own nest before chatting with them and allowing Milla to rest their head against her shoulder. Learned that Milla was a surrogate and though confused about this concept praised the other’s kindness. Somewhat un-knowledgeable of pregnancy and the experiences and expected symptoms that come with it so just simply offered to go and fetch anything if the other needed it.

Returned a few days later to see Alchemilla had went into labour. Stayed close but careful not to crowd them, glad to see the dove was surrounded by familiars (Osmostious, Tristan, Elijah). Talked to Tristan who seemed rather nervous about the whole event and attempted to keep him distracted if at least to reduce any tension in the air. Meanwhile hiding her own insecurities about pregnancy and parenthood as a whole.

Surprised to see the mute undead bull she was familiar with approach and then even more surprised with the realisation that he was the child’s father. With Milla’s information from the other day was able to put his real name to his face – Delacroix. Did get somewhat uneasy as some strangers came near and made sure to keep an eye on them.

Congratulated the parents, both surrogate and non, with the eventual arrival of the child – Chevalier – before backing off to allow the parents and newborn time to themselves. Meanwhile roughhoused a reasonable distance away with Eli and got war-danced at. Played at mimicking him though her attempt was slightly less intimidating.


Keeping low and tending to her wounds.


Joined Alchemilla and their company (Elijah) on the outskirts of the Blue Bowl before relocating to the Dove’s nest. Tristan showed up with Nemesis, a face she remembers seeing around in last year’s rut. Listened as Tris introduced everyone and found it amusing when Tris referred to the grey doe as a ‘friend’. Don’t lie to Art, she misses nothing :eyes:. Also through the piebald’s introductions learned that Elijah was Jonah’s partner, curious of the fire hound.
The chat was eventually interrupted by a nearby scuffle with three predatory creatures involved. On edge, particularly so because of Alchemilla and their pregnancy.
Gladly the flight moved off and could at least return to a wary sense of peace. Joined by Zash.
THEN two of the predators returned unoccupied (Scavenger and Inkheart). Crept closer to them -away from the group - as the creatures edged nearer and nearer. Eventually bolted right in front of them in an attempt to lure them away - or at least keep their attention elsewhere.
Joined by Tristan and Elijah. Did continue her attempts to lead them elsewhere and keep them occupied, focusing more on this than directly attacking them. Did however manage to sustain some blows.
Returned to Alchemilla’s nest with Tris and Eli. Content that the others were not seriously injured and thankful for Alchemilla’s help. Slinked away, back home.



Entered the forest and shortly thereafter greeted Tristan and spoke with him. Joined by an unfamiliar cub (Mye) who seemed familiar with Tris, had this thought confirmed by the stag. Continued to talk with the male while the child wandered off.

Attention was immediately brought back to the cub when a scuffle erupted nearby between her and Sindile. Above all disappointed in the boy after her last talk with him, assumed at least he would have ceased causing trouble by now. As Tris and her raced towards the two became aware that it wasn't simply a mock attack by the wolf as the the sight and scent of blood laced the air.

While Tristan oversaw Mye chased after Sindile, making sure he knew if he came back he'd receive much the same treatment as he had acted out upon the cub. With Sindile disappearing off out of sight returned to the pair only to discover to her horror that Mye's tail had been completely ripped off.

Along with Tristan tended to the injured Mye, Tristan in a slightly more panicked state than herself but still helping greatly with the situation. The two brought the child to the stream where her wound was washed. Decided with the severity of it that she didn't want to waste time messing around collecting forest herbs so snapped half of an antler off to remove the flowers. Used them as a healing salve for the wound which would hopefully reduce the pain and stop the bleeding far quicker.

Brought Mye back to her nest with Tristan. Left somewhat dizzy and tired by the use of magic but concealed it for the most part. When content that Mye was safe disappeared for a while to keep a lookout over the forest - and snooze for a bit. Thoughts were mainly concerned with the wayward pup's antics - to say the least - which although were once somewhat innocent tests of strength had now evolved into darker things.

Returned later and was introduced to Alchemilla by Tris. Received thanks from the dove and sort of shrugged it off, stating that anyone would do the same because Art's brain does a freeze when given compliments or thanks of any kind :/


Currently in her homeworld, travelling. On her journey found herself in the city of Kanapur, a place she’d rather avoid for all the bad memories and associations it holds. Pleasantly surprised to find the city much more peaceful than when she dwelt here as a youth, the gangs she once found her place in gone. Even the unrest that followed the death of the noble family seems to have quietened. Above all, extremely glad to find that is the case for multiple reasons.
Originally planned to keep the visit brief, she was simply passing through, but instead found herself drawn to the house of an old friend. Nervous and wonders what he thinks of her – or at least the side of her he knows - after all it’s been years since they last met


Witnessed Sindile destroy part of a garden with his newfound abilities. Attempted to talk the youngster out of any further destructive rampages though fears her words have been spoken to deaf ears. Worried that his growing magical abilities combined with a troublesome nature will lead him into problems in future.


The shapeshifter watches the creature emerge with a sense of quiet curiosity about her. She finds a familiarity in its appearance; the clawed feet, the reddish fur, even a tiny little tuft of mane. However she's not the motherly type, she's told herself that for so long, and shakes the myriad of thoughts she feels in her head away. For now she takes a step back to let the others greet the young being, she'll approach again later when things are quieter so as not to crowd the child. The shapeshifter decides to keep watch from a distance for now, not that she really expects trouble but a paranoid fragment in her mind tells her to do so, just in case. Every now and then a glance is given back at the little one with a kind glint in her eye and a gentle smile creeping out from the corner of her beaked mask.

Watched the egg hatch and while expected it to hatch into some wondrously strange creature found instead that beared some resemblance to herself. Although the event brought up uncomfortable feelings that come far too close to maternal ones in her opinion has still pledged her protection over the little one, even if it remains from a distance.


Watching over a lone egg in the presence of others both familiar and new.


Beginning to frequent an old spot of her’s in the birch; the place conveying memories both nostalgic and melancholic. Joined there by a bull (Dagstyggr) one day and Warlett and Larkspur another.

TheN an AMARY! Overjoyed to see the nymph again and greeted her enthusiastically. Recieved a flower from Amary’s and antlers and promises to treasure it forever. Brought the flower nymph back to her spot in the birch where ‘Moth’ was and messed around with the purples before sadly realising it was her time to go. Hoping to see Amary again soon. Also purple is a good colour, friends are made of purple.



Noted a doe from the rut (Jasta) asleep at the playground and sat down nearby. Noted a individual had appeared nearby (Tùien) and scooted closer. Joined by Jasta when she woke up and gathered a Larkspur when he appeared in the distance. Greeted a nearby stranger (Meth) and received a pair of lowered antlers in response, nice to meet you too bud.

Settled down only later to find the playground swarmed by a mob chasing the stranger from before off. Spooked by the sudden appearance of so many and stamped her hooves at the nearest one. Didn’t settle back down until all the strangers had left. Spent the rest of her time in forest in the company of Tùien, Jasta and Larkspur.


(asdfghj sorry for Artemis mooing today or weird actions in case that confused / annoyed anyone. I very rarely have more than one character in forest and I'm not used to flicking between the two sigh ;;)

Encountered Larkspur, Heilong, Peri and briefly Cu as well as a few others.


Approached Jonquil in the company of a unfamiliar presence (Heilong). Happy to catch up again with the doe and encounter another friendly face in the latter. Later spotted Moth approaching, received much the same warm reaction before being invited to join the others.
Was content to play and relax with the group (and another, ‘Polaris’, too. Chased around squirrel-Jo which turned into a game that ended in a win for Jonquil.


Met up with a playful little doe (Warlett) and later found themselves in the company of a pup too (Sindile). Once Warlett left watched the pup chase after and catch a dragonfly with amusement. Offered to take Sin on an exploration of the forest and in return was asked to be taken back to his mother in her garden.
Confused and surprised to hear that – from her understanding of the boy’s explanation – that his mother was below the ground and this was taken as meaning she had passed away. Inwardly pitied Sin’s situation but revealed none of her feelings, especially when she was unsure what the boy’s understanding of death amounted to, however was relieved to hear that a father was present. Left a flower from her antlers in the garden then took the boy back to his den.



Snow! Except Wildflower couldn't see it because TEF wasn't being nice
Joined the fight club and took part in some judging first between Vega and Yngvarr then Brille and Torfastr. Deemed Vega and Brille the winners from their respective groups.
Also got to take part in her own spar with Faraji although it ended prematurely in a draw due to uh loss of an antler on her part. Kinda miffed at this but knows it'll grow back soon enough, in the meantime running around with one antler now like the beautiful sparkly unicorn (Kirin?) she is. Antler given to Faraji for her mask.


Found Tristan in the Birch and greeted him, glad to see him again for the first time since the rut. Was asked how she had been doing over the past few months and responded with her usual ‘Just been travelling around n’ stuff’. Asked Tristan the same but didn’t receive much of an answer, instead the stag excused himself for being tired so the doe remained content to sit quietly in his company until he left.

Later found herself approached by someone who caused a great deal of mutual confusion (Larkspur). Recognized the striking similarity between him and Moth but also noted the differences causing her to internally debate if that was indeed Moth or like his really sparkly brother or something sitting beside her. Scared to ask the question of who he was outright – in case it was Moth and she didn’t recognize him which would have been rlY awkward - so decided to take a more subtle approach. Showed the male the butterfly pendant that Moth had given her months ago in hopes that the other would show some sort of acknowledgement and recognition. Received a response that confirmed – at least in her mind – that it was her friend. Overjoyed to see him again and gave him all the snugs. Didn’t quiz him on his appearance or why he didn’t immediately recognize who she was, as a result remains unaware that Larkspur is a reincarnation of Moth.



Name: Artemis

Ref: here

Aliases: Adi, Art, Artie,
Shapeshifter, Shrike, Wandering Star, Starling, Blackthorn.

Age: Early 20s

Sex: 'Female'. Truly a sexless entity, almost always appears female in every way. Can change sex at will.

Species: 'shapeshifter'. Her world's equivalent of the fae.

Height: here

Current set: (Cervine) Kabuki pelt / Swan antlers / magpie mask

Diet: Omnivorous, no preference

Scent: Datura, aloe vera

Voice: Soft and raspy, heavily accented but hard to place. A mixture of many. Hebridean Scottish among others?

Similarity: Lydia Graham"

Orientation: Gynephilic


An innate ability that comes with her species. Capable of changing specific elements of herself which she makes use of often; changing between hoofs and claws for the purpose of dexterity. Less often in forest may assume other forms completely such as canine and avian.

-Plant magic-
Bears a strong connection to the earth and it's magic. Capable of affecting the growth of plants or effectively draining them of their life. Has more use for her ability to sense the properties of plants and their uses for medicines or even poisons.

Tutored in this from a young age although it can be draining upon her.
Instead tends to rely on the flowers growing from her antlers, reservoirs of magic which bear changeable properties - sometimes to heal, sometimes to harm. Slightly poisonous in their normal state.


The offspring of a warlord and a prince. Her story is one known only by herself.
To the eye that befalls upon her she is simply a doe with a sweet smile and naive sense of optimism. Nothing more. But perhaps underestimating her is exactly what she wants you to do.


Adventurous - Altruistic - Curious - Forgiving - Friendly - Tolerant - Gentle - Intelligent - Observant - Anxious - Cautious - Disorganised - Deceiving - Manipulative - Mischievous - Restless - Secretive - Maverick - Distrustful

At first glance a friendly and laid-back individual, perhaps even naive to some. In fact a facade and safety mechanism of sorts. Enjoys being underestimated and – if given the chance – doubly enjoys tearing down others expectations of her.

Highly intelligent and a brilliant deceiver; capable of playing into whichever role she sees as most fitting at any given time. Personality and behaviour can change to resemble others especially within their company. Over time has grown confused about herself; doesn’t know who she truly is anymore.

Truly is a gentle being who values peace over all else. Tolerant of many beliefs, identities and orientations and forgiving to an extent. Doesn’t hold grudges for a long period of time, considering them unnecessary baggage to carry with her.

Observant and sharp-eyed, quickly picks up in changes of demeanour or veiled meanings behind words. Innocently plays these off most of the time.

Likes to know the truth in others. Constantly aware that an individual’s words may not accurately portray their true thoughts and feelings. Tries to be the sort of soul others are comfortable enough to be themselves around even if that is something she finds hard to do herself. Understands and empathises with those who feel the need to be someone else out of insecurities.

Highly uncomfortable with maternal feelings as a result of her parents who were highly abusive, narcisstic and disinterested in her. Though uninterested in conceiving a child considers herself unsuitable to be a mother, fearful that she is incapable and unaware of how to be a kind and loving parent. Can appear protective of younger beings but believes that to be out of a sense of duty than anything else. Love and affection can be shown periodically but are rarely exhibited towards children in the presence of others.

Desensitized to blood and violence due to a violent upbringing. Unnervingly calm in these situations. Still pities those involved in it and wouldn’t hesitate to jump in to save an innocent but it is not a scene that shocks or surprises her any longer.

Prone to periods of restlessness and paranoia. Though the cause of what kept her constantly on the move as a wanderer and checking her back frequently is gone it is not something she can shake off. Has grown to both love her nomadic lifestyle – for the experiences, sights and sense of freedom it gives her – but also hateful of it as she has a constant sense of being an outsider.


Quirks n' stuff

A skilled fighter in many of her forms. Quick and light on her feet, elegant and deadly. Lacks stamina however and can be devastated by direct blows. Relies on quickly assaulting her opponent and disabling them before backing off.

Dyslexic. Reading and writing are activities that bring up severe anxiety. Writing appears severely jumbled and reading is a struggle.

Very rarely makes eye contact. Reserves this for conveying strong or serious emotions, feelings and thoughts. Casual eye contact is considered a taboo and seen as a highly aggressive, invasive gesture by her kind. It is said you can catch glimpses of an individual's soul by staring into their eyes.

A thief, has morals albeit skewed and potentially hypocritical ones on this matter. Never steals from the poor. Collects mostly worthless but aesthetically pleasing items.

Sweet-tooth, loves fruit and anything that others might consider sickly-sweet.

Likes to travel, a world-jumper who follows whatever idea or adventure seems most attractive at the current moment. Prone to disappearing from the forest for various lengths of time.

Enamoured by the stars.




Amary | Jonquil | Larkspur | Tristan
Jonah | Elijah | Alchemilla
Heilong | Delacroix

= / Recent
Warlett | Vuk | Jasta | Sindile | Túien
Peri | Brille | Vega | Yngvarr
Faraji | Mye | Nemesis | Chevalier

Scavenger | Inkheart

Pippit | Hotaru | Comen


Art, Muse & Other


-Shrike mask; Always carried around, oft removed when in company. Perhaps the only object from her early life she has held on to. Despite the bitterness, regret and other negative associations the mask holds she seems unable to destroy it or discard it. At times views it as symbolic of her courage and a reminder that her past does not define her anymore, and, if it does it has made her a better person.

-Butterfly pendant; From Moth. Often worn in her antlers.

-A flower from Amary's antlers. Treasured and kept safe.

-A pendant with Maori imagery and labradorite. From Jonah and Elijah.


Toyhouse | Tumblr


Candles | Fireflies | Late Summer | Autumn | Wanderlust | Nara | Moonflowers | Dandelion Seeds | Japanese Watercolours | Red Foxes | Fairy Lights | Indie Music | Warmth | Childhood | Red Maples | Vintage Cardigans/Shawls | Last Rays of Sun


CSS Taken from Unplugged's guides and Cissy's fonts with bg images

IC 99% of the time, character’s behavior and opinions never reflect player’s own. May contain mature content.

If character is unresponsive chances are I’m afk or tabbed out so a little patience is appreciated, I rarely leave my laptop for long however. All interactions welcome whether they be positive or negative! Damage always accounted for

Discord - Wildflower#8793 (Highly preferred)

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by Sokoora <3 | skymails888 | Anaïs#6888
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I TRACK TOO!!! *gets popcorn


*gets popcorn and watches updates like hawk*

&hearts;! Amary was talking


Amary was talking to the flowers, not trying to knock them over XD
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//silently tracks//

//silently tracks//
back into the groove baby
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@Kamaya: Thank you!!

@Kamaya: Thank you!! <3

@Comen: Don't you mean like an owl c;
Thanks! Laughing out loud

@Amary: Ty! :3 "Talking to the flowers" XD
(don't worry I'll change it ^^)

@DisRabbit: //Loudly thanks// c:

By Draak
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Formal late track because was

Formal late track because was ninja stalking anyway~
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Hi , sweet one

Hi , sweet one Smiling
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She's supposed to be hugging

She's supposed to be hugging it! I swear! XD
(also it was partly for silly screenshots)
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One late track. Hi!

One late track. Hi!
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t! she's so pretty :{

t! she's so pretty :{

track :>

track :>


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Thank you for the tracks,

Thank you for the tracks, they're really appreciated!

By Draak
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Hi wildflowerdeer, ah, why

Hi wildflowerdeer, ah, why didn´t I have track this before! so much fun to play with (all) of you!
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Oh no seriously it's alright,

Oh no seriously it's alright, I take forever to track bios ^^' And same here! Hanging out with Cu is always really fun c:

*Sneaks on over to Cu's biography*

By Draak
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Oooh! New art is yass!!

Oooh! New art is yass!! <3
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Thank you so much!! It's

Thank you so much!! It's probably the best deer I've drawn in a while ^^'

By Draak


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Hi there! :3 I think my

Hi there! :3
I think my Jonquil met your Artemis today. Sorry for not recognising her immediately, I had no idea that she has a new pictogram.
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No it's absolutely fine!

No it's absolutely fine! Thank you for today, it was really fun and seeing Jonquil around is always great. I'm glad to see you've joined the community <3

Also forgot to mention my game crashed at the end which is why Artemis suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye XD

By Draak
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Looks so pretty ;O; like

Looks so pretty ;O; like really, very beautiful ♥
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game crashes, log back in,

game crashes, log back in, pictos won't spread, can't see Artemis >8I
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@Depstop: Aaaa thank you so

@Depstop: Aaaa thank you so so much, hearing that means a lot to me! <3

@Amary: ah that explains it, saw Amary for a split second before she poofed again. Fingers crossed TEF stops acting up for you soon ^^

By Draak
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*Wave wave* eee it's nice to

*Wave wave*

eee it's nice to see you and Fangorn are around again Laughing out loud

By Draak
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yes aaaa it's been a while

yes aaaa it's been a while c':

I'll definitely miss your

I'll definitely miss your characters if you stop playing them, but don't feel like you have to keep them because of that. I can certainly understand how you feel.

I've had that happen so many

I've had that happen so many times. Sometimes the clone will disappear quickly, other times it will stick around for a few hours. I find it amusing to interact with it like a normal deer. But usually other people can't see it.
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@Ama: thanks for that first

@Ama: thanks for that first comment, it's really appreciated <3

Hmm I've had clones multiple times just they never usually stick around once I'm gone, I think people saw this one though, multiple characters did the suprise emote at her :/
It is pretty amusing though, thankfully it seems to be gone now. Haha I was getting stressed it'd be there until the weather resets ;;

By Draak

it was still there after you

it was still there after you logged out?
that is unusual
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Ooh such a beauty! Dem was

Ooh such a beauty! Dem was happy to see another shapeshifter in the forest today <3


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@Saturnia: ;w;!! Ooo another

@Saturnia: ;w;!! Ooo another shapeshifter, the feeling's mutual! ^^

@Postmortem: Thankies! <3

By Draak

Glad to see she's back, even

Glad to see she's back, even if I wasn't around!
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Aaa thank you!! ;w; I'll be

Aaa thank you!! ;w;
I'll be more active in the next few months once summer break starts :')

I see you're busy with things too right now but I'm looking forward to catching up with you and your characters <3

By Draak

yeah I'll be done with school

yeah I'll be done with school soon
still gotta look for a job though

Amary's been missing Artemis
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Hey there! I met little

Hey there! I met little Artemis in the forest while on Delacroix. He had a fun time playing around and really needed the pickup after yesterday's downpour!
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Aaa yeah that was Art

Aaa yeah that was Art alright! Glad she could help Delacroix feel a little better ♥

By Draak

Thought I tracked this a

Thought I tracked this a while ago oops It's great to officially meet Artemis. Been having my eye on this lovely lady.
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Thank! &hearts; And the same

Thank! ♥
And the same to Jonah! Seen him around a few times but never really had the chance to interact with him fully until now ^^

By Draak
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oH snap! track this one too

oH snap! track this one too<3!
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another thanK!! ;;

another thanK!! ;;

By Draak
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Didn't realize I hadn't

Didn't realize I hadn't tracked this yet ♥
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By Draak
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@Collado Thank you!! c:

@Collado Thank you!! c:

By Draak
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-by Sokoora by Kamaya
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HI !!! Sorry did not

HI !!!
Sorry did not recognized you at first lol
Good to meet you ....I saw a lot of friends today ...wonderful feeling !
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HELLO!! Haha no worries So

Haha no worries Laughing out loud
So glad to see you back in forest, hope things are well with with you!! ♥

By Draak