Hello :-)

Hello there! This might be a bit long so my apologies. But this is an introduction since I'm (kinda) new!

So, like many people, I played TEF when I was a lot younger. I think I must have registered my account back in... 2008, 2009? AGES ago. And by no means should I have been a middle schooler on the internet running loose, like many of us were, haha.
Anywho. Amidst the things that happened during that time, this place was like a home to me in a lot of ways. My parents were getting divorced, my best friends had moved away, and the world seemed awful big and lonely for the kiddo version of me. Luckily I found this place! I made a lot of friends here. Some people I still really think of fondly. I got to express my creativity. I made my first ever meaningful characters and designs! I even got to learn some snazzy html skills. It really meant a lot to me. It still does.
Over the years and as I've gotten older, I've found myself thinking of this place more and more. Usually during big life changes. I think it's fair to say I miss it. It's hard not to be reminded of places we find comfort in, especially during times of stress. Take COVID for example. And after moving across the country (I just did that a few weeks ago! Wahoo!).
So. I am here again. At the ripe old age of 25. Looking to reclaim that childhood fun I had and also heal my inner child to some degree. I had a hard time thinking about this place for a while because of some unsavory and irresponsible decisions some adults here made around me when I was a kid. So in a way, I'm here to reclaim my good memories too and push these bad ones away. I've tried to rejoin TEF a couple of times. But I feel now I'm at a point where I can do what I originally came here for in the first place. Just.. be creative and have fun. Make little kid me happy again.

I don't mean for all this to sound melodramatic, I hope it doesn't! I tend to ramble a lot.

SO I GUESS in summary: Hi! I've been a TEF member since '09 and I'm here to play the silly deer game again! I can't wait to start making art and expanding on my characters! I've just recently graduated college too and I've been considering making my own little game; I figured expanding on some of the characters I want to use on said game *here* would be a great way for me to develop their character.

I even thought of a re-design for my old very first OC Laughing out loud I've been working on him today! I'm very excited to share it with y'all once it's done!

For any old friends or folks who may remember me: I went by bambookirin. I am so sorry if I was annoying because again, I cant image how middle school me was lmfaooo.
I had a boy named Euyru. He was a very run-of-the-mill edgy demon character. Regardless, I still love him. He's been such a big inspiration for me. That's who I'm giving a proper update to (and he needs it lol).
Fun thing about that username: I made it up on the spot because at the time I was OBSESSED with how the kirin on the kirin ichiban beer looked. My dad would take me and my sister out to sushi and he'd always get that beer. Then he'd finish it and I'd take the bottle and just stare at it. The design was so COOL to me. You know.. typical neurodivergent brain at work lmfao. The bamboo part came from how I was also equally obsessed with the invasive bamboo that grew in my backyard. Maybe a week before I had registered, me and my neighborhood friends all made bamboo flutes (they didn't work) and bamboo swords (THOSE DID WORK). I could not tell you the reasoning behind why I'm named fleshghost. I am pretty sure I was drunk and needed a good psn name.

So how have things been since I have been gone? I noticed it seems an awful lot quieter. I've been keeping tabs on the updated version of this game too- I'm very excited about that! I plan on backing it once I get a new job.
Also is there an official discord TEF uses?
ALSO. Does anyone remember the pelt saver thing and knows how I can get it back ;_; ?

I have also been trying to

I have also been trying to figure out to connect in the game... currently running windows 11, installed direct x, getting an error message every time I try and connect. I did turn off firewall and run as admin. no luck! anyone know whats up o_o;
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Welcome to the old folks home

Welcome to the old folks home lol there's still a handful of us ancients around. Also it's a rite of passage to be embarrassed by your old posts LOL

The set saver from ye olde times doesn't work anymore because TEF a while back changed it's spelldata from being client side to serverside. That said the old versions still work and have the old system though you can't see any of the newer generations of picto and as far as I'm aware you can't transfer sets over from the old versions.

There's a guide for almost everything here: http://www.endlessforest.org/community/contents

And the discord is here: https://discord.gg/6jFDnhYc

Most TEF activity is heavily rp based these days and the forest is basically a sitting simulator with the rp going on via discord. It's also faster to get responses over on the TEF discord too given most of us chat and lurk over there.

Also just quickly: you can't change your display pic because the system is broken, and the search doesnt work because...it's also broken. Stuff broke in a server move and no one knows when it will be fixed :pensive:

As for the windows 11 stuff I've no idea but you're not the only one who's experienced issues. TEF just really hates newer tech. You can try asking over on the discord though.

Hey Draak!!! I hope you’re

Hey Draak!!! I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for all the info. Very much appreciate it friend.
Bummer about . Well. Actually a lot of that LMFAO dang I can see why they’re trying to update the game now. I can’t believe I can’t even update my icon haha. I was wondering why I couldn’t search anything earlier :/

I might just have to mess around with the old versions but, alas, I love the new picto I got. Looks like a big cursive E! Lucky me because my name starts with E too ^_^

I feel like every time I’ve ever downloaded TEF it takes at least a day for me to troubleshoot. I’ve been so excited to hop in the game too! I remember when there were tons of people online always running around, I’ll definitely miss that.

I’ll hop in the discord and say hi soon enough! Thank you again :]

Neat username story. The beer

Neat username story. The beer kirin looks neat, too. How's a hit from a bamboo sword feels?

And welcome back, fleshghost.

thank you much friend! a

thank you much friend! a bamboo sword hit from a 10-year-old unfortunately feels like a whip lmfao
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Bamboo, it's so good to see

Bamboo, it's so good to see you again. We had some great times together (that I won't look back on officially because of the cringe HAHA)