Another Newbie

(Apologies that this post is long and a bit jumbled, I know little HTML or CSS.)
I am very new to the Forest. It's wonderful... and strange. In a good way!
Yesterday was my first day. Most of everyone was asleep or unresponsive to me, so I played on my own.
I had been stalking this community site for a little, and I much enjoy everyone's creative writing Smiling , so I decided to give it a go myself, just to add a little character to my disappointing first day:

"Running, running... faster, faster!
Cacophonous howling and hissing strike through the dark, pounding relentlessly upon exposed flesh like bullets of hot iron.
Light... ahead! It yawns, spreading over the great firmament above, yearning for a taste of sweet faith...
With all of my strength, a leap is all I can give It, a leap... a leap into that wide, grinning maw-

My pelt is heavy with water.
Rain... it was only rain. How silly, to be scared of rain!

The grey light of the Forest reveals to me only the nearest surroundings. Soft mist dulls the usual glossy sheen of wet greenery and coats me in the wonderful smell of damp soil. I lift my head higher, shaking off the drowsiness and blinking to recollect my ever wandering thoughts. Carefully I push myself off the ground with my spindly legs. It is hard to stand, as I find difficulty with my balance, but after a few quick breaths I re-locate my center and ease upright.

Something catches my attention- at first I think: perhaps it is a sound; adjusting my ears I can pinpoint the direction from which it comes, but curiously enough- it makes no noise. It is irresistibly pleasant to listen to, despite that, and feeling lost I follow the song; My feet carry me, winding through the trees, as if the Forest were no more alien to me than the beating of my own heart and the pathways of my own mind.

Traversing those familiar mental pathways, I settle back into my ageless habit, thinking and daydreaming; picking through the never-ending bookshelves of questions I conjure by the minute. I am pitifully weak and small, like a fawn- so where is my mother? Where am I? Why am I here? Why did I have that dream? And, most confoundingly of all- How do I know to ask these questions, if I never knew a mother, never learned of dreams- if I really am a new fawn?

I stop abruptly, feeling bewildered. A moment passes- oh, I really am silly! Scared of the rain, and now nonsensical thoughts! I smile, tossing my face towards the canopy to feel the pattering drops on my skin. I am being foolish, so I must be a fawn. It wouldn't matter if I wasn't, anyhow.

Reconnecting to my senses, I realize I am at my destination. A statue- two, yet one; separated and whole. They sing to me with no words, the wordless song beckoning me to my knees. I kneel, almost with relief; the weight of this new world suddenly feeling quite unbearable for a mere fawn such as I. My thoughts beg me to wander again, and I can't help but let them. I drift up above the trees, away to comforting places as I ease my doubts and fears. Whatever the reason may be for my being here, it will only take time."

Today however, was my second day, and today I met new friends!

It was around midday I was around perhaps the bridge, when I met an adult. My memory was never the greatest, so I do not remember their reaction to me; But I followed them as they cantered off, and was led to the Ruin. There, two deer were sat among the rubble, the adult joining them. Not wanting to be rude, I tried my best to mind my manners and sit quietly with them. Not too long after, a 5th joined our circle. Eventually though, i had to log.

Later in the day, I joined again. Running around the ruins, I met another fawn unexpectedly. I did my best to say hello with my little knowledge of the emotes- but they quickly bowed and hurried away from me. Afraid I had accidentally made a fool of myself, i followed them for a short bit, but stopped, fearing that I might have frightened them with my social inadequacy. XD
I happened upon them again later though, sat near an adult who was, strangely to me, not asleep. I sat near them awhile, trying to show as little hostility as possible. I don't think I did a good job, because eventually they left again.

I followed them up the hill to the Twin God Statues. I kept my distance, hoping not to frighten them again, when another adult appeared. Stealing the chance, I walked up to the adult and interacted with them, trying out the emotes. They taught me to greet, and bow! A second adult showed up soon after; The adults must have been friends, as they stuck very close nearby one another. We danced and played, attracting the attention of the little fawn, who put aside their shyness to play and dance with us. Being a typically anxious person myself, I appreciated their courage to join us. Smiling

The adults continued to play with us, and taught us magick of the Forest; how to forage for mushrooms and pinecones, to change our faces and antlers. As we grew tired, we sat together in peaceful silence.

Hey, Noir, welcome to the

Hey, Noir, welcome to the forest.

No need to apologize for a good journal.
I enjoyed the introduction (The opening paragraph reads like a painting, in particular. Also, the interweave of the character's senses and thoughts was engaging) and the further glimpses into their personality on the next day.
Besides, it's always neat to see the forest from a fresh perspective. I hope you keep it going.

If you'll want to organize your page with html/css anyway, here's a list of resources. You may find your solution there.

About the inactivity in the game: it depends on the timezones, time of the day, player activity, character personalities. Pretty chaotic. And the people here are often busy and/or shy.
Your best choice of action for the full experience would be contacting the players directly, so that their characters can respond to yours IC-ly, when they're able.
Most welcome the interactions, even if they don't reach out first (or pay attention in the game itself).

Otherwise, the forest may seem dull, unless you get lucky or your fawn got a hyperactive imagination to make up for it.

Hi! It was a blast playing

Hi! It was a blast playing with you. I was the one with the brown pelt and aquilo had the gold pelt. We often have our OOC's idling while we do other things but you are always welcome to come join us.
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