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I feel so bad posting this again for a 3rd time, but I'm still really struggling to find people for my idea and have no idea where else to possibly look for...deer people? XD

Does anyone play Meadow on here?

I've recently got into the beauty of the deers in the Bambi films and their social hierarchy of sorts (The Great Prince, young prince etc.). So I was wondering if anyone who plays Meadow wanted to put a herd together, and join a discord to have chill RP time. Grazing, travelling, finding collectables and obelisks etc. We could have bucks, does, and fawns with the numerous horn, coat, and size options available. The bigger the horns, the more older/wise you are? Anyone interested in this idea?

I have the discord set up. Let me know if you're interested!
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I love this idea. Though if

I love this idea. Though if I'm honest I have a lot of discord servers and get lost amongst the notifications for them.
There is a Discord server for TEF (created and moderated by players of the community), you may have a better chance reaching out on there
Personally I'm very interested in this idea, anyway, and would love to wander or chill with a herd in Meadow!
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Mentioned to Uni trying a

Mentioned to Uni trying a promo on TEF Discord as well. Interested in the idea too.

I do play Meadow but

I do play Meadow but unfortunately I don't enjoy it much these days, and my only animal to play as is the Eagle as I don't particularly enjoy the other available options much.

Original Art: "Deer" by Hunky-Dory-Artist