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How are you guys? Anything interesting happening?
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About trading Pictograms

I can't believe that I return after all this time just for this topic, but I am making this entry for those looking through accounts to ask around for pictos of previous Generations:

I will NOT, and never ever will trade the pictos of my deer for any offer out there. I only have a handful of characters and their pictos are strongly connected to them, their personality and their stories.
Please refrain from asking me here or on any other platform, if I am willing to trade them.

THANK YOU!! ^__^

Also keep in mind that using a picto from a previous gen may influence how other characters react to yours, because they and their player may not be (immediately) able to distinguish between your new character and the original owner of the picto.

Anyway, how is everyone?
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Does anyone offer requests at the moment?

I really want to get the flow for my girl Tariro again and so I am looking for how other artists would interpret her. So are you or do you know someone who takes requests at the moment ?
Old art (she is grownup by now):

vv Thanks so much guys for helping me getting a feel for her again! vv
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Leaving these here 21/10/2015

I hope, you guys remembered/will remember this, depending on the time zone Eye)
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Another silly css testing ground, don't comment

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Kinda, whatever XD 21.9.15

I really need to update this more :/

My Art-Sites:

The pictures here will also be mostly finished pieces, so for WiP's - if existing - look at my Art-Tumblr.
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[Bio] Tariro

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Free Request: And the "winner" is...

So it is decided.
You have to know though; it really took me some thinking to decide for a “winner”, because frankly from what you guys told here, each of them deserved to get this request.

In the end I decided for Ammy and her character Talla, requested by Heartstrings.

But before you click this window away, cheering or being disappointed or nothing of that, keep reading first:

I may be the artist drawing a picture now, BUT YOU are the true heroes and gift-giver here, my dearest requesters.
In a society where most often nothing is said at all and the individual is far too often overlooked,
you came forth, opening your mind and heart to speak for a person whom you felt deserved to be seen
and be rewarded for what and who they are: Themselves.
You took upon the time and effort to tell our TEFc and each visitor, who happens to stumble upon
this entry, what makes the person special for you and for others. You made them shine.
You gave them a voice through your written word and this is worth more than all the pictures
I could ever draw combined.

You guys are awesome. If there were more people like you out there, the world would be a much better place.

So a big thanks to you, Shadowfly, Heartstrings, Spider and Jennipher!

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Trees [Biography]

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