About trading Pictograms

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I can't believe that I return after all this time just for this topic, but I am making this entry for those looking through accounts to ask around for pictos of previous Generations:

I will NOT, and never ever will trade the pictos of my deer for any offer out there. I only have a handful of characters and their pictos are strongly connected to them, their personality and their stories.
Please refrain from asking me here or on any other platform, if I am willing to trade them.

THANK YOU!! ^__^

Also keep in mind that using a picto from a previous gen may influence how other characters react to yours, because they and their player may not be (immediately) able to distinguish between your new character and the original owner of the picto.

Anyway, how is everyone?
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glad to see you back!

glad to see you back!
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Are they at that again?

Are they at that again? Someone pulled that a few years ago, went through the old forums and Emailed a bunch of people...

Anywho, hello!