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Compliment the lovely person above you!

I am all ABOUT promoting positivity, love, and appreciation within the community, so - here we go! A fresh new compliment thread!

It's pretty simple: Just compliment whoever posted last before you! i.e. the person above you!

I don't have someone above me right now, but I'm still gonna compliment Lemon and Jacklo for inspiring me to remake this ol thing! Both of you have demonstrated a desire to spread kindness, and that sure is a great and important thing. It's really wonderful guys, good on you both. <3
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Mini PSA about the positivity questionaire

I've been talking to some of my friends, and though I 100% support the thread, I 100% think its a lovely charming idea and that Lemon hasn't done anything wrong by posting it, I just wanted to add something to it without derailing that thread in a long comment.

If you haven't been mentioned in the positivity thread, its okay.

There is nothing wrong with you, you aren't unpopular, you aren't disliked, you aren't outcast. There is nothing wrong with your characters, or designs, or plots just because no ones brought them up yet.

I, like many others, adore my friends, adore their characters, and adore all our time spent together and I know I speak for the entire forest when I say there is always someone who adores you, your characters and your time together.

Like I said I'm very sure it wasn't Lemons intention, and its a lovely thread, but its lowkey been upsetting people so I want you guys to know you're valued here.
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CSS Requests

Was very proud that I figured out how to do complex-ish CSS on Lu's biography so I wanted to practice more :>
Can do: hovers, multiple JS tabs, subtabs, image transitions, overlays [on background or in main div], custom fonts, pseudo-status bars, easily-editable code, probably more that I can't think of.

Leave your character's bio in comments and I'll contact you if I decide to do one for them :]

Examples: X [complex] X [semi-complex] X [simple]

1. FOTS x2

If your character would be found in different location.....

I am Curious. If my character were to find you character outside of the tef realm, where would they typicallie be found and what job or career? Side hobbies?
I see so much characters' with backstories to them that Im interesting to find out more, Comment Below!

take a sip babe

- barkeep, barman, bar chef, tapster, mixologist, alcohol server, flairman, alcohol chef, cook, chef
- for one isn't a deer, his own kind of species, has many arms and hands, with a smile permanently present
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//Plot Player Found

Hello all!
Wriggles and I are forming a plot involving our two characters, Tog and Crescent.
This plot involves a third player, the antagonist. Now we just need someone to play them!
I don't want to reveal the entire plot, but it involves god/goddess-like battles, powers of dark and light, and a fiery sibling rivalry.
Whoever gets involved as the third person would be a part of the roleplay, as well as battles/spars we'd like to have in-game.

All of the plot deets we have so far and more info on the antagonist-character will be shared with those who are interested in playing the role! Wriggles and I are fairly active on TEF, and we'd like the one to join us to be just as active a player. Though we understand life happens of course, and just ask that the person communicate if/when they might be inactive. We would like to get the plot rolling soon, once we find our third player : )

Wriggles is able to do CSS, but if anyone would like to pitch in or help, that is fully welcomed! Also if anyone feels inclined to donate art to the plot, that is also welcomed.

Here is our contact info! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any interest or questions! ♥

Discord > Wriggles#6781

Discord (preferred) > bayleen#1090
Skype > cecily.diaz
Email > cld97@yahoo(.)com
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TEF Telephone Game Sign-Ups!!! (start date announcement!)

(homage to previous announcement banner aww yeah)

Hey all! I mentioned doing another game of Telephone here and a good handful of you seemed interested so let's see if we can get this rolling.

After reading the info below (or before, depends on how eager you're feeling today lol), if you wish to participate please comment saying you'd like to join and include how you would like to be contacted!!! I'm looking for 8 to 11 more people to join!

There is also a Discord server specifically for this game:

EDIT 5/31/2017: Still trying to fill up the final slot if only so that there's an even number lol, but if not no biggie c: nvm!
Since it turns out that I'm moving because of...stuff |D, I will probably give everyone their assigned #s and start this thing off next week probably close to Wednesday the 7th! So keep your eye open for the update!
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