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i wish i could be good at doing roleplays

ok if you want to roleplay on here you can, but be warned I am VERY inexperienced with roleplaying but I can give it a shot but idk how to start a roleplay and I mean setting it up and me trying to join in but please do not be mad at me if I interrupt you guys. like I said I am very inexperienced and I looked at some roleplays on here their really good but idk if I can join in on any of them and I don't understand roleplaying well( except for like the dnd roleplays or snake oil game I can get a refrence too but if its like" deerpelt leaps up onto a rock and tries to get away from a animal that has chased her" I wont understand it very well. but go ahead and make your own roleplays here I guess. i can probably try to join in but i fear i might interrupt again like in the "I" roleplay

also have any of you ever played or seen the card game snake oil before? i hear its a really fun game but idk if i can roleplay it on here?

i finaly got my deer to look cool

I was in the forest and I got a night pelt, antlers and a mask that looks like the mouth is open what do you guys think about that for deerpelt?

hey guys i renamed my deer!

ok im a warrior cats fan and I wanted to change my deers name from mia to deerpelt in honor of the warrior cat book franchise what do you think of the name change?

she still has the same bio about her being protective of others

and now my deer has antlers( she is a female but I wanted her to have antlers cuz I thought it would be cool to see a female deer with alters( kind of like a reindeer)

mia, protector of herds and fawns

hey guys mia is now a adult deer how cool is that.

she just turned into a adult today when I got on the game today.

she is co cute.

warrior cats/endless forest clan?

hey guys im a warrior cats fan and I was wondering if I should make up a clan like uh hoof clan or herd clan but idk what to call it. also I wanna change the name of my deer again but idk what I should call her in the new clan. (if you guys have any ideas let me know cuz I know some people make up names for like there deer for were there from but since im a warrior cats cfan and this is a forest game idk what to call the clan or my deer.
(you guys think of one if your a warrior cat fan too)

new names for my deer in the clan)

(don't have one yet. you decide)

(also this is going to be based off of warrior cats and the endless forest I hope you guys like it)

is this going to be in the remake?

I got this source from the Wikipedia page telling you about the game: An older female (your mother) will guide you through the beginning of the game. As you keep playing, you will grow and your antlers will take on a unique shape.

so now the question is will they put this in the game like: follow mother (and its at the top of the screen by the way) and you hear a deer making the noise deer makes to call its babies or others when there is danger and it has a arrow showing you where your mother is when you are starting up the game? it would be cool if it was like that but idk if they have enough funding for that. tell me what you think?

um a question?

I just logged into the game and snow was falling down and is this abiogenesis or not? also im still a fawn but do you have to play everyday to turn into a stag? I know someone said the next month after you register you'll be a stag but I am just asking

um i have a idea for the remake

I just got on the game today and it was raining but the animation for the rain was like start stop start stop and it didn't look realistic so I was thinking new animation for the game like for abogenises like when it rains or something what do you think?

what do you like most about this game?

I always wanted to ask this type of a question ( kind of like a therapy session I guess)

the things I like about this game is:

1)when you have a bad day you can play this game and it will make you happy

2)helps you relax

3) there remaking the game( hopefully new animations will be in the game)

4) the buildings and the trees and the statue things

5) when abiogenesis comes its really cool( I know theres youtube videos of it but its just so cool and it gets people to know about the game and play it when someone askes what the game is and what abiogenesis is about.)

that's all I got so far let me know what I should add or what you like
about the game. also sorry if I spelled abogeneses wrong

mia, protector of herds and fawns

my first time trying out a bio for a deer.

friendly, nice and protective of everyone (even little fawns) and wants to help out in anyway she can

her mother gave birth to her but died from something (use your imagination because I know deers die from being hunted in real life but since this is a game ill let you decide how she died)

she is currently looking for a herd to call home and wants to find a mother that would care for her and protect her from harm( she is still a fawn by the way but when she is a adult ill change the bio a bit.

also she can speak like humans do and everyone can understand her and in her world every deer can speak like a human can.

when it rains she lives in the oak tree so she can get warm and the other deers join in to
keep warm (kinda like in bambi one and two)
she likes to swim in the pond and explore new areeas

um how was that for a bio of a deer?
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