I've no idea how people make these amazing character bios but I can make a sleepy 5am drawing of my character, at least! He's still little, so he doesn't have a lot of pretty colors and whatnot yet. He likes wearing flowers, though!

wants to play

it likes the game
its hide and seek
go run and hide
it will not cheat

it wants to play
it can be beat..

but if it wins

it gets to eat
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A time that never was...

random babe that needs a name

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Fallen Beast

Blood Warning.
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A son of a stepfather

If anything, Vass is really fun to draw. This was supposed to be a sketch but like always, I refined it a bit too much.
I feel like so little people actually post their art individually here anymore. Yall draw so well, don't be afraid to slap your stuff in the image section if modesty is keeping you from it! It's always worth the attention and definitely one of the greatest things in the community. ;;
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I did not make the art, obviously. But this is pretty much the idea I have for Upkiv's future appearance.
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Cydae Reference Sheet

After... five years she has a reference. B)
I don't procrastinate at all.
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expressions of a sad boi

I doodled these awhile ago, and decided that this would make a pretty decent ref even if they're just dooodles. i tried to capture his ANGST AND SADNESS but also his cocky sass side. hopefully it worksssss.
im like pretty happy with how it came out tho tbhhhhhhhhhh

and i animated one woowee
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Rannie Concepting

i'm brand spankin' new, so i'm still concepting my first deer, Temperance ;w;
honestly i'm a bit out of practice drawing human faces and i almost never draw deer, so this was pretty educational for me. for his design i wanted very warm colors and for his face to have that new hipster aesthetic of, like, gay lumberjacks with man-buns and a starbucks coffee. while i really like his neck fluff and back(the speckles are so cute!) i'm very unsure about keeping his fawn coat color on his legs once he's a stag. i also haven't included a mask here, simply because every time i put one on him it didn't look right...?
if anyone has any constructive criticism or ideas/tips for Rannie's design, feel free to let me know. thank you for looking at my art !
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