[base used] Spanish Shawl (taken)

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So I really just wanted to make a deer design based on the Spanish shawl nudibranch.

Okay I'm just gonna give this adoptable to the first person who asks for it. Consider this a test of sorts to see if people are interested.

You can do whatever you want with the design. You can interpret the design however you want, you can make changes, even change the species if you want. Just as long as you give me credit for the design, and if you use this art, please credit tsubelle who made the original lineart.

[edit] Taken by sylphofheart! Thanks!


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~ Why Does It Always Rain On Me ~

Salutations, I am new... Enjoy this little traditional sketch of my little fragile boy Hisoka in the rain.

I know I suck at drawing legs
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when you require a miracle, trust in a witch

just something i did for a tumblr thing
everyone's favorite old ladee blazin it

Lutfi reference

The original character design is by PostMortem, original art here.

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nature's touch

Something something..
also on tumblrs

Shikoba reference

Pretty happy with how this came out. For the most part, at least.
Couldn't really replicate the markings on TreeDancer's version, but I tried.
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Altar and Ruin

A concept that's been in my head for a while. Sort of forest spirits of the ruins (right) and the twin god statues (left)
probably gonna draw full body ones. Altar should look pretty cool. She has candles going all down her back with red wax stripes. Ruin is a mossy fella with stone plates on his back and limbs.

Macaria and Melinoe updated references

without "extras"
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without "extras"
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Now that I finally got around to updating both of these. I was originally just going to change their antlers. But I ended up redoing the lineart, and in Melinoe's case made a few other minor design changes. I'm hoping they look thin and bony but not too much like they're starving.
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Three corpses lay out on the shining sand

Large image. Not gorey or anything,
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