I've no idea how people make these amazing character bios but I can make a sleepy 5am drawing of my character, at least! He's still little, so he doesn't have a lot of pretty colors and whatnot yet. He likes wearing flowers, though!
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Nice! I like the face and the

Nice! I like the face and the hair! c:

If you want to make CSS for your character's bio (to make a beautiful custom page), here is a collection of links directing to tutorial posts made by members of the community. You can also click on the "Free CSS" tab link above the box for already-made templates. Eye

Some members also take CSS requests & commissions (you'll see the tab link as well, but here is another list (along with Art commissions)). I'd propose to make one for you, but sadly I'm currently too busy with school and work to do so.
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Ooh thank you so much!! I'll

Ooh thank you so much!! I'll have to look into these! Smiling