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images below
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from the depth of dusty abyss shall i rise

this title is way more radder then what i'm posting but whatever
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My character (fawn)

I wanted it to look like the painting I did .But I'm limited by the digital >.< , that's why I only get to make a sketch. I will gradually move forward
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Seirios ~ Overgrown [WIP]

A WIP of my spindle leg boy c: No mask. Need to take a bit of a break from it. Not sure if WIP's are acceptable but once it's finished I'll delete this one and post the finished version. This is just kind of a test for now! Thoughts and feelings are encouraged! c:

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Hungry, Hungry Hekate [image heavy]


I've no idea how people make these amazing character bios but I can make a sleepy 5am drawing of my character, at least! He's still little, so he doesn't have a lot of pretty colors and whatnot yet. He likes wearing flowers, though!

wants to play

it likes the game
its hide and seek
go run and hide
it will not cheat

it wants to play
it can be beat..

but if it wins

it gets to eat
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A time that never was...

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random babe that needs a name

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Fallen Beast

Blood Warning.
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