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Concept Doe

Bc I have five unused pictograms that I love too much to give up. Not sure what to name her yet.
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Ugly human under cut.
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A butterfly doe

Under Cut, big image.
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Growing Fast

Somebody's starting to lose their baby pelt and their adult pattern is starting to peek through...

She's still pretty green though. Can't say there won't be any changes to the final pelt (like how far down her legs the brown goes, things like that), but this is an accurate look at how she's gonna appear until she's ready to go onto the next stage. I'm quite happy with how this turned out. I kinda missed drawing things with hooves
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Yurei - Done

Finished picture of the forest goofball ghost Yurei.

Laughing out loud
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king from another land

Royal bow from Fluffland >8|

Anyway. White hair is characteristic of aging and guess who's doing it wrong.
He will end swallowed by his own darkness.

Aged adult Eventide is mine.
I'm not even sure this art is finished, eh.
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Yurei - WIP

Going back to Yurei's original design because I'm feeling quite nostalgic about it. I really miss this game and wish I had more time to spend on here Sad
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I'm lacking a proper, working art blog and I drew a small sketchy thing. ;;

Too bad I haven’t drawn properly in ages since I can’t really draw the images I have in my head.
This is a character I’ve had floating in my head for a good while. He’s supposed to look dark iridescent, “oil slick” (I miserably failed at the attempt to create the look I wanted..) with smooth coat and some feathers here and there. His frame is very slender and compact, he’s definitely a runner. I’d imagine him being flexible and bendy.
I haven’t designed him any antlers/horns yet and his tail might change as well, I just wanted to give him at least something..
With his eye color, I’m torn between this pale grey or fiery reddish orange.

His coat color kind of resembles the plumage of a common grackle.

Also, it’s not likely I’ll ever use him for anything but ehh, it’s always fun to have pretty characters. <3
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from the depth of dusty abyss shall i rise

this title is way more radder then what i'm posting but whatever
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