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It's been a long time

Getting my life together and learning how the world works took a while xD so long that well, Sable's hair grew out.

some redesigns

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Vuk's reference

Posting this here tooo cause not many ppeople are posting art here anmore.

also vuk.
I love him.

All details and all colours and all materials.
Only thing missing is how he looks like with hte heads mazerialised into copies of his own.
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Pictogram vector thing requests

^ Idk what to call them but they'll look like that. These take me like 10 minutes tops to do and I'm reaaaally bored
Only request one or two pictograms pls!! You can request more after I'm done with the one that you initially requested, though.
Link me some aesthetics [photos preferred], the character's biography, and what kind of element or effect you'd want on it. I can do glows, little particle bits, and I can try things like flame and clouds. I can't do animated things, but I can set up some CSS that makes it float or fade in/out slowly.
They'll be around the same size as that one, 120x120 or 150x150
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experimental drawings! (anyone can have a go :D)

draw with the hand you don't usually draw with, and then paint with the other!

I was going through Eyestrain's old 'one drawing a day' thread and found this old piece by W0lflclaw. it inspired me to try it myself.

23.04.2018 -

26.10.2018 -

Kiara's Design

Finally made up Kiara's design, hope you guys like it Smiling
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Golden Hour

*Attempts to cover most of the body with large shag rug bc I've drawn a person maybe once*
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Oh hi there~
(I haven't been online for about 2 1/2 years ^^")

is anyone interested in this weirdo? I found him in one of my TEF-folders.
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