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concept for my OOC character that i now love too much
I haven't decided on the flowers? Ipomoea for sure but i might change it to night-blooming species
the Kabuki antlers always remind me of these flowers aa

ir - temporary reference

This isn't exactly up to date but it'll have to do for now
to be added: his messenger angels, regalia
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ROSMARIN|fishborn child

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Lopias [upped!]

I wish I felt motivated to actually develop a character here again, open Tef and meet people and plot..
Sigh. Ima call this dude Lopias, will prolly just draw him once or twice.
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Vidente reference

I've had this sketched for some time now but I avoided posting it because I actually wanted to make a proper ref/bio, but this will do for now!

much thank to Archangelus for the picto and inspiration for the design

Wayfaring stranger

just a quick doodle, not much in the way of composition I'm afraid
I sometimes think about bringing him back...though I fear I've outgrown him
perhaps an overhaul is in order..
I think the rain got to me

Seer reference

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Deer Witch

Sorry for the repost again! Updated her looks abit more and made it more simple. Smiling Masked and unmasked version. Her skull is usually seen on when she breathes fire or scare fawns.
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