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Then and Now

Kaoori and her firstborn child, Takeshi, then and now. She's proud of him!

This turned out super cartoony, really working on trying to be a bit more realistic.

Kaoori will be 10 this year... Takeshi's gonna be 9. Geez.
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Lounging by the Pond

After coming back Sabel's been running about int he forest, though it doesn't hurt to take a break every so often.
Moreover, this is a great experiment with lighting and shading- as it's been a while since I last drew anything. I wanted to add Sadiki, The Oil Lamp but I was having issues with placing him qw q


Tried again and still only got sable qw q

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It's been a long time

Getting my life together and learning how the world works took a while xD so long that well, Sable's hair grew out.

some redesigns

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paperflesh's artwork

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Vuk's reference

Posting this here tooo cause not many ppeople are posting art here anmore.

also vuk.
I love him.

All details and all colours and all materials.
Only thing missing is how he looks like with hte heads mazerialised into copies of his own.
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Starling's pigment, fading with age.
The colour in my mind keeps changing, but I like this one. She's going sorta rusty.

Tried to paint more loose this time. c:

(edit) it's funny bc this looks so much more vibrant when viewing from my phone... Well she looks faded on my PC. #awkward
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PWYW adoptables

Hey guys, gonna post all my adoptables here as I make them.
All of these are PWYW
If you're interested in one, you can message me at or over discord GunMute#6324
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