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exactly the kind of terrible idea

hello, friends. i am not sure if this is a viable rp character (not sure who'd interact with her, haha),
but this is richard. her head changes sometimes. it happens!

i'm totally done with my doodle spree now. |D
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muddy boy

he is a star-nosed mole. his momma told him he's very special.

(i wonder if he should have claws on his hind legs, too?)
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it's been a little while! ♡ here's a small warm-up.
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Bendy flexy

Despite seeming like a pure deer, this son actually does have different anatomy that gives him the ability to become a spaghetti at will.
He's pictured older in most of these than what he currently is.
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Once Upon a Night

TEFZine piccie I might as well slap on there

ir - alternate appearance

You can tell how rushed this is lmfao buuuuuut here he glo
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concept for my OOC character that i now love too much
I haven't decided on the flowers? Ipomoea for sure but i might change it to night-blooming species
the Kabuki antlers always remind me of these flowers aa

ir - temporary reference

This isn't exactly up to date but it'll have to do for now
to be added: his messenger angels, regalia
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ROSMARIN|fishborn child

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