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I paint nightscapes

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I wanted to draw again

I have long wanted to draw ^^ (it’s better not to ask about eyes, I don’t know how to draw) Yumi in human form and in childhood
After I want to draw another picture + a brief description of Yumi (which will later be included in her biography)
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THE FOREST ENDS [The Endless Forest Comic Concept]

Thanks to @Uitleger for inspo. Will very much most likely not actually be a comic, but if I WERE to make one it would be super edgy looking like this but probably also have story, maybe a fawn somehow stumbles out of the endless forest one way or another and discovers the world hidden from theirs, and either is stuck in that world or runs back to the endless forest to speak about their discoveries only to be played off as just a child.
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Mask Concepts [Doodle]

Before I go to bed here's some mask concepts I doodled on paint.
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Just a quick doodle of my doe Februari.

Carding Deer

Inkscape hmm favorite all time graphics of community members on a set of playing cards online in a game setting just so you could play with friends or solitaire and view the masterpiece level art someone much more influential than me might consider Smiling
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Meet Lucas

Reference artists - expensive ticket for a cheap movie
Design - expensive ticket for a cheap movie and Hoar
Owner - Hoar

concept Sketch ^__^ (big image)

concepts for my sibling character ideas Fiddle (big girl) and little Crybaby (yet to be named,,,)
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Still stomping around in the stars...

My very first OC, Yori. Does anyone remember him?
He's over 10 and a half years now I think, woah!

Been lazing in the forest near the ruins whilst I painted this.
Feel free to come laze in the sun with us!

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Main character redraw/redesign

This was my afternoon/night project today.
Wanted to redraw/redesign my first and main deer character, Myrn, since I already redrew my second deer! Pretty happy with how he turned out!
(..I love drawing on transparent backgrounds...owo)
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