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My deer P

My deer, his name is P.
He is named after the shape of his pictogram.

There is old history about him having some sort of eye injury at a young age.
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Sanguis et Aurum +Art+

Made this bloody boi on procreate

Christmas Keyboard Deer Spraypaint snowballs 1990s Ha! ASCII

Took ASCII email critter we use to send to each other when the Internet was new and we thought it was awesome hahahahahaha.

Everybody would try it and we would run to the email to see what someone had created.

1990s Internet art where it all began

El Paso had free Internet in Texas and we would flock there

Most all of it gone now. Think only one web page USA exists of the original webpages and the emails are mostly gone Yahoo earthlink

So glad it improved but everyone had fun
Colored in paint

Graffiti and ascii keyboard deer

Spray paint and old 1990s keyboard critters in the emails Smiling

For the Michael Jackson deer called Monstr hahahaha 90s are back

Wanna be starting something

Monster is in Ghost hahahaha


Saroe II

That's better

Sorry for the spam, but have a bunch of inspiration rn


Not sure if I like it, and need to work on my cervine anatomy, but getting somewhere, and found their name!
definitely keeping the antlers :V


No name ideas yet, but ideas to come
Definitely a skull face/mask
curved dewclaws
mainly black maybe some blue or red


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Rai II

Just a quick drawing of Rai
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