Tomato sauce

i want to introduce Ta to this world
i express my gratitude to the Kumu for drawing
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parallelum i-ii

wants to play

go run and hide
it likes the game -
its hide and seek
the stakes your name

its never had one of its own

call forth the mist
beware the trees
then whisper come and find me please
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No fuzz no money - dammit

How long are they even gonna last? The antlers I mean.
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Here she is! {finally}

Well, here's Arabella! Made by a great friend that I love very much, RadiusQwl! (Outbursts and exaggerated acknowledgments have gone.)

I promise that I will make a due blog for this beautiful girl! (because she deserves it.)

Enjoy this wonder owo Eye
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Little Sisters

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was it a dream?

Haiva Ru - Wild Flowers
I wish I could reach past the stars and past the moon
I just want to know how far from me to you
I wish that we wrote, oh God I was so proud
It's just the words in my throat, I could never get them out

I see you now in every wind and word
You finally got your feet off the ground
And you're free as a bird


Starl and Auxentius... probably in a dream. I dunno what ever happened to the player, and I felt Starl's growth from then on was stunted,
so a few years ago I told myself she had separated from him, so that she could move on. I imagine though that she's never truly let go,
she still waits... :') starl why are you so pathetic
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I made art, and I'm actually really proud of it and yeah /sobs/
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I paint nightscapes

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THE FOREST ENDS [The Endless Forest Comic Concept]

Thanks to @Uitleger for inspo. Will very much most likely not actually be a comic, but if I WERE to make one it would be super edgy looking like this but probably also have story, maybe a fawn somehow stumbles out of the endless forest one way or another and discovers the world hidden from theirs, and either is stuck in that world or runs back to the endless forest to speak about their discoveries only to be played off as just a child.
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