Omis sketch

sketch of my deer
though, I definitely made them way fluffier than the in-game model haha

and I put their symbol on their forehead, not that I dislike the floating symbol, I really like that aspect

Fawn eater *updated*

Updated version of my witch Rúnhildur. Smiling Her ears are behind the horns, kinda cramped, hindering her hearing abit. The striped area around her neck is just skin.

Edit 23 April 2019: Updated her slightly again. Thank you kindly everyone who has commented on her reference, both on past designs and the one that is now! <3

Harlequin Deer Picture Originally by Lauren viewed by writer for practice of sensory description

Soft white body of fur sensually sleeked back morphs into a set of four slender black legs ending in a trapezoidal hoof ready for pouncing and play. On top of the back lies the symbol for the five types of purple devils she unleashes as she prances. The last realm on her tail exclusively reserved for fawn imps who entertain and escape from their mentors with it. As her slender pearly white neck rises from the body her mask covered eyes highlights her demur Mona Lisa like smile underneath the puggish cute nose. On her head she wears a mask. Her eyes become the orange tadpole like form with the come hither hook. Below a set of black feathers extend out curvaceous but sturdy for all the tickling about to commence. Above a crest of the same black feathers to tickle those in the air space realm. Either side of the head an engaging set of well spread voluptuous rack marked with an orange circle invites streams of play. From the fingers of that enticing well spread rack more tickles stream to all.

****In Writing category added a bit more as in a Purpose writers use art for sensory details sometimes and then do a character sketch*****


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Seirios ~ Ref

It's been awhile since I've last posted here! Developed Seirios a bit more and finally made a reference sheet for him! Nothing crazy, thought I'd share :>

Some extra information about him:
Seirios is an Albino male deer. His mask is made of carved birch wood, and his antlers have a similar look but somewhat duller. During the night his hooves give off a soft blue glow. Only then he is facing you directly will all the lines and stars of the constellation line up to create the full star map in his antlers (Canis Major & Minor). See for reference >
He is overall curious and a bit nosy, quiet, and somewhat abrasive. Yet he is forgiving and always willing to help others when he can. When challenged he tends to fly into wild fits of aggressive behavior, fully aware of this he keeps his distance from any forms of competition. He isn't one to sit still for long periods of time, it is common to see him wandering around.

Still a bit of a WIP but we're gettin somewhere!

A ménage à trois of deer buttness

Joining the twin gods as triples can cos shivers in anyone, rising to the occasion the threesome triangulate a trajection to intersect the twin gods just as they conjugate making for a forest of undulations anywhere you look. Just something about that rolling thunder...

Shake shake shake your little tail
shake shake shake your little tail
wrinkle up your nose
fall backwards and touch your toes
shake shake shake your little tail

Deer Butt Swaying With a Friend

Getting a swinging swagging sway in tune then hiding the heads just so only the meat of the gluteus maximus shivers in the evening breeze attracts an audience and causes frolicking The ability to go down low and not quite touch the deer knees to the ground then to bounce up elicts a collective ah.........*****??? django

Chasing Deer Butt Otherwise Known as to the Promised Land

Deer butting alone means moving in a way that enhances the rolling action as viewed from behind. A slow stroll along the meadow headed to unknown destination often creates a line of deer who eventually dance when the mood strikes ..."""""......,,,,, dajango

Please meet Nubia

Hey guys, just came to share a new babe with you all. This is my hybrid Sphinx girl, Nubia.
She doesn't have a lot on her yet but she's a cross between a sphinx and Okapi.
She loves gold and food (and likes playing with her food)
And has a fondness for tearing things apart with her claws.

Other than that though she's pretty chill.
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it doesn't make you a narcissist to love yourself

one of my first times drawing deer anatomy- i think it came out ok?
this is my current avatar in game !!! hes still v young (and precious) and i am still very much learning the game. any tips on deer anatomy would be appreciated !!
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