Cappy's new deer updates: in forest; Xemnas

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Physical; 100%

mental; 40%


"oh god...I...I'm a...."




Physical; 100%

mental; 100%


"smells like roses~"


Physical; 99%

Mental; 100%

"I can feel my strength again"




Physical; 100%

mental; 80%


"Ni Hao....Russia............"

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(the more *s the more active, up to five)

Rosine *****
Briar ***
Xemnas *****
Hummingbird (not played in-forest)
Engel *

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Ffff... Of course it's purdy

Ffff... Of course it's purdy as always :3

EDIT: OH YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. Um... Hey Cap'n? Question for ya, an offer, if ya will.. Uhm... I was... Look, y'know how much I friggen love yer writing? Would you consider a writing trade with your's truly? :> I just had a whim~ Huhu~ Of course, I wouldn't mind if ya didn't want to...
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*sneaks in*

*sneaks in*
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Plops down and eats popcorn

Plops down and eats popcorn
Ginger the Fawn Puppet
Adam The Puppet Master
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Gingy; fffff of course! I


fffff of course! I would be honored ;w;
would you like any character to be used in particular~?
ohgosh I'm so honored ;w;
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YAAAAAY~ I recently opened


I recently opened up a trade blog, like, this morning... And I'm already having writer's block... But this? This'll surely help my muse! Baha!

UHM.... Well... Mah babylotionwithaJ always needs lurve... *killed*

Want me to do anything specific? BNecause otherwise I'll more than likely do something Jergs/Rosie... Knowing my shameless self xD
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-in forest- +China+

-in forest-

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-in forest- +Rosine+

-in forest-


"Daddy!" A little light


A little light purple fawn scampers up to the blue stag, bumping her forehead against his side, a series of incoherent babbles spewing from her lips. Whether or not Rosine had yet known of the fawn's existance didn't matter, for a small child always knew who his/her parents were.

She continued to press her furry face against his side, cooing and mumbling nonsense.

((Got bored, apologies~))
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The little blue stag smiled softly, returning the nuzzle gently, the air coated with the scent of various flowers, like a florist's shop.
"Hello my little one" he laughed softly, giving her forehead a fond lick.

((she's so kyoot ;w;))

((Fuhfuh~ Glad I'm not

((Fuhfuh~ Glad I'm not screwing her up xD))

"Whas 'lil' mea'?" she asked curiously, giggling at the feeling of her father's warm tongue on her forehead. She plopped down to the ground beside of him, her curly furred tail thumping against the ground, a daughter to her teacher.
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He laughed softly. "little,

He laughed softly.
"little, small, I'm little too" he laughed, "you'll probably be bigger than me when you grow up" he admitted, laying down, his own tail wagging slightly.
He smiled a bit more than he already was, silently thanking the gods for their gift.

She curled up by his side,

She curled up by his side, nuzzling her light purple face into mhis fur. "Bi... Bi... Bigh..." she huffed, light blue eyes squinting in frustration. It was all rather confusing. Then again, she really was nothing more than a newborn.

"Gow up?" she asked, uncoiling herself to flop her legs over his body. Always the curious one, a sure sign of intelligence.
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"grow up, when you're big,

"grow up, when you're big, like me or Jergens~" he nodded, laughing softly and looking back at her as she flopped over him.
"but there will be time for that some other time" he said simply, giving his head a shake in relaxation.

((Pfft... Dinner... I'll be

((Pfft... Dinner... I'll be back in like... 40 mins... xD So Jerg and Peony are just gonna lay there like dead corpses. Then again, with two forests open like this... that's all they would do anyway~))

Her eyes widened, and she buried her face into his fur again, mumbling in delight. "Daddy..." she murmured, yawning a little, already tired out from the day's events, taking time to nuzzle into his fur a little more before falling asleep, lips slightly parted.

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((XD I can't run two at all

((XD I can't run two at all on my computer))

He sighed, curling up a bit around the ball of lavender fluff, nuzzling against her curly fur.
Hmmm who ever could she have gotten that from?
he merely smiled a bit more, dozing off himself.
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((Pfft... It almost kills

((Pfft... It almost kills mine, but I do it anyway :'D Yay accountswitchthaticouldntresist~)



The red stag took light steps, slowing laying down and coiling his own massive body around them, his front leg rested on top of them in sort of 'deer embrace'.

He said nothing, simply stretching his neck over to place a kiss on his daughter's forehead, then Rosine's, already falling into sleep as well.

((Ohyeah, and Peo left because my forest got all laggy and was slowing up my comp ;3; ))
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(No subject)

<3 that's fine
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*pokes Xemnas with a 10 foot

*pokes Xemnas with a 10 foot pole* haha i'm not near you.
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Saix in forest: "Xemnas...?

Saix in forest: "Xemnas...? Wasn't that your favorite tree? :|" *concerned as much as a nobody can be*
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Kaoori; Xemnas; *eats stick*

Kaoori; Xemnas; *eats stick* >|

Zerg; Xemnas; "you? you. youyouyouyouyou ahahahahahahaha ahahahahah ahaahaaaaaaha youyouyoyuouy haha, aha...I...
I don't, want to, hurt, you.
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Everyone's there.
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double post. XD;

double post. XD; *REDEEMS*

"... Yes, Xemnas..." *goes to sunspot with aweful instincts telling him to stay*

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Xemnas; ........



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(Had Saix sit by Xemnas a

(Had Saix sit by Xemnas a while there. Sadly, had to run to work. D8 Will be back in forest like after 10 pm again. *scurries to evil job*)
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(No subject)

<333 I saw, but Xemnas is, of course, not feeling like standing xD
I appreciate it, personally as well, a lot c:
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we spied on you. :3

we spied on you. :3
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x3 how interesting xDD have

x3 how interesting xDD

have fun watching Xem sleep? XD
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sdkgjaklfjhy... 8DDD *kicks

sdkgjaklfjhy... 8DDD

*kicks Dante out*


*tosses Peony in*
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&hearts; Where, oh where can

Where, oh where can he be~
Icon Art © Beloved
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XD Yep. He got mini'd and I

XD Yep. He got mini'd and I didn't save the data yet. XD;;;
But then, Xem is supposed to be the taller of the two. XD

"It should be temporary... Probably should not have tried those giant mushrooms yesterday."

btw, come to chat, plz. 83
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I'm back &hearts;

I'm back ♥
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Sup? For the record, you've

For the record, you've missed a hell'ova lot of dramatic stuffs xD
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Hello~ Ginger; ;A; I



;A; I sawwwww
/continues to catch up
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Aw, Rosine... Masks won't

Aw, Rosine...
Masks won't work now, anyway... actually ;w;
Go to Alicev's updates *too lazy to get a link, lawl* and lookit that last two pages and stuffs ;;

I'm afraid I can't stay on long, though... gotta go to bed soooon... ;; AKA, now ;; Sorry...
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/almost caught up fully/

/almost caught up fully/ ;A;

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I should have tracked this a

I should have tracked this a while ago... poor Rosine. ;-;

Signature by Roo ♥
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Thank you

Thank you<3
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"You look much better lately,

"You look much better lately, Xemnas."

|D *shot for one-liner*
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"I'm warning you, mutt. Stay

"I'm warning you, mutt. Stay out of my way... I don't intend to lose the upper hand now..."
"Fail to comply, and I'll give your daughter a little 'visit'. Are we understood?"
"And for the record; I refuse to go by that name. Call me Friend. That is my name and title."

((Should've posted this last night, but whatever :B))

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^ bump

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((I would like to personally

((I would like to personally apologize for completely faking you out there >> Hey look! Spam! *killed*))

R...Ro..." his voice gurgles and fizzes... he opens his remaining eye to look up at the little stag, it's corners watering in an unusual mixture of both joy and despair.

He struggled to breath, trying to keep his breaths even.


He was alive.

Even if he shouldn't have been.

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((jeeeezussss youuuu D

((jeeeezussss youuuu D
His tail flicks, watering eyes the colour of washed out sky seeking the other's remaining, head dipping to lick his cheek, is it all a dream?

"I...I was so scared" his words come out in muffled sobs.

"if I lost you, I don't know what me and Peony would do!" he sounds almost hysterical now, choking on tears and hiccups, wilting flowers, petals of azure hit the ground, battered by the rain.
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((I suck. *pastes a target to

((I suck. *pastes a target to herself* 8| Go on. You know you want to.))

That voice... he missed it... He missed it so much. It made him cry all the harder, despite how it hurt to breath in.

"" he mumbled, hoping to just bring their foreheads together, to press his own human lips agaunst his fur-coated face,

"I sh...shoul...d... tell ya... bout'... why..." he faltered, lowering his own eyes in shame. Of course referring to when Friend had attacked him.

He didn't care how much it hurt him to talk.

Rosine needed to know

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((*pumps shotgun*)) "I-I'm

((*pumps shotgun*))

"I-I'm here" he mumbled, moving closer, swiping his tongue lightly over the corner of the crimson stag's mouth.

"you should rest, look hurt" he whimpered, curling close in an attempt to keep him warm.
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((Eep ;w; I'm

((Eep ;w; I'm sorrrryyyyyy.... D': ))

"But..." he had to tell him

He cried out as raw wounds were touched, but made no move into shrinking away... rather just simply moving closer.

"I... I k...killed!" he suddenly sobbed, the thought just now occuring to him that he had probably murdered Jack...

"I'msorryI'msorry..." he whined feverishly, the little num that had once been his right ear twitching back and forth.

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