Lacrimosa dies illa.:Xemnas:. qua resurget ex favilla

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((Updated image coming soon))


"I lost my title to those I thought I could rely on"
The Fallen King.






Secretary Bird Pelt
Skull Mask
Great White Antlers Default antlers.



Unknown. Probably doesn't care about gender.
Attraction is a very dangerous thing when you're a Nobody. With no emotions to hold you back, all that is left is primal lust.


Black or white. size 2. Garamond


Nobodies cannot 'love'
We do not banter back and forth as Axel and Marluxia. Nore do we exchange grandoise shows of affection like Roxas and Vivian.
We know there's no point. When you're a nobody.
Things are more subtle than that.

-Please note that Saix is, technically, not Xemnas' official 'mate' but he is the closest thing that he will ever have to one.
Picture was drawn by Zerg ♥

Quick Personality

Lacking emotions, Xemnas is perfectly calm whenever he wants or needs to be.

Xemnas is wary of others, Especially since his 'comrades' turned on him, he avoids others, religiously, now.

Without a heart, Xemnas is unable to feel emotions, this makes him dangerous, as he feels no remorse and has no morals.


Once upon a time Xemnas was a force to be reckoned with.
However an incident has left him forever scarred. His once large antlers have been broken down to shadows of their former glory, rippling pelt of light and shadow torn with the scars of an unexpected battle.

One against an army can never end well.

His vision has been permanently impaired, he is not blind, but ever clouded are his eyes, and so if someone wishes to approach he will often ask that they keep their distance until he has had time to inspect them through touch and scent.


While once the stag had appeared powerful in his words, and strong in his actions, he has since become jaded in a way that only a nobody can be.

He avoids contact with others as best he can, and avoids fighting even more, content to lay beside the river that he has always loved so dearly.

He spends much of his time resting, and dislikes running, as it makes his legs ache.

It's easy to chase him from places and people, as he dreads the idea of another gang upon his heels.





Everyone else until proven otherwise.



perfect obedience is hard to come by but so easy to break. It's a goal to be accomplished


showing feelings. Showing feelings of an almost human nature. This will not do.


(words here eventually)


A distraction nothing more


you're just a tool boy

" have what you want..."
but remember. what you have done was no better than what I did

Such patience

She began spending time with him shortly before he was injured, and sat with him after his fight for a long long time, he still 'sees' her when she's around and accepts her company as very pleasant, her staying with him in his time of injury has earned her a place with his allies, and he does in fact trust her.


Xemnas is Copyright to square enix and disney. I own nothing about him.

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dlfjkflgjfk... The HELL? I

The HELL? I wasn't at all expecting this xD Cap'n Planet is secretly Xemnas in disguise!? I never saw it coming... o3o

*tacnks and watches*
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Secret's out now XDDDDD

Secret's out now XDDDDD
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Zomgooosh XEMMYYYY. WITH SEXY ZEBRA COAT BACKGROOOUND. Lawd Cappy, way to make my day-this is absolutely awesoome, I'll add him to the directory ASAP, and thankies so much again for taking him on OHGAWDSEXCITED :B ♥ ♥ ♥

*runs about frothing madly*
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XDDDD! my pleasure


my pleasure<3

I'll have his temporary picto up soon I swear XD
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This. is. AWESOME. *flails

This. is. AWESOME. *flails around* I can't wait to encounter him in the forest! Laughing out loud
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Tee hee, aaw I'm glad~! :3

Tee hee, aaw I'm glad~! :3 And pfff NO XEMFAWN FOR US? D: ♥

*Giggles* Awesoome, just let me knooow but no rush of course, aaand he's been added to the directory. I also wasn't sure which set you had chosen so, let me know that sometime and I'll add that too. Otherwise, WELCOME ABOARD. THIS IS GOING TO BE EPICSAUCE, eee~!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Btw, THAT PICTURE IS LOVE. SEXY ZEBRA COOOOAT Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud I love your style, and how did you get this done so quickly! *laughs* Love it!
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oh lord I'm no artist. I

oh lord I'm no artist.
I commissioned it real quick~!

and yes, bio complete~


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Track. Smiling
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/ was going to say something

/ was going to say something as a response to what Xemnas says at the top, but hell, she's gonna be a squirrel and just track this
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thank you for the tracking

thank you for the tracking<3
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Haha, and I see his

Haha, and I see his picto.

It's a bit glitched in my game, but it's his, without a doubt (:
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indeed you do~

indeed you do~
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Now I'm stuck between wanting

Now I'm stuck between wanting to stalk him, and stalking little Xion over here <3
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I'll let you do both XD

I'll let you do both XD
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Hahah, I just saw that too!

Hahah, I just saw that too! 8D
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|D &hearts;


Okay here is what Xion is

Okay here is what Xion is thinking right now 'I see you there! '
And now she's like this 'Hey shouldn't you have attacked me since I left? Should you do it I mean this is really confusing but yeah... Oh look almost the whole Organization is here.'
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/ almost wants to make an RP

/ almost wants to make an RP post for both Xion and Xemnas, but isn't sure if she should or not lD;;

I love the "Dearly Beloved" piano piece, by the by *hearts
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XD Xemnas can't be bothered

Xemnas can't be bothered to attack her when he doesn't know how many of the organization his around XD


do it ♥

Pfft yeah and then I had the

Pfft yeah and then I had the thought of Xemnas like being 'this is the keyblades chosen one.' and Xion is like ' .... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .... ....' (she needs to speak but she is in total shock of this)

Oh Ookami let's do IT! Xion needs to speak!
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LMAO! godyes, c'mon Ookami,


godyes, c'mon Ookami, it's perfect XD
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Hooray 8D

Hooray 8D

YAY Now I'll get Xion to


Now I'll get Xion to speak oh look she is now test

" Oh this is weird PLUS I CAN STILL SEE YOU!"
That is good she speaks!
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Don't you cry. Thump, thump,

Don't you cry.

Thump, thump, thump.

Heart beats. Pounding, vibrant, ever so alive.

"Ah, but know this: I will give to you as many hearts as it takes. Mark my words! You can no more be complete without me than I without you."

My heart is mine alone. I am complete without you.

She watches the large stag, swirls of white and black, light and dark, colliding together, meshing, becoming one. His crown are the tines that grow numerous. Jagged, sharp, like knives.

A knife to the heart is the betrayal of a lifetime.

She observes the little one next to him, her antlers fluttering lightly in the breeze. Her blue eyes are a sharp contrast to her fullest form. It's like ice in a sea of black.

So hauntingly beautiful.

Her left eye flickers gold, only to change back to its grey hue. She continues to watch, moving a bit when the crowd starts to swarm nearby.

After a time, she approaches, blinding white glowing in the sunlight. Her black helm is a stark contrast to her body, and it's perhaps the only thing that could identify her like this.

A short yet safe distance away, she sits. Today is an odd day. She feels excited, pumped, yet her mannerisms are oddly sedate.

She always had a habit of contradicting herself. It was one of the ways she kept herself hidden from the world.

Only a few know what lies beneath her cloak of snow.

She speaks openly, water flowing steadily evermore. Her eyes stay trained to the both of them, grey locking with sugar brown, ice blue.


(I was only really listening to the first minute or so of the song, but still.)
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but I'm not whole without

but I'm not whole without you

Black and white entwine, caress with his breathing, his life, are nobodies alive? can they be considered alive?

His eyes are pools of molten gold, and yet, so cold, a contrast to the snow and tar of his pelt.
His tines stretch to the sky, as if to tear the very belly of the clouds open, gleaming and white, too pure for such a creature.

His eyes follow the movement of the white deer, though he senses no threat in her, he is constantly on alert.


Yet it was said that the

Yet it was said that the little doe was one of the keyblade's chosen ones.
The little doe thought again
No I am not one of those that stole the hearts but why was brought their anyway? To do the nobodies ways? Yup but why? I never understand don't I?
The little doe had been confused for one she had been weakened two times today by the white glowing light. And yet for one she did she a movement behind a tree which she had thought of it being just a leaf falling.
Who am I? What am I here for?
She thought again. It was a common saying she said or thought. Not noticing the one that led the Organization sitting next to her. Which then she turned her head and jumped to see the stag there.
Why don't you just kill me I failed and I never thought the same as the nobodies
She thought. But then realizing another deer sitting a distance away. A white creature that did what it wanted and hid it's body behind a tree which had been partly seen anyway. She started to stare at the creature nearly wanting to let go of her thought and speak. Though she didn't feel like speaking yet.


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A blue stag rests in the

A blue stag rests in the water, savouring it's gentle caress on his furred flesh. He flicked an ear, and suddenly sat up, water dripping at his side.

Snuffing the air, he hopped up and sped over to the place where the larger stag sat, and offered a casual bow.

"Hi Superior!" he grinned and carelessly plopped to the ground.

"I see I'm not the only guy here now, right?"


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((UHFIOQH he's so

((UHFIOQH he's so adorable))

The snow-and-ink stag turned his head slowly, offering a small nod to show he had seen the greeting.
His legs remained folded elegantly beneath him, ears held aloft, the breeze tugging at his hair every so often.

"I don't know what to think of your flamboyant acts" he stated softly, turning his head to look at the other, expression black, muzzle showing neither frown nor' smile.

"Roxas, Larxene, and Xion are here as well, as far as I've seen. I hear the others are about as well"
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((I love him

((I love him <3))

He rolled over to his side, whether showing submission to him or just finding more comfortable, no one would ever know.

He flicked his ears at the names. Hm... Roxas and Xion were okay to have around. But Larxene? He suddered at the thought to meeting her again.

"Hmm... We don't our weapons here... Makes me feel sad that I don't have my sitar anymore..." he muttered.

He didn't 'feel'... But out of all the other members, he was one of the best when it came to acting like he did.

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"You don't feel anything, you

"You don't feel anything, you are incapable of doing so" his ears and head turned slowly, staring at the other stag, watching him.

There was a long pause before the large stag finally questioned; "Why bother pretending?"

he watched the world pass by, deer playing, fawns and stags and does, with not a single care in the world for them.

"you cannot be sad that it is gone, we cannot feel sadness" merely musing to himself.
"no...I'm sure your mind simply craves something to keep it busy"

a physical answer was always at the root of any nobody's dilemmas, so he had had logic'd out.
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He sat back up as his leader

He sat back up as his leader talked, pawing the ground as if in intense boredom. His feathers drooped at his comments though, as if upset. "Meanie..." he muttered under his breath.

"It's fun though, to pretend." he nodded as he spoke, feathers bouncing up and down with his head.

"You should try it, maybe it'll make you less boring." he joked, yawning as he spoke and plopping back down, completely at ease.

After all, he didn't feel fear.

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((oh my god, 'meanie

((oh my god, 'meanie ROFL))

"I have no desire to pretend I am something, that I am not" he stated simply, ignoring the other's insults.
"it isn't my job to be fun. My job is to lead"

Had he been able to be insulted, he could easily broken the stag beside him, he was easily stronger, of this he was certain, he was the oldest after all.

"maybe you should be more serious, you could get more done" he stated simply in retort.

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((:'D)) "Eh? But all work


"Eh? But all work and no play makes a nobody dull." he whined, looking up at his superior with glassy, aqua-blue eyes.

It didn't even faze him that Xemnas might consider attacking him. Why would he? As lazy as he was, Demyx was one of the most powerful members despite his rank. He didn't like fighting, but he did a damn good job of it when he did.

"When I work, I sweat." he stated, lips curling into another smile.

"I don't like to sweat."

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"not thinking will make you

"not thinking will make you dull"
and dead, in certain situations.

More quiet, not replying to the other nobody's comment once again.

"Have you seen any sign of Sora, or his...companions" he questioned.
all the better if he wasn't around, from what he had seen of this forest's denizens, they wouldn't be a match for any nobody in a fight.
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His ears dropped to the back

His ears dropped to the back of his head, and his fur poofed up a little. "No. They aren't here." he stated, somewhat reverting to his cold, indifferent nature before perking up again.

"Mm... You probably have work for me to do, right?" he asked, a bored, stotic look on his face.

"We all probably have a lot of it.... Don't we?"

((*smallwhisper* CanyoucheckyouremailbecauseI'manoodleheadwhodosen'tknowwhattodo? *brick'd*))

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The stag smiled. Demyx seemed

The stag smiled.
Demyx seemed to know the drill all too well already.

"soon" he said simply.
"I know litte about this world" his ears flicked slowly.

"observe, and report anything of interest back to me"
a flick of his tail.

"and, Demyx" he smiled slightly, just ever so slightly, looking at the smaller stag.
"if you see Saix, point him in my direction"

he hadn't seen the blue haired nobody around.
Had he been able to feel, he may have been concerned.

But he couldn't, and so it was simple, cold logical, selfish, want.
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He grinned at him and stood

He grinned at him and stood back up, stretching. "I like easy work like this... Dosen't seem to be anything exciting here, anyway. Just a boring forest with really creepy human-faced deer." he shuddered and nodded his head again.

"Yeah... You're the only I've seen so far... I'll keep a sharp eye." he offered another careless bow.

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He simply nodded, as if to

He simply nodded, as if to acknowledge that the other deer was dissmissed, looking down into the frothy waters of the river, appearing to be deep in thought.
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The blue stag sighed and

The blue stag sighed and rolled eyes before darting back to the water he was in earlier, not even bothering to give a parting word.

Xemnas really was kinda boring...

((ffff... DemDems found a Xemmy! 8D))

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so I seee >3 that grey deer

so I seee >3

that grey deer is weirding Xemnes out, it keeps acting weird around him xD
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Her eyes flicker to the doe

Her eyes flicker to the doe sitting beside him. She seems lost in her own thoughts, her eyes clouded, uncertain.

A part of her wonders if the girl is blind.

Her eyes flicker back towards the stag. His eyes are hardly blank, but his tone suggests otherwise. There is no emotion swirling here. It was very much unlike when she was with Axel and his cohorts, that spark of fire setting everyone else ablaze with adrenaline, and excitement.

No, this air...

Was dead.

His tone suggested the end of the conversation, but hell no, she'd push and shove a bit.

That girl seems rather lost, if I don't say so myself.

She gestures to Xion, for a split moment a melancholy look flittering through her eyes. But she looks back to the stag, her eyes resting on his tines again. They seemed to be reaching, oh yes, they were reaching.

But they just keep missing it.

Fancy seeing you here though. She states it with mild interest, as she continues to speak.

Heard of you, but never saw you. How did you end up here?
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"We are all lost" his tone is

"We are all lost" his tone is secure, steady, he knows that he is fully capable of being silent.
But the conversation isn't too bothersome, he has nothing else to do, there is no reason for ending it, no, not yet.

"She is" an ear turned, gazing at the dark doe, strange, how strange, the dark one, and the light.
And then he himself, who appeared outwardly as a clash of both.

"I'll lead her back"

his tone changes for a moment, firm, as if giving an order meant to be followed.

"I died" he answered her question, "killed. I faded into the darkness"

he looked around at th dappled sunlight, dancing over his pelt, over the ground.
And then back to her.

"and awoke to the light"
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Not everyone is lost. I know

Not everyone is lost. I know a few who aren't.

She pauses briefly, knowing exactly whom she was referring to.

That's not saying that I'm not lost. I'm still young. I have much to learn, and a while to grow up.

Her gaze travels to the doe again, as he turns his head to look. Xion's antlers flitter in the breeze again, and Lacie has half a mind to nibble on them.

She was always a sucker for nibbling on ears, soft antlers, and tails. It was just the way she was.

But she keeps herself planted firmly to the ground. That feeling of "shyness" that she knew so well; the last thing she wanted was to chase the poor girl off.

"Lead her back?" How so, if you don't mind me asking?

She listens to his story, knowing it well. So many others came here that way.

You're not the only who came here in such a fashion.

(I don't know if Xion's antlers are like feathers or not. I always saw the DotD antlers as feathers lD;; )
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"They just don't know they

"They just don't know they are"
He smiles slowly, evenly, like a teacher speaking to a 'slow' student.
He is silent for some time, coat rippling with his breaths, light and dark chase eachother over his pelt, as they always have.

"by making sure she does not stray again" a small tilt of the head, so much more subtle in this form than he had been in a human body.
"I will not allow her to get lost"

he flicked an ear, smiling slightly, as if he were the good guy, as if he were the light.

"I'm alive now" his tail flicked.

"I will bring together the thirteen others" his head seemed to raise a bit, just for a moment.
"and we shall begin anew"
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Oh, I know this one

Oh, I know this one isn't.

But she keeps her mouth shut, and instead lets her mind do the talking. No need for a stupid argument.

She finds herself fascinated with the way the colours of his coat collide as he breathes, a little battle between light and dark. They ripple and shimmer each one wanting to dominate the other.

But there's no "clear-cut" winner now, is there?

She strayed from you? Hmm...

She thinks, but doesn't say. She has a multitude of theories, and keeps them all to herself.

His smile unnerves her, however. There is something not right with it.

She voices this, albeit in a subtle manner.

Your smile reminds me of a crocodile.

Okay, maybe not terribly subtle, but it was good enough for the time being.

Begin anew? How so?