The biography of Rosine

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So soft sweet and sad sing the voices of roses.

Who love all the world and most everyone knows it.

They don't shrink away even when they are picked, though as everyone knows this is also a trick.

For soon they will wilt and soon they will die.

So it seems to me roses should be a little more shy.

The name;




The species;

red deer
But smaller than usual

The alias;

The blue rose
The thorn mutt

The nicknames;


The gender;
Hart. Stag. Male.

The orientation;

The look;

Butterfly Antlers
Beluga pelt Nightfall pelt
Peacock mask

The stylization;

A small deer, he was not blessed with the great sprawling antlers of a stag, but with those of a doe.
Blue roses sprout from their delicate frame, twisting about them in intricate ways.
His coat is a sea of various blues, from Navy to sky, soft to the touch as the clouds that he so loves to gaze at.
He is lightly built, tail tufted and thick, blooming lightly from the base of his spine.
His lashes are long, shading the Large, soft eyes, lightest periwinkle in shade, beneath them.
About his face and muzzle are softer, slightly darker shades of blue.

Soon after growing up he was injured protecting a friend, breaking a leg, it has since healed, but if he runs too much or does anything else that pushes his body too far, his leg hurts and he will limp for a while.

Rosine has always been small, upon taking a bite from the werewolf known as Ren and growing, he is still only the size of a big dog.
His face is a definitive mixture of cervine and canine, sharp teeth lining his mouth.

Sturdy legs end in paws tipped in onyx claws, a slender body coming to a stop at the end of a long tail.

His fur is a dark blue in shade, lightening only towards his lower legs and paws.

His eyes are a bright, glowing blue, especially brilliant against dark fur.

His antlers curve back, ending in jagged tips, thick thorny vines spattered with blue roses line them, they are as dangerous as any fangs.

The pictogram;

The locked rose garden

The personality;

Rosine is a shy stag, he will not be approached easily, and will run from any who approach, it takes a kind heart and a patient soul to coax him near. But once you have befriended him he is sweet, loving, and loyal to a fault, he won't hesitate to protect his friends if they seem frightened no matter what the circumstances, though as soon as his friend escapes he'll hightail it out of there, he's a cowardly creature and hates pain.

Rosine's personality really remains almost completely unchanged by his transformation, though slowly with this newfound strength he has found the bravery to defend friends in their time of need.
He would never dare eat a deer, instead he hunts small animals.

He's playful and can be naive or even childish at times, but all in all, he's a sweet friendly thing.

The voice;

The relationships;

Rest in peace


Likes Ephire, a lot, because he's big, but nice, feels very safe around him.


Met the man one stormy stormy eve, and is very glad that he did.
Jergens gives Rosine a bit more bravery, though he's still certainly not going to be taming lions any time soon...
or going out in thunderstorms...
He has no problem admitting that he loves him, and would very much like to spend the rest of his days with him.


Rosine pities the stag, not because of his missing limbs, but because he can't be happy for Jergens and see that love is love.
He has made it his personal job to change the oldest lotion sibling.

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Test comment

Test comment
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Aw, this is such a pretty

Aw, this is such a pretty bio, and the music is lovely <3
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Thank you Zeekii!

Thank you Zeekii!
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I thought it was a doe at

I thought it was a doe at first XD

he's a purdy deer<3

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he looks like one~ Thank you

he looks like one~
Thank you for the track!~
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O: Cool bio. I really like

O: Cool bio. I really like the music, what is it? Shocked
I love his design. C:
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most of it is by Cecile

most of it is by Cecile corbel, one song is just a cirque de soleil song~
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Hm, what a sweet boy.

Hm, what a sweet boy. <3

That poem at the beginning gets me.
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Oh thank you!

Oh thank you!
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-track- ^^ I like the bottom

-track- ^^
I like the bottom screen edit. ^^
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Thank you Ocean~!

Thank you Ocean~!
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I see his voice has changed.

I see his voice has changed. <3
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ah yes, the first one was

ah yes, the first one was just temporary while I found a voice I wanted~
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Sometimes that is better.

Sometimes that is better. <3
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oh yes~

oh yes~
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Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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So cute :3

So cute :3
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Thank you both!

Thank you both!
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TRackity track!

TRackity track!
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I like this guy, and I find

I like this guy, and I find it really fun to RP with him too xD
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Willet; Hoorah! Gingernut;




Thank you~!

I like Jergens, great fun, I like his personality~
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Pfft, he's just a homeless

Pfft, he's just a homeless perv. x3 I like him though, offers a bit of a soft spot amoungst my more serious chars.
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HAHAHA!! Sorry your descript

HAHAHA!! Sorry your descript of you ow char was just to much lol! I like him though...the whole tough guy thing going on...and that gay pride parade made me laugh to!
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serious characters~ I like

serious characters~

I like bartleby, I read the entie stoy~

and turkey was so cute~

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Thanks. Glad you liked it. I

Thanks. Glad you liked it. I really just kinda came up with it on the spot though, nothing much ^^;
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This is a belated track~

This is a belated track~

Adorble thats all I can

Adorble thats all I can say.
Hello. The doe stands there with a smile on her face.
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Thank you~! -- The cerulean

Thank you~!


The cerulean fawn's tail gave a twitched, tilting his head, stirring butterflies and lazy bees from their resting spots on his flowery antlers as he backpedeled into the long grass to hide.
"Hello" his voice is quiet, barely audible from his hiding spot.
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And this, my friend, is why

And this, my friend, is why my RP and story worlds have no connection with one another xD

Jergens: Bartleby? I don't know any Bartleby. Now where did you get that absurd idea from? *glompagetaketwo* God, yer so damn cute <3~
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XD Rosine; /surprisedsqueal\


Rosine; /surprisedsqueal\ "th-th-thank you" /blush/
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(Spam commenting is so much

(Spam commenting is so much fun!)

Gawh... That picture is too cute for words. x3 That blush is such a nice touch.
As for Jergy, I love how he's all like,

Jergens: *SERIOUZ FACE* >8C
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|DDD I appear to be a


I appear to be a squirrel...
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It seems so, yes *nodnod* I

It seems so, yes *nodnod*
I saw the smoke-poofy thing and I was just like, "Leaving already? : D;;"
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XD no, I was just moving, and

XD no, I was just moving, and then I got squirrle'd and then, Rosine was confused, because he normally runs from those he doesn't know, but he didn't want to leave Jergins behind XD
He was just moving somewhere he likes to sit c:

if you get bored, poke me, I have a bad habit of sitting in one spot forever xD
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Dude, I once had Jergens sit

Dude, I once had Jergens sit beside the crying idol for THREE HOURS. I think I can take it xD
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XDDDD &hearts; all the same,

XDDDD ♥ all the same, I'm just paranoid about boring people XD
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Psh, paranoia can be a

Psh, paranoia can be a dangerous thing, indeed. You aren't boring. THINK POSITIVELY ABOUT YOURSELF! *Fistpump* >3

Jergens: *Spellspam* Ironnnyyy~ ;3
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true true XD

true true XD /fistpump\

Rosine; you cheater, you're wearing the crying idol pelt so I can't spell you! *cuddleglomp*
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Indeed, indeed. (Cheap post

Indeed, indeed. (Cheap post to hide stupid/completelypointless rp is cheap)

Jergens: Happy now? -_-
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/insert conversation

/insert conversation words\

Rosine; yes c: /cuddle\
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O yeah, speaking of which

O yeah, speaking of which (not really) are you going to want to mini Rosine? I'm kinda assuming just cause of the 'smaller than average' thing. :> Just wonderin' is all

Jergykins- God, why did you stop at the orca antlers? I look like a complete tool, now 0-o
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Yes he's a minideer XD

Yes he's a minideer XD<3
sorry I had to stop spellspam war my friend is IMing my head off XD
and my cat just walked in covered in lavender scented lotion; wtf moment.

Rosine; You look cool, and besides, sneeze them away if you don't like them D=
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Pffft, that's going to be a

Pffft, that's going to be a pain the ass to do, but whuteva =3 And dun worry about it because I will soon abandon you for food anyway because I'm hungry xD
That's both creepy and adorable :3

Jergylotionjergjergs- Oh yeah... I forgot I could do that *Durrr moment*
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XD mmm food... >>

XD mmm food...
*nom's candy bar*

Rosinenotthekindyouputonviolins; /giggle\ *cuddles* of course.
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Gaw, you cheater! D:

Gaw, you cheater! D: ....
What kind of candy bar? >>;;

JergyjerkjergingtonnoIsweartobloodyGodIdidnotnamehimafterabrandoflotiononpurposethoughImustadmitit'sprettydamnawesome - I GOT PULLED OUT OF THE FIFTH GRADE DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME!!111 *overlyemotionalpmsing sob* D:
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a hundred grand bar c: teh

a hundred grand bar c: teh best kind ever.

Rosine; ...but I love you anyway ♥
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I'd rather have a Milky Way

I'd rather have a Milky Way =/
Hmhm... I shall get food now and leave you with a sleeping Jergy. -3-

Jergy: *Dies* <3~
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baww sleeping

baww sleeping lotion---/shotdead

Rosine; ♥~
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Guhhh... My computer

Guhhh... My computer apparently is evil enough to flick itself on and off 0-o And right after I had a wholesome meal of chicken and rice *Shotdeadaswell* I'm sorry if I made Rosine worry D:

Jergens Lotion: *Cling* ;-;