Daughter of a dog .:Peony:. And a Rose


Compassion. Bashfulness. Strength of soul.

The dog and the rose
When they meet
Shall be given
A fabulous treat

The Deer
Name: Peony
Gender: Female
Age: Young adult
Voice: #FFAFFB (Though occasionally may slip into her father's accent)
Pictogram: The budding flower
Orientation: Heterosexual
Fears: Skull masks, overly destructive or aggressive deer
Family: Rosine (adoptive father), Jergens (adoptive father)

What is Peony? The offspring of a dog and a rose? Yes, perhaps she is, but perhaps she is not. Peony is a gift, a reward for prosperity, if you will. In the forest, love is congratulated. The Gods enjoy nothing more than seeing their children happy, and they’ll do anything to make that happiness happen, even if it means creating a child.

Known to fight for what she believes is right, no matter how much logic goes against her
Prone to be a bit shy, though not to the extreme as her rose burdened father
Very gifted in intelligence, and will probably grow up to be one of the more wise deer out there.
Can get rather clingy to deer that she happens to know.
Has a lot of energy, but would rather choose to lay low and play games that don’t involve too much running around.

If one were to throw Jergens and Rosine into a melting pot, Peony is what would be the ultimate result. Her looks are a perfect balance between both of her father’s. Her pelt is a simple lavender, the mix between red and blue, and carries a light curl to it much like Jergens’ own coat. Her ‘antlers’ are in the shape of Rosine’s, two simple tines that stretch out to the back of her head. However, they carry a single key-shaped hole at the end of them, much like Jergens’ antlers. Fresh peonies and vines coat them, their light pink color coating them almost entirely, the color of which complimenting her baby blue eyes.

She is of a medium size, neither big nor small, and lightly muscled, carrying a slender figure. Her face is that of a normal deer, unlike Jergens’ own human face.


~ Rosine ~
Her father, although Rosine is more like her mother than anything else.

~ Jergens ~
Her second father, who offers her more of a ‘father-type’ figure than Rosine does.

~ Crybaby ~
An adopted uncle. Ironically, she still hasn't met her biological aunt and uncles yet.

~ Ourania ~
Ourania acts as a mother figure to Peony when her other parents are absent.

Stubborn. Calm. Intelligent.

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<~curious twack~>

test one.

test one.
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Buhdumdum~ Ooh... pretteh CSS

Buhdumdum~ Ooh... pretteh CSS you chose~ :'D

thanks 8D it's not totally

thanks 8D it's not totally done though, it'll look better once the info is in<3


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For noaw.... Mwahahaaaa... >3

For noaw.... Mwahahaaaa... >3
*loves all over this*
I just realized how much editing I have in store now xD *conk*
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is drawing her. liek, nao

is drawing her.
liek, nao
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She's so adorable!~ Tracking

She's so adorable!~ Tracking this!

Signature by Roo ♥

Why thank ya, Six :3 *tip o

Why thank ya, Six :3 *tip o the hat*
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Tracking, Pavil met her the

Tracking, Pavil met her the other day~
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Oh, is that who that lovely

Oh, is that who that lovely stag was? 8D Ffff... he was so cute owo;;

Thanks so much for yer track :'D
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She is sweet. &hearts; I

She is sweet. ♥

I love the concept of her creation.
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Oh, thank youuuuu~ ;;

Oh, thank youuuuu~ ;;

she's cute :3

she's cute :3
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(*Too lazy to switch

(*Too lazy to switch accounts*)

Ah thanks, I apologize if she gets to be a little annoying. She just dosen't understand x3

not sure how she would be

not sure how she would be annoying
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Ah, I tend to over-worry

Ah, I tend to over-worry about things such as that D: Like if I overstay my welcome with others in-forest or not. Hu... I'm just a worrywort, you could say ;;

oh, well, nothing to worry

oh, well, nothing to worry about X3;
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Awwh, she´s adorable!

Awwh, she´s adorable! <3
/pointless tracking comment
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and track. he he he.

and track.

he he he.