I tread recklessly on thorns. .:Briar:. The streaming blood is my overflowing emotions.

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who said that every wish, would be heard and answered, when wished on the morning star?

The name;

Briar, said br-aye-r


Irish elk.

The alias;

The Barbed Wire Rose








Kabuki Pelt
Zombie Antlers
Skull mask


coming soon


Briar is, first and foremost, a large stag, his sibling could probably lay comfortably on his muzzle with his chin on his head. His tail is slightly long, and his fur is very soft and thick, especially around his neck and chest.
His antlers are huge sprawling things, (more like a widened version of the great white antlers, though red) and strangly enough are wrapped and tangled about in a length of barbed wire, and tend to have various things caught in them.

His eyes are a pale pink color, and often seem blank or dazed, even when Briar is highly alert.



The personality;

Despite his frightening looks, you would be surprised to know that Briar is, well, an extremely gentle stag!
He isn't shy or easily frightened like his brother is, but rather is simply very passive, often to the point where he seems dull or stupid.
He is not, he is in fact an extremely clever stag, which is exactly why he acts in such a way, he understands the world, and doesn't feel the need to say much about it, and when he does, it's often very simple things, he is selectively almost-mute.

He adores minideer, or anything he deems 'cute' for that matter, this just happens to include minideer and fawns, and he will happily romp and play with them for hours on end.
He doesn't mind when others cuddle into his fluff, and actually seems to enjoy it.

He has a childish feel to him, as if the hatred and violence of the world had never clouded his mind, still able to see all the good in it, it's a wonderful thing.


His older brother, he looks up to Rosine, and follows him about oftentimes, he doesn't blame Rosine for the...accident, in their past at all, it was after all, simply an accident and nothing more.

Hasn't met him yet, but Rosine talks about him all the time, so he must be nice, right~?


-Two Thank you ♥!

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♥ also test comment

also test comment xD
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Hojeez I love that name

Hojeez I love that name <333
I see a lot of my own personality in his xD Interesting!
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ffff thank you~! I do too, a

ffff thank you~!
I do too, a lot xD

it's just so neat~
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Holyshiz the DESIGN ISH SO

Holyshiz the DESIGN ISH SO EPICSAUCE 83 buhbuhbuh...
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thank you ;w;

haha track;)

haha track;)
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Thank you for the track 8D

Thank you for the track 8D
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Tracky track track.

Tracky track track.
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Thank you!

Thank you!