you say I am the moonlight \Engel/ I watch you at night

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I decided long ago not to walk in anyone's shadow, if I fail if I succeed at least I'll live as I believe. no matter what they take from me they can't take away my dignity!

thank you Sonata for more art <3



}Say it{


}it means{



The midday moon


Hog deer
Eld's deer






Great Argus pelt
Skull mask
DoTD antlers


An apology to those who wished him Australian, but after thinking about it I've decided to make him Latvian. I think it fits him better


Engel is a very regal creature, with long legs and a long neck, though his body is pretty average for a deer. His head and muzzle are very angled and slim, his eyes a light lavender and rimmed with ridiculously long lashes.

The balls of fluff that serve as both antlers and tail are very light, and the wind often sends his antlers in odd directions, as well as his tail if he relaxes it.
His fur is a mixture of peaches and cream reds, much like a sunset, the tufts on his 'antlers' and tail are slightly darker.




Dignified and independant, Engal refuses to rely on others, if anyone implies otherwise he will quickly anger. He's a vain creature in certain ways, and flattery will get you far with him.
He's a terribly sad and melancholy thing though he won't admit it, it's more of an air that lingers about him. He's very sensitive to cold, and gets sick easily when it snows or if he gets wet, because of such he will often avoid the pond and stick to the birch forest.



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ASIDOFAOUDF epic. I'm hooked

ASIDOFAOUDF epic. I'm hooked already. THOSE ANTLERS REMIND ME OF MOOGLES Laughing out loud *bops pompoms*

Btw, your voice link to NONAUSTRALIANNESSHOWCOULDYOU :B *shot* goes instead to the picture? Shocked I'm guessing this isn't right? Just a heads up.

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Heee~ I've fallen in lurve... *says his name over and over* hehe~ <333
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I love his name. It reminds

I love his name. It reminds me of the Rammstein song.. I have the choral version as one of Kaoori's songs. |D
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*stalks from the bushes*

*stalks from the bushes*
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fff thank you for the

fff thank you for the stalkage<3

and fixed voice link.