Hope is the thing with feathers; Talla

Tal'. 'Alla.

"I don’t have qualities, only fragilities.
But sometimes… sometimes I have hope."

- Clarice Lispector.

Female. #12. 8 years.
Roe deer influences*.Outwardly typical. Possesses a few mental and physical differences.

Speaks in #6C90A8.

Anxious, hopeful.
Drawn to morbidity.
Takes space, craves contact.
Mistrusting, but easily grows attached.

Tumblr. Toyhouse.

"There is magic in decay.
A dance to be done
For the rotting."

- Dan Chelotti, from "Compost".

mental.Heartsick, withdrawn, appreciative.

17th February, 2021
Coming to terms with a personal loss, though not without the comfort and support of those close to her.

23rd of July, 2020
Oh yikes x2, just noticed the last update was over a year ago.

Enjoying some snuggles.

8th of July, 2019
Oh yikes, just noticed last update was over a year ago.

Keeping to herself and a few close friends, for the most part.
Reunited with a nightmare from her past; Renoir. Tried to face him without showing her fear, but crumbled almost immediately under his gaze. Pursued by the wolf leisurely for the most part, until very suddenly he was on her heels. Lost any courage she'd gathered then. Slunk away after he lost interest to calm down in private. Ashamed over the whole thing, that even after all this time, he could still terrify her just as he had years ago.

Found hours later by Fenrir. Conversed with the wolf about a sensitive topic. Initially wary, but by the end found herself tentatively believing him. By no means believes the path ahead will be easy, but given reason to hope.

"Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me."

- Emily Dickinson

Discord: Wind#4759

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Talla is sooo cute! :3

Talla is sooo cute! :3

Freyheyjahhah - LOL.

Freyheyjahhah -

Kumiko -
;u;! Thank you so very much!

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Bartleby regarded the

Bartleby regarded the butterfly with an indifferent stare until it flew away. Such fickle things could only be appreciated when the time was right, not now though, not while the buck was stumbling through a conversation. It was fairly obvious that, while he was eager for social interaction, he was terrible at initiating and keeping it going. He didn't want to be a passive player in the conversation, but at the same time, his soft voice instantly ranked him as a secondary player. The whole 'art' of talking was like a strange dance to him, and he was finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the little doe. Even so, the enigmatic smile on Talla's face encouraged him, showed him that he wasn't as bumbling and awkward as he thought he might have been.

"Not everyone here is naturally social." Bartleby retaliated gently, calmly lifting his head to observe the quiet, deserted area around them. "There have been many times when I refused to speak for... decades... I would just sit and vegetate while I prayed that the other residents here would ignore me..." and that wasn't entirely true, and anyone could easily read the buck's lie between his teeth. Of course he wanted to be social... it was just... difficult.

He listened to her intently, eyes wide as he focuse his gaze on the doe's forehead. "You don't have to call me 'mister'." he mumbled. He had grown tired of using formal titles lately. They always brought back bad memories.


Out of all the deer in the forest, Bartleby only trusted about three or four deer. For someone so paranoid and physically weak, it was somewhat justified. Of course, he wasn't afraid of the little doe pressed against his side. That would be foolish, to be scared of something as equally helpless as he.

"You're quite..." he paused, lost on words. 'Intelligent'? No... that would imply that he thought he stupid beforehand, which wasn't true. He shook his head, dismissing his words. "Trust can be difficult, though." he muttered, just for the sake of saying something.

He looked at her, seeming to not understand before an obvious blush of shame and embarrassment crept up his cheeks. "Oh... um..." he stammered, caught off guard. Wincing, he sharply bent his neck down rubbed the tip of his muzzle against his chest, pain blossoming within him.

Confused, the lie noticed,

Confused, the lie noticed, she asked "And how did you survive winter, if that is the case?" she tilted her head, wondering why he did not simply use this method through this winter, as it must have worked well for him if he had done so for decades.

She nodded at his words, a soft movement and not a jerking one. Ears attentively upon the male's voice, noting that he did not speak with confidence despite her utter lack of intimidation - perhaps she had been wrong to adopt a slightly more formal manner than she usually would. For she had slept beside those covered in blood, cleaned wounds, rolled in the dirt. She had run between the legs of those with the most terrifying appearances and proceeded to bury herself into their warm bodies. Often, with those closest she entirely skipped bowing and instead overloaded the poor things with affection. It was not that she would disapprove of informality, surely not.

So with that, the 'mister' business was dropped.

He confused her, and the little doe would have found it amusing he should say that trust could be difficult if she had not become concerned over his health. Surely, it was not all that bad to slip into another tongue? Her ears fell, unsure and concerned. The doe pressed her black nose to his chest, beside his. It did frighten her a little to do so, for she and he barely knew one another and she did still have some doubts about him. She did not know what pained him, exactly, however tried to mend any hurt her words had made. "It matters little, Bartleby. I stammer often in the face of those I do not know - it bothers me not. Nor am I bothered by a slip of the tongue." she said with a voice that was careful and soft. She hoped it had not been her who had caused this pain. Eyes wide and muscles tensed, her figure prepared to run despite her own desire to ensure he was alright.

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Srsly the cutest thoughts I

Srsly the cutest thoughts I ever read ♥

Haha, surely not! xD She's

Haha, surely not! xD She's not that cute.
But thank you ♥.
'preciate it C8

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Tracking this gorgeous

Tracking this gorgeous biography <3

Awwh 8D. Thank ye'

Awwh 8D. Thank ye'

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Hm, who was the little gray

Hm, who was the little gray one? The map didn't lead me anywhere, so.
That was amusing anyway, hahah. S was just a little stung with envy there.
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Oh geeze

Oh geeze<3 She's such a adorable character.

Samuel's a shy fawn also. He's afraid of his own shadow. xDD

I think I might have saw you passing by The Ruins either today or a few days ago. : o

Saosin - That was GingerNut's

Saosin - That was GingerNut's gorgeous Bartleby~
It was rather amusing, xD. Poor Sao, being all nice and getting rejected :C. I adore him so much, though.

RainbowSnoopy - Oh, thank youuu C: !
Gosh, he sounds adorable~ An' that's likely, as she passes through there often, though I don't think so today.

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Baw, he tried so hard to be

Baw, he tried so hard to be all tough and manly for nothing BD
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Ah, I see. Hahaaah, he didn't

Ah, I see. Hahaaah, he didn't understand how this little stag could be the one to protect her, chasing him off wouldn't solve much either... So, he'll probably just approach her again when she's alone. <3
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Hm, probably not the best way

Hm, probably not the best way to approach a frightened doe, yeah? S was just very conflicted... He enjoys a good chase as much as he wants to be her friend. He was rather pleased when she ran into the birch forest though, for some reason, heh.

Haha! No, not really the best

Haha! No, not really the best way to approach her. XD. Poor thing ;u; That must be so confusing for him. Mm, the birch has lots of hills for her to dart down and to swerve around~ Better than the Ruins, which she got stuck in when he came up to her. Fff. |D

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He was actually trying to

He was actually trying to herd her into a corner there at the ruins, it's a good thing she's small and fast. She can easily slink past him, heh. He doesn't like running for too long either, as it puts a strain on his leg, so he generally stops following her after a while... Then he's all selfish when herla gets involved. He hates it when others interferes with his interests, hahahh.

He nearly succeeded there,

He nearly succeeded there, too, actually. Adrenaline is pretty helpful, too. Luckily for her that leg strain tends to slow him down, then |D. Poor guy just can't get a break, can he? xD
Talla should come round eventually |D

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S: Excellent, she shall be

S: Excellent, she shall be running out of that soon then.
Heheh. Don't worry, he won't give up. We don't expect her to accept him any time soon, anyway.

OhGod. XDDD Haha. Especially

OhGod. XDDD Haha. Especially if someone keeps chasing her around!

eue ♥. Glad of that, I am. c:

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Mannn, if it wasn't for his

Mannn, if it wasn't for his own leg, he would totally take that strategy... Chase her, keep her still and make her stay until she followed him instead. Which might've taken an eternity and be very annoying on your part, roflll. Guess he'll have to think of another way, heh.
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I love that you understand

I love that you understand his herding moves... It's really fun. He's got her where he wants her now, hahahh.

Lol, that probably would have

Lol, that probably would have taken forever, however it wouldn't have annoyed me too much |D.
More than anything, I expect him to eventually give up XD. She can be extremely difficult.

edit;; You ninja'd me. Ff ;D I love his herding moves, actually~

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All the more fun, that she

All the more fun, that she is, really. He gets rather persistent, he won't give her up easily. He thinks she's worth it? Although... With a deer like talla, he could get rather possessive, so for her it's probably best keep away, heheh. He can be a creepy guy, so her fear definitely isn't irrational.

|D. Likewise. Haha, he'd

|D. Likewise. Haha, he'd probably get sick of her eventually. She goes through stages of getting better and getting worse all the time, so it's usually a revolving door of cowering. |D She's trusted odd sorts before - possessive ones, too. I remember a time when Reed wouldn't allow anyone to get within a metre of her |D

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Hmmm... He wouldn't have

Hmmm... He wouldn't have bothered going after her this way if it was meaningless to him. I guess talla just triggers that response in him. Her being flighty and lonely, he protective and possessive, and taking advantage of those facts... Reed? I'm surprised she let him within a meter of her, heheh. Anyway, despite it all, S is a good friend, so he'll keep at it. <3

eue. I'm glad. I think she

eue. I'm glad. I think she needs good friends. I'm not saying the friends she has are 'bad', though... Sounds like it, I guess.

Mmm~ He truly is intriguing, though. Quite sweet, despite being creepy, I suppose.

Haha xD! Yes, Reed. c: I cannot remember how it happened, really. I just remember him attacking anything that got too close.
For the most part her usual lack of concern for physical appearance amazes me, actually.

:3 ♥ ~

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Nah, I'm sure she has some

Nah, I'm sure she has some good ones already. Hn, I'm really happy he still comes off as intriguing, even as more of him is revealed... Sweet? That's one way of describing his shameless stalking, hahah. Mmh, S generally keeps his friends near while keeping others at a distance, as well, both mentally and physically.

Heheh... He almost had her trapped there, in the holes of the ruins. His antlers would've made a fitting fence, but he's rather reluctant to use them as he wouldn't want to risk impaling her on one of his tines, fffail.

Mm, that she does. At the

Mm, that she does. At the moment, she's just not quite seeing it, I guess. Then again, one may never have enough good friends. Yes, he does seem sweet~ C: Characters that intrigue me will do so for quite a while. Sometimes they never cease to.

Yeah, he really nearly did. She earned herself a few scrapes on her legs for her escape. Gosh, that really is sweet of him, because she may have gotten desperate enough to have tried to get out despite the antler-fence. |D Which probably would have ended up with an impaled Talla! xD

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Thought I was tracking

Thought I was tracking this!

Talla made a few of Herla's feathers fall out today. Didn't know what to do for her when she seemed to want to go to her mother but then it wasn't going well.

Thank you &hearts;. Ohgosh;;.

Thank you ♥.
Ohgosh;;. Hope Herla's okay, I mean, I know they're just feathers, but... but yeah 8C. Mm, Talla greatly appreciated Herla's help, as well. She needed the encouragement a lot.

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Gentle track right here puff~

Gentle track right here puff~

Mm &hearts;. Thank you.

Mm ♥. Thank you.

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"Goodnight, Talla. Keep warm

"Goodnight, Talla. Keep warm and dream sweet."

"Certainly, those are my

"Certainly, those are my intentions. I hope for you to do the same, as well as a healthy pregnancy thus far, and until its end."

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Do you mind if I add you to

Do you mind if I add you to MSN ?

Avatar & signature by Shimmyshimmy. ♥

I'd be delighted.

I'd be delighted.

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"Mm-mm. My little pocket

"Mm-mm. My little pocket sister. ♥"

"I intend on always being

"I intend on always being such, too ♥~."


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A mouth of teeth. Thousands

A mouth of teeth. Thousands in the top. Thousands in the bottom. Like the headstones of every soldier who did not come back to a crying widow. Snap Snap Snap. They came together. Click Click Click. They came apart.

"Come back.
Come back."

Snap Snap Snap
Click Click Click

"I just want to see you bleed"

Snap. Snap. Snap

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Sorry I did not realize you

Sorry I did not realize you were there until I was about to log off for bed! Sleeping Talla hides very well in the blue bowl. XD It was really good to see you and Talla though!

Lol sorry. |D That she

Lol sorry. |D That she does.
Mm, she's missed seeing Gus' around. So, likewise 8'D

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Proper track. Niko's at it

Proper track.

Niko's at it again >_>

Thanks 8D I was laughing so

Thanks 8D

I was laughing so hard, actually. She's never had anyone do quite that before! XD

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LOL poor girl. /punts him It

LOL poor girl.
/punts him

It was pretty amusing on our side too though pfft she can't catch a break.

Lol, he's definitely not the

Lol, he's definitely not the worst out there, so she's not got it too hard 8'D. She's so confused, though XD

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So this is the little lady

So this is the little lady who Miyako has been worried about whenever Niko has decided to give her a chase.
Tracking this. (:
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Awww Talla is just so cute

Awww Talla is just so cute ;u; Poor girl being upset about the others not understanding her <3

Lost: Mm, yes. It's not

Mm, yes. It's not entirely his fault - as Miyako has probably noticed. She runs.
Thank you :3

;o; Thank you, yeee. She didn't intend to upset others, so seeing that she had didn't sit well with her.

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After spelling the doe with

After spelling the doe with feathers and noticing they kinda fit her, the buck was somewhat sad when the feathers were sneezed off finally. He understood that girls want to choose over their looks, and left it there. It was still bothering him, and when Talla didn't see him while running around, Nidhem picked a few pretty feathers he found laying on the ground, and tried to hide them under his fur so the doe wouldn't see them.

After the playtime, when they sat at the doe's tree, the buck quietly pulled the feathers gently with his teeth and turned his head shyly to Talla, laying the feathers down in front of her feet. He held his skully head against his chest and spoke carefully.
"I-I just thought that if you ever want to... ummh... Use them somehow... they seemed pretty to me..."

"You c-can... throw them away too."

Gah Sorry if this is a little weird. I'm not good with these :'D

^ That was so damn adorable.

^ That was so damn adorable. ♥