Hope is the thing with feathers; Talla

Tal'. 'Alla.

"I don’t have qualities, only fragilities.
But sometimes… sometimes I have hope."

- Clarice Lispector.

Female. #12. 8 years.
Roe deer influences*.Outwardly typical. Possesses a few mental and physical differences.

Speaks in #6C90A8.

Anxious, hopeful.
Drawn to morbidity.
Takes space, craves contact.
Mistrusting, but easily grows attached.

Tumblr. Toyhouse.

"There is magic in decay.
A dance to be done
For the rotting."

- Dan Chelotti, from "Compost".

mental.Heartsick, withdrawn, appreciative.

17th February, 2021
Coming to terms with a personal loss, though not without the comfort and support of those close to her.

23rd of July, 2020
Oh yikes x2, just noticed the last update was over a year ago.

Enjoying some snuggles.

8th of July, 2019
Oh yikes, just noticed last update was over a year ago.

Keeping to herself and a few close friends, for the most part.
Reunited with a nightmare from her past; Renoir. Tried to face him without showing her fear, but crumbled almost immediately under his gaze. Pursued by the wolf leisurely for the most part, until very suddenly he was on her heels. Lost any courage she'd gathered then. Slunk away after he lost interest to calm down in private. Ashamed over the whole thing, that even after all this time, he could still terrify her just as he had years ago.

Found hours later by Fenrir. Conversed with the wolf about a sensitive topic. Initially wary, but by the end found herself tentatively believing him. By no means believes the path ahead will be easy, but given reason to hope.

"Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me."

- Emily Dickinson

Discord: Wind#4759

My new page 8D

My new page 8D







That bear. It can own me for

That bear. It can own me for all I care. |B

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Retracking. Can't believe

Retracking. Can't believe it's taken this long to do. Sorry. x(

Thank you both very much

Thank you both very much ♥

And don't be sorry, ;u;.

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*rubrub* 8D


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LOL &hearts; Will you do


Will you do Greitai's bio, someday, so I can to stalk and spam it ? C8

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8DD &hearts;! OBBY! Yes. I

8DD ♥!

Yes. I will... eventually C:
I want to.
But I'm so lazy ;D

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If you want to, so you're not

If you want to, so you're not lazy 8D I'm lazy too, and I have a rut blog to do, pff |D


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I doooooo want to. Lol, at

I doooooo want to.
Lol, at least you've gotten started!
I haven't even gotten past the thought of doing one. XDD


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;n; Poor Talla, getting

;n; Poor Talla, getting chased..
My Leviathann was the idol pelted skull deer with the magpie feathers who kept trying to help her. <3

&hearts; Oh, I thought I'd

♥ Oh, I thought I'd seen that pictogram before!
Yeah, Talla wasn't too happy about being chased. Nope, not at all.
W-wait! Levi's pregnant! Silly girly, ;~;. She should be resting, not helping (though it was appreciated)!
Talla was grateful for the help that Levi did give, though she only noticed part of it, she was busy being scared of ~everything~.

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|D; Yep, due in a few weeks.

|D; Yep, due in a few weeks. That's why she sounded the alarm instead of running about bashing deer over the head. <3

And that's alright. <3 Levi's worked with skittish minis before, so she's not offended or anything. (:

B'aw ;u;, I'm going to

B'aw ;u;, I'm going to totally be stalking Levi from now on, jus' so you know.
Yes, well, |: That's always a good point. If she had not done that, things may not have worked out so 'well'.

I don't deal with skittish minis myself, not often. Mainly because shy deer take one look at one another and run away. |D Oh, I'm glad she didn't get offended, too. Levi seems really nice~ c:

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LOL. Stalking is good. >u>

LOL. Stalking is good. >u> Levi likes her fans.. they taste nice with ketchup. <3~ /slapped
Ah man, yeah. >> Considering that was a 'good' ending. I'd be scared to know what would have happened without backup. ;;

LOL. It's like looking in a mirror, eh? |D Yeah, Lev managed to win over Buttons, and she likes minis in general so she'll probably find a way to get Talla to like her. c:
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*poofing in* Nothing would

*poofing in*
Nothing would have happened without backup. xD
Illrose only chased for the sake of chasing. If Talla had stopped and Illrose hadn't managed to scare her into running again, she would just have lost interest and left Talla alone. (:

*poofing out again*

rrrrrofl.. but would Talla

rrrrrofl.. but would Talla have stopped? >>
I know, foreals, that if Illrose came at me all "RARGHFNDJN" I wouldn't stop until I collapsed. ;n;

Stalking is very good~

Stalking is very good~ Though, last time I told someone that I think I forever alienated them C:
OH. You mean tomato sauce *nudge*. And in that case, I've heard they do taste rather delicious!

A 'good' ending for... well, pretty much just Talla. LOL. Everyone else got injured in some way, I'm sure. I think she got a few nicks in the commotion, but I'm way too tired to even bother checking that now.
Poor Illy;;

YES. It really is |D Perfect description.
Cool with that. |D Though, I don't get to be up at this time often, not with bloody school |:
Still, hope so~!

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c: Also, Lev's not mocking


Also, Lev's not mocking Talla or whatever. Trying to get at eye-level with her. c;

N'aw, Talla didn't think that

N'aw, Talla didn't think that and neither did I C:
She's still a bit worked up. XD, though quite curious about Levi, the fact she's so heavily pregnant and full of fight. @o@ Seen' she's a coward even when healthy.

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/smothers/ <3

Totally cool with that

Totally cool with that ;D
♥! :3

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Ff. Now, both Luca and Umay

Ff. Now, both Luca and Umay have a mini each. 9w9 -lame track-

Minis. Now a fashion

Minis. Now a fashion accessory. Pretty damn cute C:

c: Thank you~

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Yeah, that's exactly what I

Yeah, that's exactly what I though |D Lul.

^^ Np~
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Augh, I adore talla.

Augh, I adore talla.

Thank you, ;u;... &hearts;.

Thank you, ;u;... ♥.

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"I-I'm really sorry..." the

"I-I'm really sorry..." the fragile ashen buck stepped back, quite taken by surprise. He hadn't expected such a violent reaction from the two minis, particularly the tiny blue one. "I was just hoping if I could sit with you two... Not to cause trouble. It's cold you see..." and from the way his breath rattled in his chest and whole figure shook, even the pre-winter months seemed to have a heavy effect on him.

((Ahyes... that grey stag that was creepin' on Talla is my Bartleby >> Really wanted to see her and I can't remember Peony's account password ;; So... yah... fff Ignore me if you want :'D ))

Both blue ears were pulled

Both blue ears were pulled back, a display of how uncomfortable she was. Though this did not mean the little blue doe was not listening. The roe deer took a few steps forward, a small part of her trying to drag her frame in the opposite direction. He was sorry, and his thin frame had little to do with the doe's small bubble of confidence. After all, Harley did not need to pick up on her cowardly habits anyway. "C-certainly. There is s-something of a ch-chill". Though her body itself was small, the young doe did not feel the cold like this frail buck. It certainly did strike pity within her, though not in a demeaning way. She certainly knew how it felt to be frail, for in comparison to most.

{ OhGod. He's gorgeous~ eue. She was more startled by Illrose passing by than Bartleby, |D I like being creeped on ;u; makesmefeellovedy'know. |D ♥, you're so nice. I adore ya'~ }

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He nodded, though his neck

He nodded, though his neck seemed to creak as he slowly swayed it up and down, like it hurt to move. "I didn't see anyone else around that wasn't wearing any of those skulls or rotting pelts... they're rather unpleasant..." Deathly cold or not, he had his standards. "I..." he paused for a moment, as if lost in thought. "I'm Bartleby." There was no need for him to use a title now, it would only intimidate the shy mini even more so. As an added bonus, he attempted a bow, though he moved so stiffly that he nearly fell over. "I can go, if you want, if I'm making you uncomfortable..."

A trickle of molten wax dripped from one of the golden candles on his small antlers and tickled along his thinly furred back, making him wince.

((Ffffthankyousomuch and I'm so glad ♥ I'm always worried that I'm annoying people or whatnot >w>; hurhur~))

Prepared to leap away, the

Prepared to leap away, the doe peered from beneath her mask at the stiff movements of the ashen stag. She saw nothing wrong with skulls and rotting pelts seldom bothered her, though they made bathing a regular occurrence. She remembered that Vilnius had always smelled strongly of blood and nearly every meeting with him had ended with blood on her, too. A sigh moved through her body, reminding herself he was peaceful in passing. "A p-pleasure to meet you, i-indeed, Bartleby", she paused before speaking his name, deciding that she would say with without a stutter, to be respectful. She made a bow back, a timid one that nearly seemed graceful in comparison to the other's stiffer movements. It was difficult to reply to him now, for he was making her uncomfortable. "Y-you are making m-me uncomfortable, t-think little of it. A-all do, i-initially." it was not information to be hidden.

{ D: I do, too. But you don't need to with me, 'kay? C: }

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Bartleby just stared at her,

Bartleby just stared at her, anywhere but her eyes that is. He didn't know that the gesture could have been interpreted as rude. "Likewise..." he mumbled, his high, reedy nearly breaking an octave as another cold shiver ran down his spine. He seemed perplexed at her reply, before a small wave of recognition lit up his features.

"Wait... Is your name Talla?" he asked, more out of politeness than any real curiosity. "I've heard of you..." he mumbled, nodding a as he looked over her appearance. Small... blue... butterfly mask and rather shy... that was how Peony described her on the way back from outside the forest, not that Bartleby had listened much at the time, but he had picked up small bits and pieces here and there.

((kljfalsk<3 ;; Thank ye, madame~))

She looked down, fixing her

She looked down, fixing her eyes on some grass just near his hooves. One ear pricked forward, the other one still pressed back, she listened. Shifting on her hooves, keeping the blood actively flowing, the little doe's gaze shot up again when he spoke her name, questioning her ownership. How did he...?

"Y-yes... that's m-my name.". She blinked, glad for the mask about her face that kept her hidden. He recognised her, though it was only a small amount, "I apologise... however, w-who s-spoke of m-me?" Talla had hardly been aware she was a topic that may be discussed or mentioned in casual conversation. She lifted her muzzle, sniffing delicately for scents she may recognised, curiosity urging her to take a small step forward to increase her chance of picking a scent up.

{ ♥! C: Not a problem, darlin' }

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Ah, so his assumptions had

Ah, so his assumptions had been right. That was... neither good nor bad. It was good because the relation may ease Talla's worries and it was bad because of the relation itself. Just because the frail buck had traveled with the doe did not mean that he particularly liked her. Granted, his distaste was more or less just jealousy, as on her own Peony was relatively good company

"Peony talked about you on our way back here." he clarified, noticing her craning her neck farther and farther upwards to meet his face. For her benefit, he slowly sat down, rendering them as a relatively similar height. Bartleby knew well enough what it was like to have to look up at people... being as short as he was. "I'm sorry. I should have said so earlier, it seems..."

(Huuu ♥ ;3; )

Her ears were fixed upon him,

Her ears were fixed upon him, waiting for the uttering of a name. Peony! She was immediately curious as to the health of the beautiful lavender doe, and thus voiced her curiosity. On the way back? From where? It wasn't really her place to ask, not did she feel comfortable in interrogating the frail stag.

She leaned back when he sat down, giving the small stag any room he may need, though it was practically a useless movement for her to make. She did not often take much care in recognising height differences, as she was well used to looking up to other creatures. Still, it was always nice to virtually be at the same eye-height as another. It was not exactly a rarity, though it was indeed quite uncommon. Once in a while, Talla would even look down upon another cervidae - which was often an odd feeling.

Feeling more comfortable, she urged herself to speak up and voice her concern for the lavender one. "Peony... B-Bartleby, how is dear P-Peony?" a slight hint of worry in her voice.

A tilt of the head, confusion, of course. The blue doe deer shook her head, finding his last comment to hold some nonsense to it - she could not think him sorry unless he had the power to read minds or something of a similar calibre. A dark hoof raised from the ground, leading the rest of her body across the ground briefly. Cautiously, she had come closer to the now-sitting stag, reaching out with her nose once more, pulling back a little after a moment.

{ ♥. }

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Bartleby watched her

Bartleby watched her movements as if with great interest, staring outright with his wide, glazed over eyes. He didn't seem to know that the gesture was rude, despite how stiffly polite he was otherwise. Even so, he still yet continued to refuse to look at her eyes, focusing instead on the hoof she brought forward.

"Oh... Peony is fine." he reassured her after a small pause, gathering his thoughts. "We are... all a little shaken up, but overall fine." he added. His high voice cracked on one of his words mid-sentence, and he completely averted his gaze from her, embarrassed. "She said that she misses you, and that she was looking forward to see you again... She's more or less staying with her... her..." he faltered, his expression growing blank.

"Her father." the buck finally spat. Honestly, he didn't even know why he was telling her such things. It wasn't Bartleby's nature to have any sort of inclination to give goodwill to others, though perhaps he felt an obligation to the little doe for letting him share her warmth.

He was quiet for a long moment, his gaze drifting about them both, as if he could not find a single point of interest to focus on. "I can leave if you want to..." he offered politely, the doe's uneasiness discomforting him. "But just know that I can't hurt you. Honestly." though that should have been pretty obvious to begin with.
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It was uncomfortable to be

It was uncomfortable to be stared at so intently, however the little doe tried to pay it no heed. The manner in which the stag spat caused her to start, to leap sideways in a fashion that could be described as nimble, perhaps.

Taking a deep breath, the doe brought herself nearer to Bartleby, and shook her head at his words. She brushed her fur against his and stood there a moment before hesitantly sitting down beside him, seeming to come to the conclusion that he would not hurt her. She had agreed to share her warmth with him, after all.

Finally, she replied to the ashen one's words."It makes me glad to know she is well. F-few does are s-sweeter in nature." she dipped her head, breathing calmer now as she came to accept he would not harm her. It was not just physical injury she feared. Peony's father... a name surfaced in her mind. A small, blue creature. Rosine. Her ears fell, little body wracked with a sudden wave of sadness, she'd not even been told about his death for a time after it had occurred. It had been suggested through dreams and whispered by butterflies. She knew not even how it had happened, or if it was true. Something told her it was, however.

Another came to mind, a red stag whose name seemed to be slightly elusive. It had been so long since she had seen Peony and longer since she had seen the red parent. Ears tilted back."Her...f-father. The r-red one, J-Jergens is his n-name, am I correct?" Stuttering brought to dominance once more after the unsettling thoughts of her friend. She tried to bade the sad thoughts of Rosine goodbye for now, though not without a struggle.


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It was almost comical, for

It was almost comical, for Bartleby automatically followed the mini's example, fearful adrenaline pulsing through his body as he leapt up and staggered to the side. His breath had turned into short gasps, eyes wide and... well... fearful. He didn't care how foolish it might have been to jump away, but the buck could take no chances. All it took was a cut or bruise...

Though, he settled down when Talla moved next to him, his body racked in pathetic shivers as he listened to her words. "Y-Yes..." he cleared his throat, a vain attempt to regain his composure. "I... didn't speak personally with her that much." he shuffled uneasily at the tenseness of her body. "Would you feel better if I told you that I don't even have the physical capability to harm you?" he asked. Through her warmth, his shivers began to subside, though his body was still racked in trembles.

His ears pressed firmly to the back of his scalp, his small body tensing at the mention of the name. "Yes... that's right..." he muttered, only to turn to her with a small, enigmatic smile. "I used to stutter a lot... when I was younger. I remember my parents had to hire a special tutor for me. A tad embarrassing, but it worked out..." he sounded almost kindly, though it seemed obvious that just wanted to change the subject.

Another pause, and Bartleby listened to the distinct drips of molten wax dribbling from his antlers, almost closing his eyes in contentment before he realized that, inevitably, a few golden droplets had fallen upon Talla's back, small enough to be visible, but not felt. "Here, let me get that for you..." he craned his muzzle downwards, scrunching up his face in annoyance as he started to clean the wax from the doe's back. He would have not normally partaken in such... menial activities... bur for someone sacrificing their body heat, it was the least he could do. The buck wasn't completely heartless, after all.

Talla, at first, did not know

Talla, at first, did not know how to respond to the frail one's comment on his inability to harm her. He could have been lying, or perhaps he would harm her in another form than the physical - but how could she explain? A creature that loved her companions so dearly that initially had run from them? Maybe that was odd. She left it for the moment, unable to find an appropriate way to explain the situation she lived in.

Her eyes darted up to him, realising the ears pressed to the fur of his skull. Jergens was not a popular name with either of them, then. Yet, Talla did not think him to be all bad. Though there were some that she could never imagine trusting, he was not one of them.

His change of topic was noted, and she did not question it at all. For if speaking of Peony and Jergens would unsettle him further, then she was willing to cease - his discomfort could be felt by the doe like the horse senses the fear of its rider.

She was calming again, and thus her stutter reduced. In the presence of someone she trusted, or even 'alone' (though this never truly happened often), the blue roe deer would speak with nary a stutter. "A... t-tutor? I s-see not how you w-would be embarrassed." Perhaps, perhaps she would if in the same situation, though this moment was a different matter. Ears flicked, a fly had landed on them.

Talla did not lean upon the ashen stag as she relaxed, and this may have been due to a concern of hurting his frail figure. She knew not why he had startled earlier with her, and also did not know why she felt as if it was possible that she was a physical danger, either.

Two blue ears swivelled, keeping track of his progress over her back. It took her a moment to realise that he was cleaning something from her back, and another to realise that it may have been the wax upon his antlers. She was grateful for the gesture, despite the manner in which her body slightly tensed its muscles. What was she prepared for? Well, anything, really.

Her neck twisted slightly, bringing her masked face around. One eye upon him, observing that he did such an act as if it were a chore that was not only mundane but unpleasant. She had half a mind to brush him off, and it was likely that her eyes betrayed these thoughts. It was not a cruel thought. Perhaps it was truly a kind one. Yet, as the left ear pivoted and then began a decent from high to horizontal position and her eyes simultaneously blinked, the doe decided to leave him be with the task. After all, it had been his choice and any utterance from her may have made the situation awkward in a manner that may have sent them both back into sure unease.

Finally, she replied to the statement of his physical inability to harm her, though she was still not certain. "The physical strength of one may mean little if their mind is the true danger" it was whispered, and her nose wrinkled, as if she was unsure of the truth in her own words.

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It didn't help that Bartleby

It didn't help that Bartleby himself was a figure that practically personified awkwardness itself. He was polite, yes, but that was all he had going for him. He had been raised in a completely isolated environment, and it showed especially here. Every time he felt the doe's skin or muscles twitch, he flinched in response. Physical touch unnerved him if he didn't really know the other deer. Not like he had a choice though. It was either bear it or die during the winter, which Bartleby knew was going to be just as hellish and terrible as last year.

He had not cared what her response would be. Talking about Jergens of Peony would have surely made him lose his composure, and making the little doe nervous or flighty was the last thing he wanted to do. There wasn't another deer for yards around that looked as though he or she would offer him body heat. "Oh... I wasn't embarrassed until they addressed it; my parents thought it unsightly." he absentmindedly mumbled, thoughts trailing.

Bartleby didn't really think about the connotations behind his actions. It had been instinctive, more or less a reaction to how unsightly the beads of wax looked upon a blue coat. That, and he feared that the molten stuff would scald her like it frequently did with him. One would think that such head ware would be deemed as useless, and for the most part, it was. But he was a vain creature despite his sense of logic and practicalities.

All he did think about was how vile and chalky the taste of the dried wax was, and how he thought that he was doing the little doe a great service by removing it. He didn't dare, and would not have even thought of, spitting away the residue from his mouth. Rather, he swallowed the wax with extreme distaste, wincing. To bring himself to such a low but a bit shameful in his eyes, but he carried out the task in as dignified a way as possible. Eventually he stopped, finding her back clean of residue.

"Yes... you're absolutely right." he murmured, nodding in agreement. "But you forget, we are animals. We live in an environment where the physically fit are the ones that survive..." it was nearly a miracle that his body had lasted as long as it had here.

He paused, seriously thinking over her statement. Such words made him think, to delve into the more rusty parts of his mind that he had a tendency to neglect. "The insane have seemed to survive quite a long time... but they usually have strength to back them up. If they were like me, then they would surely die. Het is echt een schande..." he didn't even seem to notice that his tongue had slipped back into his first language, something that rarely... if ever happened. And it it did, it was when he was so lost in thought.

Evidently, the doe's words had calmed him down, and the buck had begun to relax. As odd as it seemed, he was already starting to trust her, if only by a little and considering her smallness (though he would never say such a thing).

Yum. Love the bio and the

Yum. Love the bio and the character! Track♥

Gingy - Upon her muzzle there

Gingy -
Upon her muzzle there was a smile, hardly noticeable but not intended to be hidden. It was a facial expression that she had picked up on in the forest as a fawn. His twitching unsettled her, though his polite demeanour helped calm her fears. It was not that she disliked company or that she had little social interaction previously in her life - and truly she held little of her opinions upon appearance.

A butterfly rested peacefully upon her shoulder and the doe found herself more at ease. Perhaps it was silly of her, for the butterfly did not represent Atvana any more or less than Bartleby or she herself did. Still, the blue butterfly did help calm her as it rested delicately upon her shoulder. Another moment saw it gone - perhaps it had sensed the danger of falling wax or had become frightened by Bartleby's grooming. It did land nearby, however.

She mused upon his response, flicking an ear attentively. "We are animals, however we are social creatures for the most part - are we not? I've outlived some that are physically stronger than I, too. Trust is an important factor, mister Bartleby. If those that I consider to be closest decided to turn upon me then I would certainly be lost. It may not even be a physical tu-turn. If she I c-called my mother or he I considered one I could always confide in one day said quite simply that I had been nothing b-but a burden u-upon them or something of a similar, t-terrible sort, then I w-would not know what I w-would do." She paused, obviously upset by the thought of someone she trusted and loved speaking such dreadful things. Glancing back at him once more, quizzically, "Insane?" A slow shake of the head, her process of thought disturbed when he uttered words which she did not know in a string, a sentence.

"I apologise if I come off as rude, however I do not understand the tongue into which you have delved." She said it politely, as there was no cause to be rude to such an apparently kind gentleman.

BlueJay17 -
OhmyGodthankyou. ♥!

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-smooshes Talla-

-smooshes Talla- <3<3<3<3

&hearts;! ;u; Darcy is so

♥! ;u;
Darcy is so bloody sweet. JUST SAYIN'.

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First i'm gonna run up to

First i'm gonna run up to you,
then squish you,
then interrupt your hugs.