Hope is the thing with feathers; Talla

Tal'. 'Alla.

"I don’t have qualities, only fragilities.
But sometimes… sometimes I have hope."

- Clarice Lispector.

Female. #12. 8 years.
Roe deer influences*.Outwardly typical. Possesses a few mental and physical differences.

Speaks in #6C90A8.

Anxious, hopeful.
Drawn to morbidity.
Takes space, craves contact.
Mistrusting, but easily grows attached.

Tumblr. Toyhouse.

"There is magic in decay.
A dance to be done
For the rotting."

- Dan Chelotti, from "Compost".

mental.Heartsick, withdrawn, appreciative.

17th February, 2021
Coming to terms with a personal loss, though not without the comfort and support of those close to her.

23rd of July, 2020
Oh yikes x2, just noticed the last update was over a year ago.

Enjoying some snuggles.

8th of July, 2019
Oh yikes, just noticed last update was over a year ago.

Keeping to herself and a few close friends, for the most part.
Reunited with a nightmare from her past; Renoir. Tried to face him without showing her fear, but crumbled almost immediately under his gaze. Pursued by the wolf leisurely for the most part, until very suddenly he was on her heels. Lost any courage she'd gathered then. Slunk away after he lost interest to calm down in private. Ashamed over the whole thing, that even after all this time, he could still terrify her just as he had years ago.

Found hours later by Fenrir. Conversed with the wolf about a sensitive topic. Initially wary, but by the end found herself tentatively believing him. By no means believes the path ahead will be easy, but given reason to hope.

"Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me."

- Emily Dickinson

Discord: Wind#4759

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He tilted his head slightly, dull eyes blinking slowly as he examined her. "Look, girly. I can barely walk as it is. Why run if I can't chase ya?" he asked, speaking as if he were talking to a slow child.
"Rose likes ya..." he murmured, almost as if he were in a drugged daze. "Are ya afriad to talk to me? Afraid that I'll attack ya? Afraid that... I might know something that I shouldn't?" he paused, and his lips curled upward into a threatening grin, ear to ear.
The cheshire grin.

((Annnnnd... Now I have to go to class.... Bugger xD; ))


{ NO. YOU WIN. } He made

{ NO. YOU WIN. }

He made sense, why run? Instinct, mainly. It was more that the voice was completely unexpected. Actually, the manner in which he had spoken to her made the little doe want to show him that she did have brains in certain aspects... but the stuttering would make that difficult. She did not reply with words, merely nodded in response to his words. She beamed, it was always good when a friend liked another friend, that helped the whole 'friendship' thing. Then he confused her. "W-what...? Is th-there a secret about... m-myself I should know?" A tilt of her head showed the confusion running through the doe's mind. What in the world was this fellow on about? The grin made her take a step back, wondering why she was being threatened at all. What had she done wrong...?

{ CLASS KILLS. All good, I failed to reply D: OHNO. YOU OWNED. As in the owning of the page that came second. O_^ NINJAHHHH }

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((NO U WIN)) That burning

((NO U WIN))

That burning sense of selfish jealousy... It seemed that humiliating this doe, messing with her was the only way that he could douse it's fire. It was irrational, and would no doubt result in future troubles or fights. Jergens himself though was usually the type that leapt before he thought.
"His leg got broken because of ya. He keeps getting hurt because of ya." he rattled off, the contorted smile pasted onto his face. "Do ya know how much shit I went through? Do ya know how many times I thought that he was going to die on me?" his eyes narrowed, ears pressing to the back of his head as he glared at her.
"I already lost someone before... I'm not going to again just because of some bitch who can't take of herself!" he dug a hoof into the ground, staining it with soil and bits of moss.

((I KNO I HATE IT SOOO MUUUCH D: Fufu... I'm an awesome ninja :B))
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"I'm sorry for bringing all

"I'm sorry for bringing all those deers near you; I didn't know it would scare you. I hope we can meet again to dance!"

My doe Lily met Talla today; she was the big crow that followed Talla and later went dancing near her with Saburo and that other deer /whose name I don't know. She didn't know she was so shy, otherwise would have behaved more carefully, but she sees shy deers as challenges to befriend so expect her to cross Talla's path again Smiling

Gingey; { NO. YOU LIE.

Gingey; { NO. YOU LIE. LIESSZZZ. Oh, we must refer to Talla as ITq1. That is her true name. xDDD }

Her ears flattened immediately and she took a step back, head hanging low. "W-what? I d-didn't m-mean fo-for h-him to g-g-get hurt...!" She felt horrible, and the feeling swept through the doe quickly. She hated hurting her friends, even if it was indirect. His words made the blue doe flinch repeatedly, taking yet another step back. She hated what he said, was it really all her fault? She'd never meant to hurt him...
The blue butterfly rested on her mask, and Talla sighed, head held low in what might be shame and flinched once more at the words that unkindly flew from his mouth. "I... n-never a-a-asked hi-him to..." her voice was strained as she stuttered the words out, and looked like a fawn who had been told off because she hadn't taken care of a sibling.

{ XDD PEWPEWHH! You are. You truly are /ze/ most awesome ninja ever. }

"N-no... it's q-quite alright."
Ah, I wasn't really playing her well then XD. Talla adores ravens and is not afraid of other little animals. If she meets your deer again as a deer, she will be hesitant. Ravens are probably the only animal she trusts on sight.
Go for it :3. She needs some reassurance that strangers wont attack her. XD Once she does trust your deer, she can be quite the cuddle monster.

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((PFFFFT LAWL xD Also, internet shut down JUST AS I WAS ABOUT TO REPLY... UGHHHHH))

Taunting her... messing with her... It all gave him a morbid, yet satisfying sense of satisfaction. Jergens wasn't rational, he didn't ahead to look for conseqences.

After all, that wasn't a part of the 'Jergens Way'.

His grin was practically glued to his face now, brown eyes dully staring back into her's.

"Grow a frakin' backbone before ya start draftin' people to be yer own personal bodyguards..." he spat. "I'm not gonna lose someone like him again. I won't let ya..."

((PHAIL... :C *sob*))
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You can add Cutlass in the

You can add Cutlass in the relationships if you wish. At least he sees Tallers as a friend. :]
Also, mega track. Cool


If she had been brave and assertive, Talla would have taken a step forward and told Jergens to get things straight. She wasn't either of those things. Her little body shook for a moment, shoudlers sagged with guilt. The blue doe wanted to ask him if he protected Rosine, if it was so bad that Rosine protected others too...
Her mind threw retorts around, some may even shut Jergens up in the way they were spoken. Finally she stuttered some more, such speaking obstacles came about when she was nervous or upset."I d-d-don't a-ask them t-t-to,", flattened ears and a hunched position, Talla backed up, some more, "I t-t-told him n-not to...H-he's so b-b-brave..." she muttered, trying to calm her breathing down.

{ Jergs is such a bully ;D }

Cut is a major 'omfg Cut 8D~!' for her. <3! Of all of the deer to forget, I'd forget someone that's close to her. Pfft. <33

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lD Sorrry about that!... RQ

lD Sorrry about that!... RQ was trying to be a hero and protect Talla ^^;
She fails epically.

=D Morbid cuteness.

=D Morbid cuteness. <3~
Thank you for the attempt! Talla's just crapping herself, and strangers sacre her. She's exhausted.
Ren's a big bulleh, but he has permission.
Talla sat down because she's too tired to stand up. 'collapsing'
Hope no one gets angry at Raz, because that wasn't asking for her to stop. It was just Talla not being able to stand. |D
Oh and he's not attacking back because he wont attack deer he doesn't know. It's on his bio.
Otherwise there is often drama.

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Oh hey I under stand lD i

Oh hey I under stand lD i aint gonna get mad at her Sticking out tongue

(No subject)

<3 ;D
Ohkay. Thank you anywhowho!

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He stared at her for a few more silent minutes, the hamster on it's wheel starting to run in his brain. Rationality started to step back in when he saw her panic. Likely consquences started to manifest themselves in his head.

Talla would tell Rosine what had happened, and he would, more than likely, be upset or even angry with his precious 'Jergy'. The possibilty of the blue stag even thinking of separating himself from him, it was enough to make the red stag visibly shiver.

Jeebas... He really had screwed up this time...

"Look... I'm sorry... That was stupid of me. I shouldn't of said those things..." he tried to speak as gently as he could, but his voice only came out as a gruff, husky whisper. Hardly comforting, but it was the best that he could do.

Besides... the damage had probably already been done.

"Look, how about we start over? Forget all of that crap I said, okay?" he asked, sounding more and more panicked as he spoke. Hell no. He wasn't going to lose someone just because of his own friggen stupidity. Honeslty, he could have cared less about the doe. He just cared about keeping the rose-burdened stag that he had fallen for.

((Pffft... Late, sorry ;; And I would just call him an idiot :>c))



She stood so still, waiting for him to speak. While the moments ticked by, thoughts weaved through her mind and teased her. A shake of her head showed further her discomfort.

Her head snapped back up to him, though the doe's eyes immediately averted from his, shame having flooded her being. From behind her mask, Talla looked at Jergen's pelt, the red reminded her slightly of Vilnius, bringing a happy memory to her eyes for the briefest of moments.

"S...sorry...? Is h-he okay? Y-you... a-are looking a-after him? I-I'm sorry..." Heh, so much for calming down. Deep breathing, she sniffed from a distance, taking in what she could of the mingled scents. Her brain ticked, taking in what he said... had... he been lying? It wasn't totally her fault? Maybe. That made sense, why would the stag apologise otherwise? He didn't feel like he cared that he'd hurt her... perhaps Talla was not thinking straight? Most probable.

Refusing to take a step toward him, she gave a wary nod. The grass was flattened as Talla paced on the spot, nervous about the whole situation. "S-sir...you li-lied... to me...or did I r-really c-cause...?" she found it hard to finish the sentence and so left it, she thought it obvious enough. The question was not accusing in tone, just confused as to why he had said those things, and then apologised. However, Talla did not answer his question about starting over; only because she honestly did not know if she could start over with him. He greatly confused her.

{ It's okay. ;D I love to roleplay, I'm just not very good at it, so I'm happy you just reply at all~! Yay, muse! Your post is teh bomb ^=^ He is an idiot... but that's why I love him. }

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((Fffff... That suuuucks D':

((Fffff... That suuuucks D': ))

Damn... This was gonna be harder than he thought. How could he explain himself? By telling her the whole story? It seemed like it would by the only logical way... He sighed, giving her a saddened look.

"Okay, Girl... Tallers... I assume that ya know what a human is, right?" he asked, tilting his head slightly. "Rose and I were those once..." he nodded to himself, taking another hoarse breath before continuing on.

"Alright, back when I was human, I met a man named Faith..." his eyes seemed to dull over for a second. "We... We were together alot, y'know. 'Mates' I guess ya would take the term."

"He, Faith... He was sick all the time... And... It finally got so bad that he... Y'know..." he really didn't want to say the word 'died'. Goddamn that word...

"I was pretty much on my own, then. I had nothin' left to live fer, and I was getting pretty sick myself with god-knows-what... And then... After a few months... I met Rose..."

He could remember that Godsend of a storm so fondly now... Jeebas, he never would met Rosine at all if it weren't for that.

He was glad that his fur was red, otherwise Talla would be able to see the heavy flush of embarassment on his furry cheeks. He sighed, a bit shakily, like he was ready to cry.

"Tallers, I can't lose someone again. Ya have no idea how much I love Rose... Seriously... I don't think that I can live through losing someone else. Faith was bad enough, but losing Rose..." he visibly shivered.

"No, it's not yer fault... I'm just... letting myself get carried away... D'ya understand now?""

((Ffff... You're better at it than I am o-o I just have trouble thinking of responses a lot of times D': And I'm sorry for the blehness of this one x3 Huuuuuuu~ <333))

{ Yeh. It's a bit better now!

{ Yeh. It's a bit better now! =D }

She listened. That could be said about the small doe, she listened and though she had no intention of getting too close, she cared. After all, this stag was very close to Rosine, and the small stag was her friend. Jergens may have messed up for now, but if Rosine wanted to be with Jergens, Talla would always stand aside and watch. Perhaps she would sum up the courage to sit by him - though his words had hurt.

Throughout his tale, Talla responded in small ways. A nod for when he asked if she knew of humans (she herself has been a raven before the forest), the momentary confusion in her eyes before she realised that Faith had died. Not a word left her muzzle about that. Now she understood, he didn't want to lose Rosine like he had lost Faith. Still... Talla was surprised he thought she could take Rosine away.

The 'nickname' he seemed to have given her made the doe feel a little safer, though it was slightly odd. "I... u-understand... b-but I wouldn't t-take him." she looked at him, in the face but not the eye, however if one were to look into them, they would not see a lie. Talla had no reason to lie, and so she did not. "I w-wouldn't mean to... t-take him. He's just m-my friend."

{ Not really. o_O I just love it so much. xD I just type, though sometimes I wont reply for a few days and the I forget to and all of that. D: nooo~! Not bleh! I'm really enjoying this. I don't really ever find roleplays boring xDD! }

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((Ooh, good c: )) He didn't

((Ooh, good c: ))

He didn't know if he could trust her. As awful as it was, it would have been easier if she were male. Ever since his childhood, Jergens had had trouble with trusting the opposite sex. His own mother had contributed to that, as well as unpleasent events that had happened to him on the streets. You could call him 'troubled', as an old, politically correct nutjob would say it.

"What's with the shyness? I know I pulled a dick move there, but ya shouldn't be all trembly about it..." he said, cocking his head to the side. Jergens himself had little to no patience with shy deer. Rosine was an exception to that rule, simply because of their previous relationship as humans. Shy deer had a way of making you feel like a complete douche, simply cause' they kept running away.

"Sure. Fine, I trust ya. I'm sorry, okay? Just... Just don't tell him that I told ya all of this..." he muttered, seriously hoping that she would agree to that. He was, in a way, a bit like a little kid that didn't want to get punished.

((I had to think about this, hence the lateness *brick'd* Oh, I'm always worried that I'm a bore to people D: Then again, I worry about everything... hu~))

{ Yeshh~

{ Yeshh~ <3!! }

A doubtful look was passed to him, she was unsure. The things he had said hurt her and put stress on the little doe. The shyness... why, it was who she was! She tried dreadfully hard to be brave in the past, and all she could muster was a small, hunched rear that wouldn't threaten much more than a newborn fawn, let alone an adult deer - and at the time the circumstances had been worse than these.
The stuttering occurred when she was afraid, nervous or... well, unsure. Talla had been glad she had not fled from him before but now she felt as if that act had not been 'brave' at all. Trembly... of course she was trembly after that performance!

He didn't want Rosine to find out... so if Talla told, Rosine would be angry... she looked to the red stag, he reminded her of poppies, those were beautiful flowers. Maybe his inner beauty was hiding behind an impatient mask? She merely nodded, "But... I w-wont str-straight out lie to h-him ei-either" Talla was nervous about his reaction and so took a step back. "If h-he asks, I w-will t-tell h-him we spoke. I-it depends on w-what he a-asks." she said it slowly, trying to make sure she got across what she meant to Jergens, she didn't want him to hate her more than he appeared to already.

{ Ohgosh, I fail more. |D I've been so busy and stressed lately! Nuuu! not a bore, not even a little. S'okay, I worry about everything too <3! }

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Did Amary stand up too

Did Amary stand up too quickly?

Yeah. |D. She was a bit upset

Yeah. |D.
She was a bit upset because Illrose had chased her and she wanted comfort. =D Amary frightened her from the beginning, so she was quite apprehensive about even trying to trust Amary.

Actually, that did end on a good note. She noticed Gustiro around after Amary stood up, so she fled a short distance and went to him.

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((My brain died, but I just

((My brain died, but I just wanted to really quickly come in and apologize for Jergy's dickish behavior. x3 I'll reply to rp when I'm not swamped with AP Lang homework xD; ))


{ <33! S'fine. Pfft, as I said to Vannerz, Talla was pretty much: "OHFORTHELOVEOFTHETWINGODS. FINE." and took Rose to Jergy. Okay :3 Thanks for notifying me. }

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((Ffff... I love Talla D:

((Ffff... I love Talla D: huhu~ I really need to see if one of my other chars can befriend her sometime :3

I'M SORRRRYYY D: *goes back to studying* ;^; ))

Oh, sorry, I didn't realize

Oh, sorry, I didn't realize she was shy until I looked up her bio. I thought she was a friend of Kaoori since they seemed to be playing. Amary just wanted to join in the playing.
Usually she's more careful around new deer, in case their shy, but sometimes she forgets. ^^; Especially around someone like Kaoori, who she is really close to.
She might try again in the future. Amary is always drawn to shy deer.

I was a bit confused when I saw her again with a different set, but since she was normal-sized I guess you were OOC. X3;

Ffuuuu! Danke Gingaahh! It'd

Ffuuuu! Danke Gingaahh! It'd be awesome if another of your characters and her could be friends. 8D

Nue, t'is fine ^^ She is a friend of Kaoori, they just don't see each other often.
I find Amary adorable. <33!

8D Actually it was Ammy, but apparently for everyone but me she had Talla's pictogram. I took her out when I found that out. She even had Talla's picto on the map. O_O

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Really? That's weird. But,

Really? That's weird. But, yeah, she did have Talla's picto both on the map and in-game. Strange glitch..

Yes. I think it was because I

Yes. I think it was because I loaded the spelldata, then went ingame and changed characters. Dunno. I must have stuffed something up.
Very strange Shocked

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(No subject)

Icon Art © Beloved

(No subject)

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*Clings* Happy late birthday~

*Clings* Happy late birthday~ <3
"The cruelest prison is one we make for ourselves out of fear and regret."
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-Stares at VCG.- What is

-Stares at VCG.-

What is this witchcraft. o_o
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:D Clever. o_o Thank you.


Clever. o_o

Thank you. ♥

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:D :{D



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;D I tried to draw a


I tried to draw a moustached :D face, but I'm shaking too much to right now. > >

Ammy's gonna laugh when she comes back to this. xD
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:D Get a blanket!


Get a blanket!


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:D I wish it was because I


I wish it was because I was cold. xD I'm just shaking. I think it's because of my poor diet yesterday, so I have to wait for the food I've had to kick in and then it will stop. c:

Which I hope is soon because I want to draawwww~!

-Gives Ammy and Talla kisses for letting us borrow their space.-
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Thanks Rain

Thanks Rain<3333 8DDDD

*Rofls 'round the room*

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He honestly could have cared

He honestly could have cared less about her. Really, all that mattered was whether or not Rosine would be angry at him. Really, it all seemed rather childish. After all, they were usually together for most of the time already, that, and they had a daughter now...

Still, Jergens was Jergens. His own stress of losing someone else important to him was far more valuable than logic.

"I'll admit, Tallerz, I'm pretty goddamn stupid. Hell, I never even finished elementary school, that's how dumb I was..." he rambled, keeping his voice low and gentle, how he would often talk to Rosine.

"Really... I'm sorry..." he said, feeling more and more backed into a corner. He really hated that feeling...

((By the way, said daughter is with Tallerz now :B))

yay success X3

yay success X3

Talla tilted her head, if she

Talla tilted her head, if she trusted him, the little doe would have told Jergens that he was not stupid. She would have sat next to him and told him that being smart came in many different forms. She'd never gone to school and she would have told him that it did not define a being. She would have told him what Atvana had... not told her... perhaps it was more like reminding? Talla would have explained how he had come to her, how he had realised he was wrong and had apologised, whether it was selfish or not really did not matter. He had picked up on his mistake and tried to rectify it. He made the link between hurting her and making Rosine upset. That's what she did when she trusted someone.

No, he was good inside... somewhere. Instead, she shook her head and tried to comfort him a little, his tone of voice bringing out a slightly more trusting doe "N-no... Y-you made th-the connect...connection between R-rosine and I, realised that i-if you hurt me, I c-could tell him." the doe nodded, kind eyes looked to his from beneath her mask.

She nodded, having not moved any closer. She backed up some more though, she felt as if she was making him uncomfortable. That feeling then filled Talla more than it had previously and she pressed her ears back again.

{ SHE IS ADORABLE. <33!! I didn't even know it was Peony until after, when I checked the map! Talla was just drawn to her. <3 }

Ohai Nue! Yessh! =D SUCCESS IS SWEET.

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"I already did, though..." he

"I already did, though..." he mumbled, ears flopping to the sides of his head. Jergens tended to have a bad habit with manipulating others, 'messing' with them like toys, and this doe was of no execption. However, it was just that she wasn't his toy, she was Rosine's, something he couldn't touch without risking their own relationship.

Still, he felt a bit silly about it all. "Ya want me to leave?" he asked, watching her move farther and farther away from him. He figured that he wasn't doing so hot in the comforting department. He had always been horrid at making others feel better anyway, especially if it was his own fault.

"I get jealous pretty damn easy... And it just got worse after Faith... I guess I'm just afraid that I'll do something stupid, like now, and lose him... and everyone else too." he admitted, feeling more and more backed up, more and more submissive to her, like a feral dog being tamed against it's will.

((Hur, just saw Talla by chance and thought I'd say hullo :3 I noticed~ <3 Hu~))

Talla uneasily nodded. True,

Talla uneasily nodded. True, he'd already done it. Then again, there was no use crying over trampled flowers. Talla seemed to be a toy to most, something easy to manipulate, to mould. Something that was stupid. A butterfly moved from where it had been on her back and fluttered to the top of the doe's head, where it once again rested. What could only to described as a smile tugged at her lips, and two blue ears came forward - even her eyes took on a happier shine.

She loved the butterflies. They were Atvana. Then as Talla was about to speak, she stopped and appeared to be thinking. Atvana was the butterflies, it was the blue jay... it was her. It was him, too. She was comforted in remembering that, not Jergen's attempts at making her feel better so that word of this would not leak to Rosine. She shook her head, a slightly dreamy look had come over her eyes. Suddenly it cleared, yet, to look at them one would see something slightly different. A knowing, perhaps?

"R-rosine loves y-you, and y-you love him. I'm n-not on the same sc-scale with him, not even clo-close." The doe glanced up to the blue butterfly upon her head. She couldn't see the white one at the moment, and wondered where it had gone.
With a shake of her head, Talla moved her mind back to Jergens, "I'm n-not important to him, no- not like you a-a-are. He w-will always g-go back to you. I g-get jealous too, w-when my fr-friend are wi-with others... an-and I c-can't go t-to them. Bu-but, it's n-natural." she reassured

Talla felt odd there, standing before him. She was afraid he might yell at her, or leap up and grab her and drag her down. It did not help that for some reason, he was submitting to the small doe. She didn't like it at all, so Talla averted her gaze to the ground and thought about the white butterfly. Maybe it was with Jergens? Atvana wanted everyone happy, didn't it? Talla shifted from hoof to hoof, turning her head in the direction she knew the flower bed and tree that she knew so very well. A safe place against dark bark and purple flowers, gentle against her fur. When Talla slept, it was nearly as if the flowers moved away from her hooves and moved back when she sat down, surrounding her in their soft scents and gentle caress.

{Yus <3! She is so adorabllleee. <33 }

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((Omg How the Hell did I miss

((Omg How the Hell did I miss this?! DDD: Jeebas, I am SO sorry... ;; ))

Butterflies. It was like a goddamn Disney movie on steroids. He felt a small prickling on his forehead, instantly tossing his head up to rid himself of the offending insect. Too much of a distraction, really. Although he had been forced to get used to being around all sorts of bugs from being with Rosine, what with his flower antlers and all.

He got a bit of a sick satisfaction from her words, even if they may not have been as true as she thought them to be. "He told me once that he thought of ya as, like, a sister or somethin', y'know?" he offered out, looking down a little at a particular blade of grass, using it as a viewpoint. "I dunno if yer right or not... I just don't wanna lose him... I don't care how many times I've frakin' said it..." he mumbled bitterly, curling his hurting body in on itself, as if making himself appear smaller.

He flicked an ear, a gust of wind bringing Talla's scent to his nostrils. Despite retaining his human face, Jergens still had the heightened sense of smell that a deer had, and it was rather simple for him to pick apart the various aspects of it.

Of course he had immediantly picked out the distinctive scent of his daughter.

"Huh... Ya've met Peo..." he mused, not questioning her, just merely statung the facts like tarot cards laying before him.
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Gingah; He did not seem

He did not seem pleased by the butterfly, the delicate being that fluttered innocently above. She tilted her head slightly, not understanding why he did not want it to rest upon him. Talla slept with butterflies all around her, she admired their dancing forms and the manner in which the floated through the air, as if treading upon it. They often fluttered and landed on her if the doe did not move, movement seemed to startle them. Being still was easy for deer.

She nodded, they were like siblings. Slowly, Talla nodded in response. She tried to understand and thought she did too. "F-fear m-makes us d-do things we do not wah-want to d-d-do." the stuttering helped prove her point. Talla disliked her stuttering to such an extent that she mentally slapped herself when stuttering before someone. It was a silly thing to do, yet it was also something she could not help doing when fear struck.

He curled inwards, a sign of weakness or fear. Talla felt guilt strike her, yet she did not understand why she felt guilty. Talla had done nothing wrong, and definitely anything that she had had been purely accidental.

Peo. The little doe nodded and peered from behind her mask. He would never see her without it - not if Talla had anything to say about it. Still, now the mask did not have a taint of red to it, there was no chip in the side. Her old mask was gone, but perhaps one could find the broken pieces near the river that was fed by the Crying Idol's tears. Fragments would be all they could find, scattered within the grass and perhaps in the water.

"I l-like Peo" she whispered to him, tentative. There was a slight fear that he may rise somehow and strike her in a rage. After all, Jergens did not like the fact Talla was friends with Rosine and now he knew she had befriended both. She pulled back slightly, not that he would have been able to kick her without getting up - and she'd have more than enough time to run by then.

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It really depended on

It really depended on Jergens' mood whether of not he would let the butterfly rest upon him. In this case, when he was hurt, pissed, and guilty all at once, he really didn't want anything weird to be using him for a perch. That, and he was never able to keep himself still for long periods of time. Always fidgeting and twitching and readjusting himself, almost as frequently as a little kid would.

"True to that, brah." he agreed, a bit peeved at her stuttering. He had apologized, and yet she continued to act all frightened around him. In a way, he understood her fear, and he hated her for it. He had apologized, more than once... There was no friggen reason that she should be scared.

Did she now? In some ways, that only made him more irked. That this little doe would just waltz on in and befriend his own family right under his nose without his knowing. What, did she know Olay and Aveeno, too? His eyes narrowed a little, but he stayed silent, ears lowering to the sides of his head in submission.

He most certainly wouldn't fight back now, not when the consequences would be so great.

"How?" he simply forced himself to ask.

He felt honest-to-God betrayed. He really did.

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Talla could feel that he was

Talla could feel that he was angry at her. She could not help her stuttering. She did not trust Jergens, and so she would stutter, especially when he felt so agitated.
Oh, Talla did not herself understand why she cowered. As a raven, this problem had never occurred to her. It was as if Talla's 'flight or fight' instincts were muddled, the flight half more pronounced. The fact that more than one beast of the forest considered her a 'toy' did not help one bit.

If Talla had of known exactly what he was thinking, she would - if the stuttering was also gone and, in relation, her fears - have replied in a fashion of bewilderment. She would have pointed out that Peo was a kind and understanding soul, one not so selfish as her father. She would have told him that his family and friends had a right to talk to anyone else they wanted, to befriend who they saw fit. However, none of this entered her mind. She only felt the irk that every word she stuttered brought upon the stag.

His question brought words, "I w-was resting a-and sh-she cam-came to me. S-she made m-me feel safe." Talla nodded, her voice faltering. She was unsure of what she had done wrong. How could he be jealous, when his family loved him? Peo and Rosine obviously loved Jergens, they would never love Talla in the same way. Why was he so jealous?


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