Hope is the thing with feathers; Talla

Tal'. 'Alla.

"I don’t have qualities, only fragilities.
But sometimes… sometimes I have hope."

- Clarice Lispector.

Female. #12. 8 years.
Roe deer influences*.Outwardly typical. Possesses a few mental and physical differences.

Speaks in #6C90A8.

Anxious, hopeful.
Drawn to morbidity.
Takes space, craves contact.
Mistrusting, but easily grows attached.

Tumblr. Toyhouse.

"There is magic in decay.
A dance to be done
For the rotting."

- Dan Chelotti, from "Compost".

mental.Heartsick, withdrawn, appreciative.

17th February, 2021
Coming to terms with a personal loss, though not without the comfort and support of those close to her.

23rd of July, 2020
Oh yikes x2, just noticed the last update was over a year ago.

Enjoying some snuggles.

8th of July, 2019
Oh yikes, just noticed last update was over a year ago.

Keeping to herself and a few close friends, for the most part.
Reunited with a nightmare from her past; Renoir. Tried to face him without showing her fear, but crumbled almost immediately under his gaze. Pursued by the wolf leisurely for the most part, until very suddenly he was on her heels. Lost any courage she'd gathered then. Slunk away after he lost interest to calm down in private. Ashamed over the whole thing, that even after all this time, he could still terrify her just as he had years ago.

Found hours later by Fenrir. Conversed with the wolf about a sensitive topic. Initially wary, but by the end found herself tentatively believing him. By no means believes the path ahead will be easy, but given reason to hope.

"Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me."

- Emily Dickinson

Discord: Wind#4759

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Her eyes had drifted closed,

Her eyes had drifted closed, however hearing his movements had brought them open once more. What she saw surprised her, and this was definitely evident in the way her ears twitched forward to pay attention. When he spoke, carefully and as if nervous, Talla merely blinked slowly. She nodded, at first confused. It was not often that the doe would deal with someone who was nervous, not often at all. Though the majority of her face was covered by her mask, both the doe's eyes and her muzzle were not hidden.

She looked downward and brought her head down to inspect the feathers, sniffing them first and then looking at them. "Nidhem, these feathers are splendid. I appreciate that you took the time to find them." there was no ounce of a lie within her voice, for she did truly appreciate that he had gathered them for her. "What reason would I have to refuse such a lovely gift? Nidhem, thank you." her head slowly came toward his, nudging him with all the gentleness she possessed. Where she would put them? She did not yet really know. Perhaps a few could be managed behind the ear. Her only concern was when in flight, would they stay? She would ask him. "Do you have any idea of where they would best be suited?"

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The buck who was staring at

The buck who was staring at the ground, like trying to be even smaller than he was, listened closely what the doe beside him said. Hearing the words made his head feel lighter, and he closed his eyes to enjoy the touch the doe offered. A small purr was to be heard too. He felt that he was accepted, and it was the best feeling he could have.

Hearing the question made Nidhem open his eyes and look at the feathers in the ground. Then he glanced at the doe. His head was processing the question and it was slowly clearing up, making the small buck try hard and think every possibilities he saw that would look good on the doe. He didn't really know much of these things, but suddenly remembered what he had seen on some other does. He gave a very small grin as he tried to explain.
"Ah, I think... There's a way to hold them with you with a... a... long thing that keeps the feather still? Something like that would really fit your pretty mask. If it wouldn't... tease your eye."He didn't know the word "string" what he was meaning that moment. Nor did he know how it was possible to get those things attached to someone. He just knew the feathers would look good being close to her mask. He felt himself awkward when giving such an unclear explanation. He tried his best.

;u; <3 His first time giving a gift~

A purr, she knew the meaning

A purr, she knew the meaning behind this sound. Knew that her words had brought him some ease, and for this she was quite glad. Of course, she considered briefly having Amadahy tie them to her fur as she had when giving her the two feathers which represented the wings she had given up. However this idea had not gone far, for those feathers were representative of something entirely different and she felt that they should stay that way.

Her eyes considered the feathers until her companion spoke, and upon which she delivered him the attention of her gaze as well as ears. She took a moment to realise what he spoke of, but no more than that, and dipped her masked face in an agreeing nod. "To attach it to my mask is an excellent idea, and worry not, it shall not impair my vision in any way." and in fact, she was surprised she had not thought of it herself. Her mask could definitely have something tied around it with ease, so that should not be a real problem. However, the blue roe deer knew that she had no talent for such things. Her ears flicked as she thought, thinking of Amadahy's skill for such things. Yet, she would ask the buck if he had any practice in such an art, despite doubting it,"I am certainly not skilled in arts tricky as tying. Have you ever done anything of the kind before?" No matter if he had not, she would see Amadahy eventually and would keep the feathers safe until that time came.

{ ;O; Sorry I took so long to reply. I was exhausted earlier x3. What a brave lad~ }

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The buck already saw in his

The buck already saw in his mind how the feathers would look on the mask, and had a nice feeling inside him. When suddenly asked about his skills, his ears flicked forward and he opened his eyes wide, giving a brief stare at the doe's face. Then the buck turned his head slightly down as if embarassed again when he answered.
"Ah, n-not really... I haven't done anything like it, I think."
He felt ashamed when he started to think about himself and the skills he possessed. He could only think of how he could do backflips when rolling on the ground. So useless.
He squinted his eyes and thought if it was okay that he couldn't do it.

It's alright, doesn't bother me to wait at all <3 I'm kinda slow with these myself :'3

His embarrassment caused her

His embarrassment caused her to nuzzle him gently, affectionately, and speak, "Do not concern yourself with such a trivial matter. I have not the slightest clue in how one would go about such a task, however a dear friend of mine does. I shall ask that she does me this favour when I next spend time with her." she tried to reassure the buck, for she did not possess any abilities of any special use and sometimes wished she was more useful. It appeared he currently felt in this way, and the little blue doe did not wish to leave him thinking so negatively, especially in regard to himself. A butterfly landed on her, upon her mask. A blue, a brilliant shade. Another fluttered to Nidhem's face, its wings the purest of whites, like feathers of a dove or the colour of the devout pelt. Upon these butterflies, Talla looked with extreme fondness, grateful for their very existences. "They love you." she said softly to him, partly because she did not want to disturb the butterflies. "They... they love everyone." this was the truth, of course. She knew it to be true.

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The doe's gentle words had a

The doe's gentle words had a great effect on Nidhem everytime she had said anything to him. He felt more and more comfortable talking to her, not worrying about his speaking difficulties or anything he usually got so embarassed of. He was so pleased when the doe beside him seemed eager to have that small gift on her mask.
The butterfly surprised him, but as he had learned a lot from butterflies when he had been chasing them for all of his life, he stayed still, slowly moving his gaze at it not to scare it with his bright turquoise eyes. Hearing the word love made him relax a bit, leaving his gaze more gentle. With a quiet voice he responded to the doe. "They... do."he was smiling again.

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Ooohhhh lookie what is this?

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I don't know why I never

I don't know why I never added your MSN, but I have now!

His tone, the change within

His tone, the change within it. It was noted by the little blue doe with a small tug of her lips and an extra shine in her eyes. It pleased her that his concern seemed to have faded with the presence of the two butterflies. She always felt a slight bit calmer in their presence, and though many would perhaps not even realise how often they accompanied the her, the blue doe was always aware of their presence.

Attention partly on Nidhem, partly on the butterfly. The spoke softly, though quite sure that the butterfly would stay if she wished it to do so. A warm feeling spread slowly over her body, "...They always will." Times like these usually brought a small, nagging feeling of sorrow that Atvana was not here in... the form that Talla was most accustomed to. The feeling did not rise as often in more recent times, and upon this occasion did not frequent her mind at all for she was entirely content. In the company of the two butterflies and Nidhem, who she was growing fonder of day by day. No, times like these made her feel wise and at peace, not sorrowful.

{ FF. You thought you were late 8'D. School work's kept me busy. Also, I just realised that Niddy boy hasn't been added to Talla's long list of those she trusts ( one would think she would be a little bit calmer around strangers, considering). Despite the fact she is growing rather fond of him, I'll add 'im when I'm more awake.
Yeee! And by the way, thank you ;u;. They're so bloody adorable! }

In all honesty, I probably should have added you |D. ♥.

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It is really great seeing

It is really great seeing Talla again. :3 We so rarely get to see her anymore. I blame morning jobs. XP
I tried getting your pelt earlier but that didn't work out. XD
Sadly I really should go to bed. I hope to catch you again sometime. <3

Likewise ;u;. Thank you for

Likewise ;u;. Thank you for trying, Talla thought it wasn't fair though, so retrieved it on her own. Sweet of you <3.
It was lovely, truly. Hope to see you both again soon ♥. Hope you sleep well c:

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(No subject)

(No subject)

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^ Hahahah...

^ Hahahah...
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Noo, where did you go...?

Noo, where did you go...?

My internet cut out and I'm

My internet cut out and I'm struggling to reconnect :c

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'Pretty little talla...' A

'Pretty little talla...' A mere whisper.

Little figure pressing

Little figure pressing against the tree, ears ever alert. Thusly, when the red bull whispered, she did not miss it.

A sidelong glance, "T-thank you." was her only audible response.

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Mind if I add you on msn?

Mind if I add you on msn?

If you wish, then certainly.

If you wish, then certainly.

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Talllaaaaaaa. I miss

Talllaaaaaaa. I miss her.

I'll have to write up a reply at some point to the updates, I'm a bit scatterbrained right now, haha. ): Thank you so much for visiting though. <3
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I miss her too. And I never

I miss her too. And I never see you around. :|

Lung, it was a pleasure to

Lung, it was a pleasure to see you again C:

You two ♥ ;u;

I know, gosh. School's being silly, and my timezone doesn't help. I school while you play and I play while you sleep. Haha ;A;. It sucks so much.
Trying to be around more, though, I kinda drifted a bit without realising it. It's easier now I have holidays ouo.

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"I'm glad you remember -me-,

"I'm glad you remember -me-, Talla. It was good to see you."

Was good to see you, too.. was thinking about you the other day. Smiling
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@ Kao, &hearts;. Made us both

@ Kao, ♥.
Made us both happy.

and thanks! Didn't know you'd changed accounts.

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Track this afraid sweetie.

Track this afraid sweetie. <333

Mm, thank you &hearts;

Mm, thank you ♥

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Its great to see her back

Its great to see her back <3



djfgbdfjg &hearts; Thank you

djfgbdfjg ♥
Thank you both.

Seeing Adriian was a wonderful surprise for her.

Dinnnnmmaaaao ♥! Clinging is good.

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Totally forgot that I can't

Totally forgot that I can't cast pelt spells on Minis, since I play 3.31. Sorry about that.

So good to see her/you again. Wasn't sure if Talla'd remember or not.

It was alright, we weren't

It was alright, we weren't mad. Appreciated the thought c:

Mmm, quite the same. She missed Lacie, actually, so seeing her was fantastic.
Hope you're feeling alright ♥.

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? It was frustrating for me,

♥ It was frustrating for me, since it took forever for the devout to actually come on (It does that sometimes, I have no idea why.), and then trying to cast it, only for me to cough instead. Plenty of sads there. ):

Well, that's good, thanks for the romp. It was fun.

I'm alright, how about you?

Yess, &hearts;. I'm well.

Yess, ♥.

I'm well. School's over, need to get a job and my license, hah.

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(No subject)

&hearts; ouo

♥ ouo

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;n; She's so sweet. &hearts;

;n; She's so sweet. ♥

As is he! &hearts; Poor

As is he! ♥ Poor fella.

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Thank you to Talla for being

Thank you to Talla for being so sweet with Prita.

Also I don't think I was tracking this before, whyyyy ;_;

Not a problem! Talla thinks

Not a problem! Talla thinks that she's very sweet ;u;

Thank you c:

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Apologies if my Columbia

Apologies if my Columbia scared off Talla :c starting to feel bad ;.;

Oh, it's not a problem, and

Oh, it's not a problem, and there's no need to feel bad! She's not angry, and neither am I.

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;u; Good, ooh, and a little

;u; Good,

ooh, and a little track <3 c: She seems very interesting indeed.
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Always admired this one.

Always admired this one.
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any new means I can contact

any new means I can contact you by, skype? msn has been showing you off for while now..