Eye of the Storm - biography of Ephiré

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E Y E   O F   T H E   S T O R M

EPHIRÉ; others have named him raven stag, stormbringer, and shape-shifter. No one save for the stag himself knows his true age, but he is very, very old. His body has the shape of a moose, but he is in fact something else entirely. His size reflects this, as he is over 2.20 meters (7 feet) tall at the shoulder, and weighs about 700 kg (1500 lbs).
In-forest, he wears the beluga pelt, raven mask and default antlers.
The stag’s voice is very unpleasant; stone scraping against stone, great cities crumbling by the hands of earthquakes, and behind it all, the echo from the great void - a cold and silent universe of black stars. He does not talk much. He carries a scent of cold stone, old cellar, dried heath and natural human hair.

Toyhouse, Spotify


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Hey I was listening to this

Hey I was listening to this song the other day and I think the chorus made me think of Ephiré, so I wanted to share it with you.

"I'll follow you down through the eye of the storm,
Don't worry, I'll keep you warm..."
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Pinkpaws: Haha, isn't it.

Pinkpaws: Haha, isn't it. Shuffleshuffle. Thank you! It was made with tears and blood. Damn those invisible scrollbars.

Dinamo: yay for you, I suppose!

Quad: Oh? Hm, not the kind of music I'd associate with Eph, but thanks anyway. Interesting.

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That's right, I forgot you

That's right, I forgot you like more instrumental/ambient music, you always had some really interesting music playing in the background of your livestreams.

This kind of music, 'post-grunge' as it is sometimes called, is what I usually associate with Quad. I think it was the lyrics though that made me think of Ephiré anyway.

XD yeah sorry for being random.
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Always a pleasure to find

Always a pleasure to find time with the raven stag...Hn.

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Same to you. Jettem is such

Same to you. Jettem is such nice company, we like to spend time with her.

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Mind if I add you to my

Mind if I add you to my msn?

Red brushes on midnight rivers of blue, slender hairs interlocking in brief contact as sides press to one another, owners resting on the floor of the Forest. Though still and content in her pose, nerves are skipping along under tight skin and muscles. The thrilling rush keeps her in a slight high of lighter spirits when in the company of the large yet gentle bull. The masked face begins a slight sway, the whispers in her mind telling her to lean in closer, head turning slightly in the direction of the stag, eyes lowered, head tipped down in reverence as she presses the side of her crown and muzzle into his higher shoulder and neck. Deep in her chest a rumbling begins faintly, steadily growing as eyes close further from the initiated touch.

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ogod I'm so honored to see

ogod I'm so honored to see Kaoori there. She adores Ephire in her own way. Kind of made me tear up.. he's one of my favorite characters here.
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Jettem: I don't mind at all!

I don't mind at all! My msn is dumb sometimes, though, so I might have to add you back if it doesn't work.

He has almost dozed off, lulled to sleep by the faint wind playing with the pond and the warm sun upon his back.
It is easy to feel content here in the sunspot, with tall golden mulleins dipping their heads in the breeze and dear company beside him. They sit close; the red doe is one he doesn't mind touching him.

On the verge of sleep he suddenly feels her head against his shoulder. He freezes, almost shies away for a second, then seems to remember where he is and whom he is with, and he lets out a slow breath as he shakes his head as if to clear it. Eyes closed, he seems to relax again, and shifts his weight as if to inch closer.
His jarring voice breaks the silence. "Sorry. I dozed off," he murmurs, voice merely a hoarse whisper.

e; ohay Kaoori. Aw, Eph likes her, even if the doesn't seem to happen upon each other often. I'll add some of Eph's thoughts about her later when I have figured it out. And I'm glad you like him <3

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Jettem remains still, any

Jettem remains still, any moment about to sit upright again if the stag was still new to her touch. However he seemed fine, lips pulling up slightly at the thought. Hearing his voice her ears swing forward with interest, catching the words that went with it. "It's alright, I wasn't far behind you. This sunpatch is putting me to sleep."

Relaxing again her ears pull back in their relaxed fashion, eyes open this time and more awake. Having sat near him earlier when he was asleep she was able to get a good look at his scar, realizing then how it reminded her of the scar that belonged to another, one Ephire knew very well. "How have you been Ephire? I don't believe I've been around often enough as I should be when you are nearby."

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He stretches a leg lazily and

He stretches a leg lazily and peers up towards the sun. "Mm," he agrees, "it is."

He is silent for a while, before answering her question. "I've been... well. For the most part." He thinks back on the darker moments -- the fight for Iaurdagnire's dandelion and the time before and after, the feeling of uselessness the short time after the birth of Herla and Gehirn's fawns, Virgil's death -- but after a while his expression changes. Things are better now, and he shrugs. "Virgil's death was hard," he murmurs, no emotion in his voice. "And I... wish that Iaurdagnire would come back." Lips pressed together, he looks away for a moment.
"How have you been?" he asks after a while, and he shifts his focus back to her. He doesn't really know much about her, and wouldn't mind hearing what she's been up to.

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The cardinal doe listens

The cardinal doe listens quietly, her own thoughts drifting to the faces of those mentioned in his reply. She is slightly concerned though by the tone when speaking of the Red Stag, even more so when the dark pelted stag looked away when regarding his wish. She admitted that she did not know Ephire well enough to say the right words for an answer, knowing only that the loss of Virgil had been a hard blow to the many hearts that lived in the Forest. Even hers seemed to clench tighter for a moment.

"Hmm, doing well. Missing those that are gone as well. But enjoying those that are still here too helps." Thinking quietly for a moment she meant to continue, pausing instead and wondering it would be too bold. But it seemed the great stag would need some reassurance. "He will return. I know he will Ephire. We just need to give it time." It was the best she could promise without going in too deep and forcing both of them to return to past memories. But she wanted him, most of all, to know of the king's return.

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(Sorry for no answer, I've

(Sorry for no answer, I've been moving -- and now my rp muse seems to have gone on vacation. Perhaps we could rp more some other day :<)


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Thank you.

Thank you.

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Reading that little rp had

Reading that little rp had brought back my muse.
He will come back and cuddle the stuffing out of Ephiré. /determined face

Hope your move went well and you're all settled btw (:

Tracking! I love your art so


I love your art so much.
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Daggles: Awesome! Both Eph

Daggles: Awesome! Both Eph and I are looking forward to that :U Eph will bonk Dag's head for causing such worry and then he'll sit on top of him so he won't ever fall down into glowy burning crevices again. >8)

And yep, all settled now, only very nervous for an interview tomorrow for a school I applied to. If I'm lucky and they like me I'll get to learn to do game art and 3d stuff dor two and a half years. x_x

italwaysrains: Oh, thank you!

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Hey Apel, I'm sending a

Hey Apel, I'm sending a friend request for you with my new MSN address c:
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Hm, I didn't get it :/ Stupid

Hm, I didn't get it :/ Stupid msn. I can try to add you instead, maybe?

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Sure thing,

Sure thing,
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Trackie <3
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aww, I love what Eph said

aww, I love what Eph said about Kaoori.. ♥
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The new art is just AMAZING!

The new art is just AMAZING! I love how you portrayed his personality, and that raven looks awesome! I can really see you've been improving!
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Eph can shapeshift into a

Eph can shapeshift into a sketch... awesome. o.o
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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The antlers, people. The

The antlers, people. The antlers.
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track. c: i've always lurved

track. c: i've always lurved Eph's bio.
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Oh, thank you! Haha, I

Oh, thank you! Haha, I wrestled with that css for a long time c':

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I love his new image. It

I love his new image. It feels far more personal now. His expression is beautiful...

Dear silent

Dear silent companion...
Track. x)
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Waaaa this is beautiful * A *

Waaaa this is beautiful * A * ?
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Thank you all :] Aah I'm so

Thank you all :] Aah I'm so bad at replying, sorry...

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So I heard there lives a

So I heard there lives a raven stag in here. xP
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It totally does!

It totally does!

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Needs some trackage!

Needs some trackage!

Oh..my... It is simply


It is simply surprising! It is pleasant to me these CSS and its design!

It is necessary to track it Shocked
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I really like how he looks

I really like how he looks ... Track !
Siggy by Shiori
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Thank you all :)

Thank you all :)

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Was nice meeting Ephiré,

Was nice meeting Ephiré, yesterday, even if it was briefly.

Also may I just add how much I admire this bio! Looks lovely. :3
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Right back at you! Eph felt a

Right back at you! Eph felt a bit awkward though hahah.
And thank you ^^

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Kaoori will spar with Eph!

Kaoori will spar with Eph! >8D

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Ephiré fell asleep with his

Ephiré fell asleep with his mask next to him, so Verve and Herla thought they'd decorate it for him:



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Kaoori: Man I'm so bad at

Kaoori: Man I'm so bad at replying to comments, it's ridiculous. Kaoori would win, easily :U

Sight: Dang stylish. Real men wear flowers.

Wolfspirit: Uh, thanks, I think.

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What a perfect excuse for me

What a perfect excuse for me to track this <3
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Hee, Lohtu is such a cute

Hee, Lohtu is such a cute little thing!

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Maybe he's a bit too bold.

Maybe he's a bit too bold. Some day he will climb on the wrong deer and get his little butt kicked. :'D
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"Apel's soul got eaten by

"Apel's soul got eaten by Minecraft and school" Heh heh, mine too.
Not sure if I tracked this already, but- track!
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She had been working on this

She had been working on this one for a while, large items were espcecially hard when all you had were two spiders. Summer better come quick.

The doe spend even longer considering if to give it. Sure, it had been made for him, but what if he didn't like it?
Urgk. Insecurity. What a useless emotion to feel.

After more dubbing and inner-conflict, she choose a safe route. Leaving the gift at his home trees. Sure he'd find it there.

Hopefully it didn't get covered by the peculair falling leaves entirely.

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Red flowers falling from a

Red flowers falling from a sky set aflame with sunset fire. Shrugging it off as just another queer thing about the forest, the large stag still found it somehow disturbing - the petals reminded him of dropping blood. What strange thing to think, he mused silently to himself, but then again, he had been in a quite strange mood lately. It surely was a quite lovely weather otherwise.

Eventually he would wander back to the sun-dappled spot beneath Red Hill, still in the same solemn mood. The red flowers had already begun to pile up in places, the chilly winter wind making them dance. The stag stood for a while, watching them without really seeing them, his mind somewhere far away, where the dark winter night still lay cold and heavy.

He turned his head, at last taking note of the peculiar object lying beside one of the trees. Ears pointed forward, intently poking it carefully with a hoof, he turned around a few times, slowly folding long legs together and sitting down for a closer look. When the petals were brushed off, he just sat and stared. Why would Verve leave one of her crafts here? Safekeeping? Forgotten? ... A gift? Had it been for safekeeping, she'd have asked him first. When did Verve forget any of her crafts? Mentally crossing off the list, he came to the somewhat surprising conclusion that it likely was intended as a gift.

And what a gift. The meticulously black-polished bone and neatly sorted feathers, along with the shimmering paint, told of the work behind it. Where the doe had got such a skull he had no idea, but it was certainly impressive. With a quick look around, he let his mask slide off and put on the skull instead. It fit his head very well, not moving even when he shook his head from side to side. Eventually he took it off, placing it beside the other one and let his head rest on the ground, masks placed where he easily could see them. After a while he dozed off, and if someone came looking, they would see the large stag resting, body protectively positioned around the two masks and petals piling up beside him.

/you already know how much I love this but I have to say it again, ermahgerrrddd so awesome!

e; echosong, thanks! Minecraft is such an addicitve game hahah.