Eye of the Storm - biography of Ephiré

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E Y E   O F   T H E   S T O R M

EPHIRÉ; others have named him raven stag, stormbringer, and shape-shifter. No one save for the stag himself knows his true age, but he is very, very old. His body has the shape of a moose, but he is in fact something else entirely. His size reflects this, as he is over 2.20 meters (7 feet) tall at the shoulder, and weighs about 700 kg (1500 lbs).
In-forest, he wears the beluga pelt, raven mask and default antlers.
The stag’s voice is very unpleasant; stone scraping against stone, great cities crumbling by the hands of earthquakes, and behind it all, the echo from the great void - a cold and silent universe of black stars. He does not talk much. He carries a scent of cold stone, old cellar, dried heath and natural human hair.

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Track. :')

Track. :')
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Sorry for abruptedly poofing

Sorry for abruptedly poofing there, my internet died. x)

I think I like this

I think I like this character~ (:
Also the CSS-ing is really good. And the arts. <3 I never cease to discover how many brilliant artists there is in this community.
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"Hello, Ephiré. It's good to

"Hello, Ephiré. It's good to see you back, even if I don't know you that well. I would have stayed longer but...I can't focus today." Ama frowns, then lets out a soft sigh.
"Maybe another time." Her frown lightens into a soft smile.

[And thanks to Eph for showing up when she was around Rin [golden deer]. He calmed her down and helped her think a lot clearer by being so calm towards him. x3 <3]

"I must thank you for staying

"I must thank you for staying guard, I can fight for myself no longer..,"

Jorogumo was the devout/whistle mask/antelope-antlered deer. She's been having it rough with Rin chasing her all the time. XD. She appreciates him hanging back.

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SnowSauria: Thank you!

SnowSauria: Thank you! :)

minimuhh: Thank you, I am quite fond of him myself! :>

ocean: "Thank you", he says silently, with a smile on his face. He was happy to see her today, even if it only was for a little while.

[It was my pleasure, it's good to have some in-forest excitement sometimes! :>]

TFO: He bows his head when he hears the spider queen's words. He was not sure if his involvement was appreciated, and is somewhat relieved to hear it was. "No need to thank me", he whispers. "I am glad to help."

Eph thinks Rin is of a very disagreeable nature. x)

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I'm glad to see you and he

I'm glad to see you and he are back among the... Living. ♥
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Absolutely gorgeous works!

Absolutely gorgeous works! ^_^
~Self Asylum~
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"I have to thank you Sir

"I have to thank you Sir Ephiré" : )
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Found you~ A track. &hearts;

Found you~
A track. ♥
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*Rolls in* Ephhhh if

*Rolls in*
Ephhhh if someone's rude, you should eat them. :3

In otherwords, hai! <3

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Tracking this.

Tracking this.

Huh. As usual I seem to have

Huh. As usual I seem to have looked at a bio’ but forgot to actually track it… >.>; *Tracks - hides!*

*Pokes head back in.*
Oh, and I noticed Ephiré was curious about the commotion the other day. X- D Dajhi seems good at drawing crowds when she's upset. X- 3 Which isn't often.
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Ah, I need to track this

Ah, I need to track this <333
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"It's nice to see you again

"It's nice to see you again Ephire...", he says calmly as he bows.
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

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I'm sorry for being so

I'm sorry for being so inactive, I'm trying to fill out job apps. and I have chores after this.. you're more than welcome to play with someone.. :/ I'm sorry.. &hearts


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No worries &hearts; I'm

No worries ♥ I'm drawing stuff, so I'm not very active myself.

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He is sooooo beautiful... He

He is sooooo beautiful...
He looks sooo kind and peaceful...
I wanna meet him soon!!

Just follow me!
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Wanna interact? at your page

Wanna interact? at your page or mine??

Just follow me!
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No one would ever think she

No one would ever think she was watching.

But she always was. Whether it was head on, or from the corner of her eyes, she would watch everyone and everything.

It's just what she does.

She spots him - the large moose seemingly arguing and talking to the Idol just outside the Ruins. She watches from the small formation that she has grown fond of, four trees forming a rectangle. An invisible barrier against all.

She watches him as he seats himself temporarily, before rising again, and repeating what he did before. She's curious, but says nothing.

She waits.

He seats himself again, and she rises, stretching a bit. She's full of unease, but she moves towards him anyway, the normally white doe's red pelt brilliant against the sunlight. Her Orca helm has been replaced with a Skull, her short Beluga tines replaced with full stag ones.

Nothing was wrong with a little change in dress.

She bows politely before seating herself a few feet away from the large stag, her body slightly sideways in a submissive gesture. Sure, they had met before, but they were acquaintances at best.

Hell, there were times she didn't take comfort in the presence of a friend.

She speaks quietly, unease slipping its way through her teeth, and off her tongue.

Are...you okay...?

I'm a creeper 8D

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He knew she was there; he had

He knew she was there; he had felt her faint smell but hadn't given it much thought.

He does not see her, at first. When he suddenly hear her hooves right behind him, he starts and quickly turns around. He is not often seen in such a state - he is always wary of his surroundings, always knowing and watching and listening. But not now. At first he doesn't recognize her, and his eyes quickly wanders over her frame in search for something that would give away her identity.

She sits down. He sees her pictogram and his body, brimming with tension, relaxes. A moment passes and then he sits down too, much less graceful than usual.

"No, yes... not - not really", he says, his voice terribly shaken and dark and unpleasant. "Was just talking to Mother." He shakes his head a little, as if to clear his thoughts.
"About unpleasant things." There is strain in his voice and it is more raspy now.


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Poor Eph. ;_; Hope he feels

Poor Eph. ;_; Hope he feels better soon.
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Worry can be seen pooling in

Worry can be seen pooling in her greys, just barely visible through the eye sockets of the Skull.

He's on edge, and she can feel it. She shifts her body slightly, showing even more of her side to him, a vain attempt to calm him more.

Mother? That's your mother...?

His dark, raspy tone makes her even more uneasy. Her shoulders bristle slightly in response.

Unpleasant things, hm? I do hope that things get better for you...

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"I... I know how it is Sir

"I... I know how it is Sir Ephiré. But, please don't give up. And feel better soon..." Crybaby said with a sad gaze.

Fay approached the forlorn

Fay approached the forlorn stag, her steps were quiet, though she issued a soft snort to alert him to her presence.
She felt his sadness, and it made her sad, but she did her best to hide it by a combination of an averted gaze and a stern, yet lowered voice.
Preferring to keep her distance for now, she stood a few feet to his side.
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Ephiré is a truly beautiful

Ephiré is a truly beautiful character. His design is so unique and stunning ♥
This whole biography is moving and gorgeous. The wonderful music really completes the experience♥
Also, the first picture takes my breath away every time I see it! His eyes are so filled with emotion, and the colors work together so nicely
I could stare at this page all day. You have phenomenal talent.
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Fincayra: He will, it's

Fincayra: He will, it's mostly the fever that's affecting him :>

His eyes dart from side to side. There is fever in them, glowing hot. He takes a rattling breath, an attempt to calm himself.

"Oh... no, not real Mother, just..." He falls silent, sensing her slight discomfort."...someone."

"Thank you..." He bows his head when he hears her words, his eyes closed. "Am sick, I think. Just rest for a while..." Slowly he lowers his head to the ground. A thick smell of decaying leaves, earth and peace fills his nostrils and a moment later his tense body relaxes.

(Feel free to wake him up :3)

He says nothing, but bows his head to the small white stag. A small nod. This, too, shall pass.

He stirred in his light sleep, fever-dreams suddenly chased away. Slowly he opened his eyes. There was something in them, something confused, dark and gleaming and white-hot. Her stern voice made him look down, almost flich away.
"Sorry." Wheezing-rattling voice, very small for such a large being.

Iskalo: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you think so :) Your words make me very happy. I am quite fond of him myself~

The stiffened posture

The stiffened posture somewhat relaxed after his voice reached her now flattened ears.
After a few moments of inner debacle, she slowly stepped forward and folded her legs into a sitting position. It was all one simple yet graceful movement.
"You're sorry... heh. I should be the one who's sorry..."
The only visible pair of eyes flashed briefly. "... But I'm not."
She issued a soft growl, but the sight of him made her heart sink, and as gently as she could, she rested her head upon his back.
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He looked away, ears drooping

He looked away, ears drooping and head held low. He was quiet for a while.
"Are you ever?" His voice was faint, but softer than usual.

He was tired. Tired and trembling from the high fever, but he slowly relaxed a bit when she put her head on his back.
"...sorry...", he says, an almost unaudible whisper.

His silence was mirrored as

His silence was mirrored as she thought about his question, her brows scrunching together in frustration.
"I used to be. But no more."

The trembling piqued her concern for him further, and for now she left that touchy subject behind.
"Shh. Stop that. It's going to be fine," she crooned, nosing the tip of her snout against his fur.
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"No regrets... ", he managed

"No regrets... ", he managed to whisper. His head felt so heavy, and her head against his back was soft. Slowly he lowered his head, let it rest on the ground. Soon he slept again.

" Ephhhh....Ephiiiaah" the

" Ephhhh....Ephiiiaah" the fawn seemed to be struggling with words her brow furrowed " Mistah Waven...Vivi had fun playing...We play again?" she asked smiling brightly

( implants tracking device)

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The large stag smiles at her

The large stag smiles at her attempts at pronouncing his name and places a poppy on her head. "Of course", he whispers hoarsely.


she smiled and curled next to

she smiled and curled next to the long haired stag. Tank you.." her tail wiggled happily that her had given her a flower. "...Vivi's glad mistah...wavyn's feeling bettah" she smiled gently and yawned a bit.

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It's great that Ephiré is ok

It's great that Ephiré is ok again. Kat was worried about his frighten, felt very sad... she was singin' a sad raven song while being at the Forest.
[...]And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting...[...]

But she's glad to meet you normal again!

Just follow me!

"Thank you for trying to help

"Thank you for trying to help me, Ephire.. I appreciate it."

Tracking :3

Tracking :3
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Just a messy little

Just a messy little something, I hope you like though <3
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Oh my, thank you!

Oh my, thank you! <3 It's lovely. Your art has improved so much :)

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Aw, I'm glad that you like

Aw, I'm glad that you like it. <3 Thank you so much! Laughing out loud
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"... ...!?" (Track.

"... ...!?"

(Track. &hearts)
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We're just keeping the

We're just keeping the sleepy, happy, curious one company. ♥
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illutrae, my fawn was very

illutrae, my fawn was very honored to be able to sit next to ephire earlier today! they were a bit nervous at first but calmed right down next to him. and might i say, your art is absolutely inspiring!
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To all of you, &hearts;!

To all of you, ♥!

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Could I have your email or

Could I have your email or something? I want to ask you something..
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Sure thing: apeldille at

Sure thing: apeldille at gmail dot com

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Thanks. ^^

Thanks. ^^
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Tracking this beautifully

Tracking this beautifully constructed biography c:
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This character fascinates me

This character fascinates me to no end. I remember seeing him when I was new here, but I've just now gotten around to tracking this. ♥
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Arrowcrest and Ysrael: Thank

Arrowcrest and Ysrael: Thank you both. ♥