Eye of the Storm - biography of Ephiré

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E Y E   O F   T H E   S T O R M

EPHIRÉ; others have named him raven stag, stormbringer, and shape-shifter. No one save for the stag himself knows his true age, but he is very, very old. His body has the shape of a moose, but he is in fact something else entirely. His size reflects this, as he is over 2.20 meters (7 feet) tall at the shoulder, and weighs about 700 kg (1500 lbs).
In-forest, he wears the beluga pelt, raven mask and default antlers.
The stag’s voice is very unpleasant; stone scraping against stone, great cities crumbling by the hands of earthquakes, and behind it all, the echo from the great void - a cold and silent universe of black stars. He does not talk much. He carries a scent of cold stone, old cellar, dried heath and natural human hair.

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i don't like you or your

i don't like you or your amazing bios.
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Neat new layout! ♥

Neat new layout! ♥
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Currently by far the

Currently by far the prettiest biography. (:
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Beautiful new bio, loving all

Beautiful new bio, loving all the little facets to it.
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al: Keepiru: Thank


Keepiru: Thank you!

Schutzgeist: Haha, there are many good! But thank you, I'm very happy with it!

Kate: Thank you, I aimed for something like that. Lots of small things making up the whole.

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I really like the tab with

I really like the tab with Eph standing on the mountain. It makes for a beautiful contrast against the background ♥
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-grumpyface- go'way with your

with your fancy totally awesome cool bio

dat profile

dat profile
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Poppyflower. Thanks! this was

Poppyflower. Thanks! this was a good opportunity to dig around in my art folder haha.

Dag: nu-uuhh I do what I want!!


aeska: B)

(also I saw you had netherbrick, but am at work right now so no coords atm :< stupid timezones)

absolutely lovely

absolutely lovely
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missed you both

missed you both <3
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OkamiLugia: helloo! Long time

OkamiLugia: helloo! Long time no see, I don't know how active we'll be here, but back for now!

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It is real nice to see your

It is real nice to see your name around. And I would just like to say how incredibly much I adore this page! I've never taken the time to thoroughly read through it, but yesterday I did. Your characters are always so well structured, I love it!
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Starling: It's nice to be

Starling: It's nice to be back. And aah thank you so much! That makes me super happy <3

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&hearts; Stunning.

♥ Stunning.
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Wooow, nice blog! Very

Wooow, nice blog! Very stylish
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Basen and Hautakumpu: Thank

Basen and Hautakumpu: Thank you both! <3

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one more bird! hello :> I'm

one more bird! hello :>
I'm absolutely in love with this bio. Design and art are so charming.
By Draak <3

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Jessickalor: Thank you! It

Jessickalor: Thank you! It was nice to meet Argus Laughing out loud

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R felt an older presence in

R felt an older presence in the forest and it brought her out of hiding. she's been wandering the forest alone for a while now.
I hope Ephire didnt mind visiting the graves with her.
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Ravyn: Not at all, he

Ravyn: Not at all, he appreciates her company. Always a little uncertain whether he should follow or not though.

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She would bow to say goodbye

She would bow to say goodbye or turn without pausing to look over her shoulder.
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Juuust popping in here to

Juuust popping in here to tell you I'm still very fond of this bio <_>
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It is so nice to see him

It is so nice to see him around. He takes me back so many years.

Love this character - reminds

Love this character - reminds me of Severus Snape.

big boy!! &hearts;

big boy!! ♥