The Memorial Walk

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The Memorial Walk celebrates the memory of those we have lost. It occurs annually on June 1st through 3rd. On the first day, those who wish to participate walk between memorials as described below, then disperse or gather to sit vigil or celebrate at the memorial locations or around the Forest as they deem fit. The second and third days allow anyone who missed the initial walk to join and participate. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to remember our loved ones, as long as you are not disrupting others who are remembering; follow your heart. When a community member passes on, their memorial location is added at the end of the path and becomes a part of the Memorial Walk for all following years. In this way, they are never forgotten.

You are welcome to post below with your favorite memories or screenshots.
The Path
Each memorial location is represented by a yellow ribbon on the map below (drag to your URL bar to see the full size). The two "main" walks occur at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM CST of the first day. After arriving at each memorial, one minute of silence is observed before moving to the next memorial. The walk begins at Run's memorial, closest to the Ruins, then goes to Flyleaf's memorial at the Poppy Patch, and concludes at Fincayra's memorial at Fern Hill.