Pictogram Building

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Soon! Some pieces are still here.

Introduction to Pictogram Building
Here you will find my collection of Pictogram Builders and instructions on how to use them.

Why build? Simple: the map doesn't always work, but these builders can still find the deer you are looking for! Not every pictogram will have a community account, but you can at least find the pictogram's login name. All you need is a screenshot or a good memory!
You will also find a guide to pictogram conversion for users who run v3.13 to help people get DotD sets.

One of the first steps to learning how to build pictograms is learning how they work. You can learn all about their structure over here, so be sure to check that out before you delve too deep into this page!

If you have a question, comment, or something you think needs to be added here, please reply and let me know! If you have any troubles with my explanations, I'll be happy to elaborate or simplify for you, as the case may be.

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5th generation Builder is now

5th generation Builder is now available in PSD format.
Video with instructions on how to use the PSD builders is up.
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tysm for these! they've

tysm for these! they've already come in handy
btw, i noticed in the 5th gen psd there's a small mistake where two of thhhhe... blue colored glyph layers are the same. im sorry i can't remember which atm, but as a heads up!
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April 23, 2017 - 10:28pm —

April 23, 2017 - 10:28pm — Aivilo
Oh, bah, I see it. Thanks for letting me know!
My prt sc key was having some issues while I was working on it, thought I'd taken care of it.

Edit: Fixed!

June 06, 2017
A little bump since the map is still frozen
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That's amazing! I'm very

That's amazing! I'm very impressed.
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Thank you, Michaël. I've had

Thank you, Michaël. I've had a lot of fun making these!
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*blows the dust off this

*blows the dust off this page*

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Thanks! <3

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