An Event Guide

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An introduction to the various community-run events.
This page is under construction. Track if you like, but it will be edited a lot in the near future.

This page serves as an introduction to the yearly celebrations you will encounter within the Forest. Most are player-run and driven entirely by the Forest community. Some are meant to be in-character, some are out of character, and some do not discriminate - but all of them celebrate our diverse community in unique ways, and we invite you to participate.

There are also dozens of events and character plots hosted by individual community members throughout the year. Those will not be covered in this section, as they are diverse and often have an element of spontaneity; the best way to find and participate in them is to be active in the community.

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The Rut

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Current Hosts: Vee, Aivilo

The Rut is the oldest player-run annual event.