Who Wants Gift-Writing? (Open)

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I've been thinking that I want to give something back. I have that idea every now and again.
Now, I could do gift art, but that's a lot of hard work and wouldn't be that great. But everyone likes poems, right?

So I've decided to give gift-poems! Just ask for one here, with some info about your deer (whatever seems most important), and/or a link to your deer's bio, to give me something to work from. If Seed knows your deer well enough, I may make it a Seed's Corner poem, if I can think of what he'd think of. If you'd like me to try and make it a Seed's Corner poem, but he doesn't know your deer (or, at least not well enough to have an impression or experience to write about), then ask, and maybe we can arrange a meeting for them to get to know eachother.

I have no idea how long these may take, or how long these will be, so be patient!
Also, I have no set number of slots, but will occaisonally close orders when I feel I have a lot.
And one more thing...I'm more or less doing things in the order I find the words in.

Current To-Do List
Queze for Tera (this is my addition)
Terrant (my addition)
Walter for Verdalas (ditto)

To Be Nekumbra for Quad
The Deer Who Sleeps in Water for Pega
The Emperor of Night for Auxentius
This Honey-Furred Doe for Honeyfur
The Pirate's Heart for Beaumont13
In the Shadows and the Light for SnowSauria (at ALiceV's request, ridiculously late).
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*pushes her deer forward*

*pushes her deer forward* Pick one that interests you? Laughing out loud (Bios are all linked in my updates if you need them.)



I'd really like one for my deer. I can't write very well...
I don't know what else to say about him. Very much a dark owl that doesn't speak much at all. Barn-owl like. Makes those haunting screech sounds they make...
The point is not to know much about him really other than his aura. I don't know if that's something you can work with though?
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His "aura"? Also, does he

His "aura"?

Also, does he actually have wings? I get that he either has wings or wing-like feathered patches, but I can't actually tell which from his picture or his bio.

He doesn't actually have

He doesn't actually have wings, it's just a pattern where feathers grow (lol impossible in RL I know, but yeah).

By aura I mean like... I dunno, he has this kind of brooding feel about him. Like he's thinking all the time, intimidating in his unpredictability.
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Only if you're up for it,

Only if you're up for it, anything for one of my Deadly Trio characters would be great. Whatever you feel like doing is fine, surprise me. Eye

These sound awesome. ^^ If

These sound awesome. ^^
If you want you could try doing a poem for one of the three deer I have...

Or one of all three if you so desperately want to. XD

Let your mind run wild. =D
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If you want, could you do one

If you want, could you do one of my doe Honeyfur? =]
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Good news, everyone! I'm now

Good news, everyone!
I'm now done with school for the semester (or close enough), and thus can actually get back to work on these, and enjoying the forest in-general.

Yay! And oh... could I change

And oh... could I change my gift writing to be about my newest deer The Doctor?
He doesn't have anything done for him by someone else yet. =D
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Sure you can ^^

Sure you can ^^


Thankies <3
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It appears that I have

It appears that I have finished all requests. Yaaay! I guess I'll bump this to get some more, and for people to know what to expect.

pssh... it's snow's birthday

pssh... it's snow's birthday ..
... maybe you can do something for her?
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Link to her bio, please? I

Link to her bio, please? I need something to write off. I'll do my best to get something done today!

Pff... sorry... didn't

Pff... sorry... didn't noticed you answered yesterday.

bio is here ^^